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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Healing, 590:energies which are present are the ray of the mind or the conditioning force of the mental body;Healing, 590:The monadic ray. 2. The soul ray. 3. Ray of the mind. 4. Ray of the emotions. 5. Ray of theHealing, 597:expressed as follows: The healer must bear in mind the fact of the two major energies which areHealing, 597:and the personality rays. He must then bear in mind that to these two he must add threeHealing, 597:rays, making the five above mentioned: the mind ray, the ray of the astral body and the ray of theHealing, 599:and knows no further aches or pains, and his mind is thus deflected from that which is below toHealing, 599:primarily concerned with the fifth principle of mind or manas; it is this principle which makes aHealing, 599:when controlled and used by the Son of Mind, Who is a Son of God, which will enable the spiritualHealing, 610:involving necessarily the discovery of the mind; goodwill is being recognized [611] as necessary toHealing, 617:(if I may use such a word) by the purified mind and transmitted through the personality, willHealing, 619:intelligence The third aspect The energy of mind or thought. [620] There are four other centers,Healing, 620:and Applied Meditation is a technique of the mind which eventually produces correct, unimpededHealing, 621:and ideas which consequently impinge upon your mind. But the true results (as divine and asHealing, 624:controlled by the astral body, and later by the mind. The goal of the evolutionary cycle is toHealing, 625:equipment of a man. Students should bear in mind that the primary effect of the activity of theHealing, 625:determined by his psychological state of mind and emotions. The emphasis of the self-centeredHealing, 626:precipitated and energized. The concept in the mind of the healer should be, as this law indicates,Healing, 631:nature. It must be increasingly borne in mind that there is nothing in the created world but energyHealing, 645:not require to be appropriated and held by the mind of the patient. The etheric body is physical inHealing, 659:he knows little and unifies them all in his mind under the general idea that they are an expressionHealing, 665:churches have done is to preserve in the public mind the fact of God Transcendent, whilst ignoringHealing, 667:first definite and direct contact with the human mind. The impact was direct and not deflected - asHealing, 670:activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or evenHealing, 673:if you will think deeply - an abstract state of mind; nothing which is regarded as non-perfectionHealing, 673:from all emotional reactions, your clarity of mind and your ability to think clearly would beHealing, 674:of view. As a soul quality, it indicates a mind which can be held steady in the light, and canHealing, 674:which qualifies the reflections of the Son of Mind, the soul on its own plane. On the higher Way ofHealing, 678:form has served its purpose. The principle of mind then organizes itself and then repeats the Word.Healing, 682:Rules Enumerated and Applied The principle of mind then organizes itself and then repeats the Word.Healing, 682:In the aspect of death here dealt with it is the mind which acts as the agent of authority,Healing, 683:asserting the existence of the abstract mind. The stage of "light reception," or that period whenHealing, 689:technical understanding - it must be borne in mind that the entire mental plane is one of the threeHealing, 702:of most careful preparation, related to his mind, the thinking apparatus. I mean not five hours ofHealing, 703:or of dissolution. The healer must ever bear in mind that his task is either to heal - under theHercules, 2:when he has an understanding heart, an eager mind and skillful hand, bring him to me." Again theHercules, 3:and the devil. There has been built up in the mind of the western aspirant a feeling that the PathHercules, 4:his story, fresh interest may be evoked in the mind of the bewildered aspirant, and such a pictureHercules, 8:the stage of the man who, having developed his mind and coordinated his abilities, mental,Hercules, 12:Deity, to a living Being, to a Universal Mind, and to a central Energy. In the unfolding drama ofHercules, 19:law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law ofHercules, 19:through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with theHercules, 19:parts of his nature have to be unfolded; his mind must be well-stocked and functioning, and he mustHercules, 19:centuries a tendency to decry and belittle the mind. They are apt to say glibly, "The mind is theHercules, 19:the mind. They are apt to say glibly, "The mind is the slayer of the real," and, through anHercules, 19:have the heart nature developed. They regard the mind, with its capacity to analyze andHercules, 22:became conscious of the need to serve. Spiritual mind began to reveal truth to him and he saw theHercules, 22:of the three aspects of the personality, his mind, his emotional nature, and his physical body. WeHercules, 24:the Man, whose motto is "to know". He had a mind and used his intellect in active work and service.Hercules, 25:significance, for the sword is the symbol of the mind which divides asunder, separates and cutsHercules, 34: The Labors of Hercules - Labor I The Sign of the Mind Aries governs the head. It is consequentlyHercules, 34:originate on the mental plane and in the mind of the creator, whether that creator is God or theHercules, 34:fourth kingdom in nature, came into being when mind emerged and differentiated man from theHercules, 35:The white horse symbolizes the illumined mind of the spiritual man, and so we find in the Book ofHercules, 35:a white horse. Black horses represent the lower mind, with its false ideas and erring humanHercules, 35:first labor, indicate the feminine aspect of the mind as it gives birth to ideas, to theories andHercules, 35:The thought-form making tendency of the mind is here symbolized, embodying the ideas conceived, andHercules, 35:and destroying when emanating from the lower mind, but constructing and saving when coming from theHercules, 35:esoteric ruler is Mercury, which "illumines the mind and mediates between the soul and theHercules, 37:and environment through the brood mares of his mind. He has, therefore, to learn the right use ofHercules, 37:He has, therefore, to learn the right use of his mind, and the first thing that he has to do isHercules, 37:has to do is capture this feminine aspect of the mind and see to it that no more war horses areHercules, 37:thought content and that the brood mares of his mind are constantly being fertilized by selfishnessHercules, 38:(The Man). "I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule." (The Initiate). [38] Hercules, 44:spirit; Taurus, earth or body; Aquarius, air or mind; and Scorpio represents water likened to theHercules, 48:are always inevitably wrong. When a man's entire mind is occupied with the thought of women, orHercules, 51:so constituted a "common sense", literally, the mind. Let the aspirant use his mind, and throughHercules, 51:literally, the mind. Let the aspirant use his mind, and through the medium of intelligentHercules, 52:mental indulgence for outer sin. A clean mind and a pure heart, a rightly organized and rightlyHercules, 57:was, words spoken long ago by Nereus came to his mind: "Truth lies within yourself. There is aHercules, 58:[58] The sacred tree and apples faded from mind; he only sought to aid the giant and that withoutHercules, 61:of telling us the story of the appearance of mind, and of how it began to function in that earlyHercules, 61:animal nor strictly human. With the coming of mind came also the knowledge of duality, of the pullHercules, 63:by [63] little he yielded up his will and his mind and accepted him as his teacher and guide.Hercules, 65:strictly human race, came into being; where the mind aspect began to emerge, and the duality ofHercules, 66:vital effect in our Aryan race. In this race the mind faculty and the intellect have been steadilyHercules, 68:I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears I hid from Him, andHercules, 71:in moments of one-pointed attention, when the mind is held steady and the emotions temporarilyHercules, 73:become tainted with selfishness if, in the mind of the philanthropist, there lurks the shadow ofHercules, 74:of a well-developed, well-stocked, well-trained mind. The next stage of the search of Hercules isHercules, 81:Kingdom. Being equipped with the faculty of mind, in Aries, and with desire, in Taurus, and havingHercules, 81:and learns to utilize it. In Aries, he grips his mind and seeks to [82] bend it to his need,Hercules, 82:Equipped, therefore, with a controlled mind, a capacity to register illumination, an ability toHercules, 88:of mass reaction. It represents the subconscious mind, hereditary instinct, and the collectiveHercules, 88:his physical body and, subjectively, his lower mind and emotional being. The unevolved CancerHercules, 93:he possesses that something which we call the mind, and that faculty of intellectual perception andHercules, 104:up into heaven.[104] In Leo, we see cosmic mind working out in the individual as the lowerHercules, 104:out in the individual as the lower reasoning mind, and this lower aspect has likewise to beHercules, 104:has likewise to be sacrificed and the little mind of man must be subordinated to the universalHercules, 104:of man must be subordinated to the universal mind. In Scorpio, which is the third arm of the fixedHercules, 104:under the influence of the illuminated mind; he personified in himself the love of God, and heHercules, 106:a significant number, for six is the number of mind, of the creative work of the universal Mind,Hercules, 106:of mind, of the creative work of the universal Mind, and of the six days of creation. In the sixthHercules, 108:a somewhat trying and difficult person. He has a mind and he is using it. His emotions areHercules, 110:is to be found the scat of the reasoning mind, intellectuality, and in the other, theHercules, 110:defines intellectuality as the "capacity of the mind to control its environment by concepts andHercules, 111:he could control the personality by the higher mind. For it was only when he had blocked theHercules, 119:when we abandon the complexities of the lower mind. Virgo is also called the "goddess of the twoHercules, 119:is taken, the soul is called the son of mind, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, carrying the energy ofHercules, 119:is ruled by Mercury, carrying the energy of the mind. In this Virgo lecture A.A.B. gave a mostHercules, 122:is Mercury, "the versatile energy of the son of mind, the soul", the intermediary between the
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