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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Magic, 96:colored, and lack the organized form which pure mind can give. Those which come via the oppositeMagic, 96:the personal ambition of a ruling mentality. The mind is ever egoistic, self-seeking, and expressesMagic, 97:time that he is thus occupied he is "holding the mind steady in the light", and is keeping hisMagic, 97:It involves also a paralleling activity in the mind, for the aspirant must interpret the vision andMagic, 98:forth in radiant splendor. The illuminated mind reflects the solar glory. The lunar orb rises fromMagic, 98:when the soul (symbolized as the Solar Orb) the mind, and the light in the head form one unit, theMagic, 106:agent of the soul and its interpreter, the mind. These four are in complete accord and alignment.Magic, 111:aspirants should be) would do well to bear in mind that there are temporary differences. PeopleMagic, 112:as a butterfly. These things need bearing in mind and with their recognition comes the ability toMagic, 114:now to transmute the old mistakes. Also bear in mind that principles are eternal, personalitiesMagic, 115:are at present emphasizing, the use of the lower mind involves the danger of criticism, theMagic, 115:groups may be quite sincere, but the concrete mind acts in them as a barrier to the free play ofMagic, 116:to these ideas. This is a point to be borne in mind in all dealings with others and should modifyMagic, 119:consideration. It should therefore be borne in mind that a disciple of any of the Masters will haveMagic, 121:One, to attain the spiritual essence before the mind absorbs. Not thus is wisdom sought. Only heMagic, 121:Not thus is wisdom sought. Only he who hath the mind in leash, and seeth the world as in a mirrorMagic, 121:winter's night. That point of light may call to mind the tiny candle in some attic drear, but - asMagic, 121:warm light of some blazing lamp cometh to the mind of the wanderer by the way. "Pass on, O Pilgrim,Magic, 121:is possible it is important to have a developed mind, a well-nurtured intelligence, and also toMagic, 121:and also to have achieved some measure of mind control. These rules are not for beginners in theMagic, 121:for magical work and for labor on the plane of mind. Love is the great unifier, the primeMagic, 121:impulse, cosmic and microcosmic, but the mind is the main creative factor and the utilizer of theMagic, 121:energies of the cosmos. Love attracts, but the mind attracts, repels and coordinates, so that itsMagic, 126:worlds, but they work from and in the plane of mind, and do not function, therefore, outside theirMagic, 127:the necessity of a correct [127] use of the mind, and (at the same time) let us ever hold aMagic, 127:sound these two notes synchronously and with the mind focused. Herein lies a clue to theMagic, 130:the small minority only, employ the concrete mind; while the masses are swayed entirely by theMagic, 130:be organized, utilizing the higher spiritual mind as its medium. When that organization isMagic, 130:organization is completed the lower concrete mind will be nothing but a transmitter or anMagic, 130:intuition, taking form through the medium of the mind stuff. We shall, therefore, have theMagic, 133:and some suggestion as to its scope upon the mind of some man or some woman upon the physicalMagic, 133:or some woman upon the physical plane. If that mind is unstable or over-satisfied, if it is filledMagic, 139:from the soul to the physical brain, via the mind. Such an enlarged channel indicates that a manMagic, 140:places of the earth. This should be borne in mind by all aspirants and should serve as an [141]Magic, 141:bring through from the plane of the Universal Mind, and hence are in a position to cooperateMagic, 141:to do four things: To be receptive to the mind of the Master. To cultivate a right intuitiveMagic, 143:separates, and it is interesting to bear in mind that the word, the symbol of unity, is divine,Magic, 146:what we call the natural world is set up. As the mind appropriates and synthesizes this knowledge,Magic, 148:between the brain, nervous system and the mind, or between the soul, mind and the brain. ThisMagic, 148:system and the mind, or between the soul, mind and the brain. This cannot be elaborated here butMagic, 149:apparatus. The response apparatus of the soul - mind, etheric body, brain and nervous system - isMagic, 152:is breathed forth [152] simultaneously, via the mind into the brain, and thus "he drives theMagic, 152:the disciple, and the initiate work, bearing in mind however that the science of the physicalMagic, 157:is surrounded. It should also here be borne in mind that this definite creative work is onlyMagic, 160:and eventually a dead form on the plane of mind, for it will lack that motivating power of desireMagic, 165:a record of these experiences, bearing always in mind that in the early stages of his unfoldmentMagic, 166:He simply has to wait and to bring his mind to bear upon the purifying of his vehicles and theMagic, 167:his usefulness increases. Through the use of the mind, humanity has become aware of the purposesMagic, 167:the astral or emotional world into that of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters areMagic, 168:increased rate. He impresses the disciple's mind, via his Ego, with the group plans and ideals, andMagic, 168:and he will feel as if he were losing in mind control instead of gaining it, but this is only aMagic, 170:controversy. No doubt remains in the disciple's mind. 2. There is recognized an inhibition on theMagic, 171:open between the soul and the brain, via the mind, so that when the Master seeks to communicate, HeMagic, 171:lower psychism, physical disability, and lack of mind control, and he therefore discovers that heMagic, 175:and methods [175] which should be borne in mind in connection with inspirational writing andMagic, 177:is a hard task to accomplish, for the concrete mind expresses the abstract most inadequately and,Magic, 178:of the instrument (that is, [178] the mind and the brain) of the transmitter. In these cases, theMagic, 179:higher clairaudience that speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactly telepathy but aMagic, 179:clairaudience that speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactly telepathy but a form ofMagic, 179:but is entirely egoic. It utilizes the mind as the medium of transmission to the brain of thatMagic, 180:and requires a trained interpreting mind, which is rare indeed to find. In all these cases that IMagic, 182:seek those whom They can train. The attitude of mind that They look for is that of teachablenessMagic, 183:factors and so save themselves much distress of mind and wasted motion. The Master looks for theMagic, 183:through definite work along meditation lines, mind control, and the inflow of spiritual force.Magic, 184:or thread from the soul to the brain via the mind body. The whole secret of spiritual vision,Magic, 184:found those rules and methods which bring the mind under control, stabilize the astral body and soMagic, 185:In this connection it must be carefully borne in mind that a man can become a disciple and meritMagic, 188:outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in the right place andMagic, 192:Throat and Eye 2. The second fact to bear in mind is that as these changes and reorientations takeMagic, 193:The interpreting, organizing, understanding mind is unable to play its part. Where there is lack ofMagic, 196:Monad. Manas. Spiritual intelligence. The higher mind. The third or outer circle of petals in theMagic, 216:"One glance the soul doth cast upon the forms of mind. A ray of light streams out and darknessMagic, 219:who are beginning to utilize the power of the mind in the magical work of creation. It isMagic, 219:that, as humanity enters into its heritage of mind, there appears simultaneously a growing tendencyMagic, 219:advisable. Books on the subject of the creative mind are flooding the markets, and discussions onMagic, 220:The main thought to be held clearly in the mind is that they confine themselves to the use ofMagic, 220:forms and activities through the power of his mind impulses, and the focused attention of his ownMagic, 222:discrimination, for it is through the use of the mind, as analyzer and separator, that the astralMagic, 226:of the imprisoned soul. It is useful to have in mind the outstanding characteristics of the threeMagic, 226:his possession of a correlating and coordinating mind. Sensitivity, or awareness of moods, emotionsMagic, 227:by three stages: The stage wherein the mind is the receiver of impressions from the outer world,Magic, 227:of the astral world. The stage wherein the mind initiates its own activities, and wherein theMagic, 227:in imposing its ideas and impressions upon the mind held "steady in the light" and so enables theMagic, 228:its instrument in the warfare is the consecrated mind. Magic, 231:all disciples take note of this and have it in mind in these difficult and strenuous days. SuchMagic, 237:and so work out the purposes of the Universal Mind, which are prompted by boundless and infiniteMagic, 237:this control and begin to discipline the mind nature and so function consciously in the mentalMagic, 238:Krishna assume the reins of control, by learning mind control and by the revelation of the form ofMagic, 238:is increased potently through the powers of the mind, and through memory of past pain and grievanceMagic, 240:constantly as need [240] requires, forcing his mind to focus attention upon the significance ofMagic, 240:sense and the cultivation of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears toMagic, 241:is called a "manipulator of souls" and uses the mind to destroy the real and to put a veil betweenMagic, 241:that the race is more mental, and the force of mind is making itself felt in [242] the human body,Magic, 245:a steady intellectual urge will characterize the mind of the aspirant. To this may succeed a cycleMagic, 245:cycle wherein all study is distasteful, and the mind seems to lie entirely fallow and inert. It isMagic, 245:and the futility of phases of thought assail the mind. The aspirant decides that to be is betterMagic, 246:the plan and to identify himself with the divine mind in nature. Withdrawing to the midway spot, heMagic, 246:which puts him en rapport with the Universal Mind. He endures limitation so that thereby he mayMagic, 246:knowledge of his divine Sonship and a potent mind realization of all that that term conveys, heMagic, 250:meeting place is the place of fire, the plane of mind. Fire is the symbol of the intellect and all
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