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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Initiation, 175:wherein pre-eminently the fifth principle of mind forms the basis of unfoldment. This fifthInitiation, 177:of buddhi, or wisdom, and the other of manas, or mind. The union of these two, through a man'sInitiation, 179:worlds, and the thought must ever be borne in mind of the relative value and place of the unit, orInitiation, 182:occidental races (with their active, concrete mind, and their vast business capacity) can takeInitiation, 183:and this upon a ray suited to their type of mind. It is interesting to note that the oriental typeInitiation, 183:largely through the organization which lower mind produces, and a type of meditation of whichInitiation, 183:illustration. The one-pointed application of the mind by a European or American business man mightInitiation, 184:usual fabric of his life. When this attitude of mind is attained and held, there exists no surpriseInitiation, 185:and also unnecessary, to convey to our mind any impression as to the significance of these paths,Initiation, 193:of the initial tests. The disciple's attitude of mind must be that he cares not whether he takesInitiation, 204:upon the mental plane through the agency of mind. That which is to be created must then beInitiation, 204:An initiate cultivates a peculiar attitude of mind, wherein there is a recognition that all formsInitiation, 205:matters, and cultivate either an attitude of mind which results in the complete atrophying of theInitiation, 215:The path, or bridge, between higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication betweenInitiation, 216:It is a psychic effluvium, partaking of both mind and body. It is electro-vital, and alsoInitiation, 217:solar system. [217] Buddhi The Universal Soul or Mind. It is the spiritual soul in man (the SixthInitiation, 217:Lord, Master, a Chief. In this book it refers to mind an those Adepts who have gone on and takenInitiation, 218:- Glossary F-L Fifth Principle The principle of mind, that faculty in man which is the intelligentInitiation, 219:physical body. They are called by the Hindu "the mind-born sons of Brahma" amongst other names.Initiation, 220:Manas, or Manasic Principle Literally, the Mind, the mental faculty; that which distinguishes manInitiation, 220:some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind, and lower or concrete mind. [221] MantramsInitiation, 220:higher or abstract mind, and lower or concrete mind. [221] Mantrams Verses from the Vedas. In theInitiation, 221:or objective appearances that are created by the mind. Mayavi Rupa Sanskrit, "Illusive Form." It isInitiation, 221:hindrance. It is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter.Initiation, 222:Spiritual Will, Intuition and higher [222] mind, - or the immortal part of man which reincarnatesInitiation, 223:best is to enumerate the four as follows: Lower mind. Emotional or kamic body. Prana, or the LifeIntellect, 5:expressed in ways more acceptable to the western mind." - Overstreet, H.A., The Enduring Quest,Intellect, 5:has had to work have been the same. Though the mind of the eastern thinker may run to creativeIntellect, 5:of thought which they employ is called the "mind " in the West and " mind-stuff " (chitta) in theIntellect, 5:employ is called the "mind " in the West and " mind-stuff " (chitta) in the East; both use theIntellect, 5:duty - noblesse oblige - of understanding the mind of the East. This is perhaps more necessary thanIntellect, 7:"Science is the best tool of the Western mind and with it more doors can be opened than with bareIntellect, 7:Thoughts It is in the training of the mind that the crux of the situation lies. The human mind isIntellect, 7:that the crux of the situation lies. The human mind is apparently an instrument which we are ableIntellect, 7:in two directions. One direction is outward. The mind, in this mode of functioning, registers ourIntellect, 8:be trained to add to this first function of the mind an ability to turn in another direction, andIntellect, 8:This ability to reorient itself will enable the mind to register the world of subjective realities,Intellect, 8:What use is he to make of it? Where is the mind, [9] which he is slowly learning to master, goingIntellect, 10:a sensitive response apparatus and a reasoning mind. We possess the rudiments of a sense which weIntellect, 14:intellectual achievement (an orientation of the mind) which enables them to do more than sense andIntellect, 17:to unfold. It deals with the right use of the mind, whereby the world of souls reveals itself andIntellect, 21:education, these two facts must be borne in mind for it will be in a synthesis of these two methodsIntellect, 22:has been done to raise the level of the human mind is everywhere to be found, coupled with a deepIntellect, 25:of pure reason and the eventual control of the mind by the intuition in the work ofIntellect, 26:He defines it as "the apprehension by the mind of reality directly as it is, and not under the formIntellect, 26:of Change, page 21. We rate the science of the mind or the modifications of the thinking principleIntellect, 30:who can go beyond the academic training of the mind with relation to physical plane living. Intellect, 30:of the realm of the purely analytical critical mind into that of pure reason and intuitiveIntellect, 30:of our modern educational systems? Is not the mind standardized and held down by our mass [31]Intellect, 33:desire can take a clear and rational form in his mind and can be appreciated as a perfectlyIntellect, 33:his present limitations and reorients his mind to wider realizations. He will discover the soul asIntellect, 37:world if one is able to develop another habit of mind. It is, in short, the habit of seeing theIntellect, 38:richer form of joy." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page X, Preface. In Dr. Hocking'sIntellect, 39:the educational technique becomes a system of mind-control, leading eventually to an innerIntellect, 41:meditation process, which is superimposed upon a mind widely and wisely cultured. The result ofIntellect, 42:entity, called the human being, who possesses a mind, a set of emotions and a response apparatusIntellect, 43:of his apparatus and the condition of his mind, plus the nature of his environing circumstances, soIntellect, 43:a contributing factor in the body economic. His mind is regarded as a storehouse for imparted factsIntellect, 50:human being. The evolution and perfecting of the mind faculty in man, with its keenness andIntellect, 51:is now naturally in order. "The new synthesis of mind and soul," Keyserling says, "must originateIntellect, 51:soul," Keyserling says, "must originate from the mind, on the height of supreme intellectuality, ifIntellect, 55:in the head is the seat of the reasoning mind and of the spiritual consciousness, which latter isIntellect, 55:latter is attained through a right use of the mind. Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan says in connection withIntellect, 55:reflective reference." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page 35. Earlier in the same bookIntellect, 55:same book he says that: "Each of us is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life as oneIntellect, 55:of life as one expression of world-plan, of mind as a different expression of that world-plan, ofIntellect, 55:partially revealed." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page 32. It is this revelation ofIntellect, 55:endeavor and the object of the dual activity of mind - God as life in Nature, God as love,Intellect, 56:heart of all creation; and he discovers that his mind can give him the key which unlocks for himIntellect, 56:into the purposes and the plans which guide the Mind of God Himself. In fact, he arrives at God andIntellect, 57:directs it through the activity of the mind. Through the medium of the brain the soul galvanizesIntellect, 57:or it can be trained to react primarily to the mind, regarding the mind (as it so seldom is) as theIntellect, 57:to react primarily to the mind, regarding the mind (as it so seldom is) as the interpreter of theIntellect, 58:As the race progresses, another "body," the mind body, comes into being and activity, and graduallyIntellect, 58:time, the two energies of the soul, life and mind, have been working through the vehicles, withoutIntellect, 59:some life. As the intellect takes hold and the mind develops, this may temporarily fade into theIntellect, 59:towards knowledge of the soul and the use of the mind in the apprehension of spiritual truth. Intellect, 59:and the heart become united in their endeavor. Mind and pure reason are blended with [60] love andIntellect, 60:impelled by energy, and directed by his mind, but knows himself to be the Self, thinking throughIntellect, 60:himself to be the Self, thinking through the mind, feeling through the emotions, and actingIntellect, 65:of the psychic nature, and the restraint of the mind-stuff. When this has been accomplished, theIntellect, 65:the desire is the heart. But it must be borne in mind that the heart's desire may be either for theIntellect, 66:in that it is primarily an orientation of the mind, which orientation brings about realizations andIntellect, 66:said: "What is prayer but upward turning of the mind to God direct." The masses of the people,Intellect, 67:is needed, except to ask for a good state of mind, for health (wholeness) of soul." Intellect, 69:by the shows of sense, ready, for the receptive mind, to shine in its glory even through theIntellect, 71:here that meditation plays its part [71] and the mind steps in to fulfil its new function ofIntellect, 71:of intuition, Being, God..." "The human mind, then, is a faculty in quest of its intuition - thatIntellect, 71:of the Mystics, pages 32, 101. To take the mind and bend it to its new task as a revealer of theIntellect, 72:point that meditation is a process whereby the mind is reoriented to Reality, and, rightly used,Intellect, 73:here lies the solution of man's problem) by the mind principle. In an ancient book of the Hindus,Intellect, 73:law in my members, warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law ofIntellect, 75:has perhaps done its main work in preparing the mind to undertake the work of meditation. It hasIntellect, 75:bewildered children are trying to spell God? The mind sends us hither and thither in the work ofIntellect, 77:spiritual intelligence... reflects itself in the mind-stuff then comes awareness of the Self." -Intellect, 79:field of awareness which we call that of the mind. Still another group, much fewer in number, areIntellect, 79:changing, and redirecting of the energies of the mind, of the emotions and of the physical natureIntellect, 80:spiritual knowledge grows up within the mind, and from the basis of ordinary knowledge, we steadilyIntellect, 80:it," and truth and God are synonymous terms. The mind knows two objects, we are told - the outerIntellect, 81:what we might call an introverted use of the mind and its intense focusing upon a new and unusual
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