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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

(page 41 of 62)


Magic, 480:full effect will take place in the realm of the mind, and may it not be said that even now the fireMagic, 481:modes of human activity have oriented the mind (not the emotions but the mentality) to some line ofMagic, 484:the motivating impulse which sweeps the mind-stuff into activity is an emotional one, or a potentMagic, 484:or unselfish. Secondly, it should be borne in mind that the thought-form so constructed will eitherMagic, 484:magical work and the imposition of a powerful mind upon a weaker. If it finds its way into someMagic, 485:of thought; he is still inclined to use the mind stuff to make possible his personality desires. ToMagic, 485:occult or mystic life that pass through the mind of the thinker. They are not so difficult toMagic, 486:other people. How shall you prevent your mind from transmitting to another facts such as these?Magic, 486:on the mental plane, and only the higher type of mind can formulate it, and clothe it with matterMagic, 486:with matter in geometrical precision, and such a mind usually has the wisdom that refuses to clotheMagic, 490:built into form by his personal separative mind. He lives but for that little truth; he can see noMagic, 491:Then the aspirant will discover that the mind is so focused on the new spiritual ideas that the oldMagic, 491:years work will be the hardest. After that the mind will be engrossed by the ideas and not by theMagic, 491:is the world of the soul, and of the higher mind. The stream of human thoughts and of opinions isMagic, 491:of the public consciousness and of the lower mind. The aspirant must function free in both worlds.Magic, 491:idea in his thought-aura. By detaching his mind from the idea, once he has sent it on its mission,Magic, 492:and of meditation, and until the nature of the mind and its modifications are more universallyMagic, 493:Later on in this century, the psychology of the mind, its nature and modifications may be handledMagic, 493:process of death. Two things must be borne in mind as we seek to study the means of this salvation:Magic, 493:(or mode of being) of the desire nature, and the mind stuff. These constitute the sheaths or outerMagic, 493:he has coordinated or aligned the soul, the mind, and the brain and is therefore beginning to workMagic, 494:end - dreaded because it is not understood. The mind of man is so little developed that fear of theMagic, 497:though incidental to our subject, to bear in mind that in cases of imbecility and idiocy and inMagic, 498:the astral plane or telepathically through the mind if they and he are en rapport, butMagic, 513:concern ourselves. The activity of the Universal Mind and its comprehensive purpose can only beMagic, 513:of the soul, formulated and recorded on the mind during the interlude between the two more activeMagic, 515:beginner) of making the alignment between soul-mind-brain, of quieting the emotional body, and ofMagic, 515:which will serve to focus and reorient the mind upon a new world, and place it within the sphere ofMagic, 516:plane becomes active and of this activity the mind and brain are aware. From the standpoint ofMagic, 516:The mechanism is entirely quiescent. The mind is held steady in the light and the soul in theMagic, 516:all souls, taps the resources of the Universal Mind, and formulates its purposes in line with theMagic, 516:The interlude comes to an end; the waiting mind again becomes active and in so far as it has beenMagic, 516:objective the plans with which the reoriented mind seeks to color its experience, and subsequentlyMagic, 517:of contemplation affecting the soul and the mind and the brain. Just as the mind has been held inMagic, 517:the soul and the mind and the brain. Just as the mind has been held in the light and has beenMagic, 517:has to be held receptive to impression from the mind. One interlude therefore (from the standpointMagic, 517:- one of which produces effects upon the mind, and the other upon the brain. There is, as always, aMagic, 517:the soul and is transmitted to the waiting mind; in the other, the mind, through concrete thoughtMagic, 517:to the waiting mind; in the other, the mind, through concrete thought and an attempt to embodyMagic, 519:interludes - that which concerns the relation of mind and brain. Through an intense application andMagic, 519:interlude wherein the soul is active, and the mind responsive. The intellectual activity and theMagic, 519:activity and the responsiveness of the brain to mind impression is all that concerns them. BothMagic, 519:concerning the major interludes of soul-mind and mind-brain. Only a few can as yet be trusted withMagic, 519:concerning the major interludes of soul-mind and mind-brain. Only a few can as yet be trusted withMagic, 522:owing to the impulsive activity of the Universal Mind as it works out the purposes of the solarMagic, 524:fraction of the structure? Bear this steadily in mind as you study and ponder these InstructionsMagic, 527:of the soul, transmitting its ideas via the mind, so the planetary Deity, working under theMagic, 527:working under the inspiration of the Universal Mind, can impress humanity with the purposes of GodMagic, 531:sacrifice runs throughout creation. The sons of mind, human souls, solar Angels, the divine sons ofMagic, 531:to suffering lies right here in the realm of mind. Pain and agony, rebellion and the conscious urgeMagic, 535:being when his intuition is awakened and his mind illumined. Grasping these facts anentMagic, 542:easy to prove the fact that there is a realm of mind than it is to prove that there is a realm ofMagic, 543:and down the ages have been taught, that a clean mind and a pure heart, love of truth, and a lifeMagic, 543:and can motivate mental substance or mind stuff in such a manner that it can achieve objectivity onMagic, 544:disaster in the coordinated triplicity of mind, astralism, and physical nature, which will bringMagic, 546:Physical body, sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul, mind, brain and the outer world ofMagic, 546:sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul, mind, brain and the outer world of forces; Spirit,Magic, 550:is a fiction or a figment of the human mind. I speak not in parable; I utter only facts in natureMagic, 551:vague, but until the inclusiveness of the human mind is greater than is now the case, suchMagic, 551:the Teachers of the race begin with the mind aspect of aspirants. They emphasize that which willMagic, 555:Recognition of the objective which exists in His Mind. This, in its turn, necessitates a oneMagic, 555:and symbolically. If the student will bear in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principlesMagic, 556:if he can recognize the tendency of his mind as that tendency emerges through the medium of hisMagic, 557:emerging of a technique of creation. When soul, mind and brain are unified and facility inMagic, 558:then urged to achieve the capacity to "hold his mind steady in the light". When he can do this, heMagic, 560:Because criticism being a faculty of the lower mind can hurt and wound and no man can proceed uponMagic, 565:astral or watery body, but also presents to the mind the effect which that body must have upon theMagic, 567:to naught because their creator, or the creative mind from which they emanate, understands not thisMagic, 568:thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifth principle, and to the five modificationsMagic, 570:centers below the diaphragm. From the universal mind or manasic force. This will largely be thoughtMagic, 572:forms of activity, emanating [572] from the mind, which will enable him to further the work of theMagic, 574:and he would have no desire to take prisoner the mind of his brother. But if his words wereMagic, 577:chela. In this connection it must be borne in mind that the matter is a very abstruse one and thatMagic, 578:of healing. This should be carefully borne in mind. The true healing force can only flow throughMagic, 582:next realizations which lie ahead of the human mind which marks the aspirant, who stands at theMagic, 582:vision and to grasp those concepts in which the mind must necessarily clothe it, which give a manMagic, 584:must carefully bear this distinction in mind. Secondly, the true enquirer is one whose courage isMagic, 585:Instinct and intuition. Higher and lower mind. Desire and spiritual impulse. Selfish aspiration andMagic, 587:and disciples, it must be carefully borne in mind that the main task of the aspirant is theMagic, 587:that I mean he is not allowed to concentrate his mind upon any one center, nor may he seek toMagic, 592:fire of the soul, which is literally the fire of mind, causes the centers also to increase theirMagic, 594:of some Master, having apparently settled in his mind that he is ready, or good enough. HeMagic, 603:mean, therefore, an interiorly held attitude of mind which can orient itself at will in anyMagic, 603:everyday thinking and living. This attitude of mind will enable the disciple also to orient himselfMagic, 604:and attitude will direct the activities of the mind and of the emotions and of the energies whichMagic, 605:exalted of the sons of God. Until the illumined mind and the power of intuitional response areMagic, 605:the basic concepts which are to be found in the mind of God Himself. Until the highest point of theMagic, 607:those who have passed over and who are still in mind bodies, and thirdly to the group of spiritualMagic, 608:of their state of expanded consciousness, the Mind of God; they embody the intelligent principle,Magic, 609:to their degree) to the impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, the solar Deity. Magic, 612:that the light of his soul (reflected in his mind) and the energy of form (as expressed in hisMagic, 614:consciousness? It is the dual nature of the mind which causes this illusion, for the mind of manMagic, 614:of the mind which causes this illusion, for the mind of man presents to him the keys of the kingdomMagic, 614:realities. It is the concretizing unprincipled mind which brings about all the troubles ofMagic, 634:be grouped into three comprehensive ones and the mind of the disciple be thus freed from theMagic, 637:entity in incarnation and in touch - through his mind - with the Universal Mind. The penalty whichMagic, 637:in touch - through his mind - with the Universal Mind. The penalty which overtakes the disciple whoMagic, 638:unselfish reaction is noted and known. Bear in mind, however, that it comes to the recognition ofMeditationto do two things: Read always with an open mind, remembering that the truth is a many-sidedMeditationthe physical, the emotional, and the lower mind body, within the causal periphery, and their
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