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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Meditationof the race, the true exponents of lower mind, are fundamentally those whose three lower bodies areMeditation, 3:the two planes. This involves the use of lower mind, and the three lower vehicles thus becomeMeditation, 17:form of the intense application of the concrete mind to some problem for the helping of the race;Meditation, 21:of scientific position and to the development of mind. Intellectual progress may seem of tooMeditation, 23:egos and to the Hierarchy. Keep this clearly in mind: - the development of the egoic consciousnessMeditation, 24:is largely in the emotional body and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later AtlanteanMeditation, 24:hid. The desires are not so purely physical, for mind is beginning to permeate, much as yeastMeditation, 24:and unreasoning hatred, for the equilibrium that mind achieves, and the balance that is the resultMeditation, 26:the development of the man, that in which [26] mind is developing and the polarizing life shifts toMeditation, 26:- at first aspiration towards the things of mind, and later towards that which is more abstract andMeditation, 30:of the self and the not-self by means of mind, for man is "that being in whom highest spirit andMeditation, 33:and through the gradual stilling of the lower mind, through concentration and the wise following ofMeditation, 49:long will remain with you. The control of the mind is the present aim of meditation, and mustMeditation, 52:cosmic planes, works at the problem of cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solar system,Meditation, 53:or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmic mind. So, on the planes of the solar system, is itMeditation, 57:his informing soul, - the threefold spirit, plus mind and experience - the Three completed by theMeditation, 62:him then relax his entire person, holding the mind positive and the physical vehicle supple andMeditation, 62:causing it to vibrate. The stilling of the lower mind. [63] Linking up with the Ego to a more orMeditation, 64:or dominant and the fifth principle, Manas or Mind, and, for this solar system (though not for theMeditation, 64:interesting response between the fifth plane of mind and the dominant, and between the sixth planeMeditation, 66:results in equilibrium; it stimulates the lower mind, yet at the same time opens the connectionMeditation, 66:entering in, stabilizes the lower concrete mind. It attracts the attention of certain of the devasMeditation, 67:equilibrium, and the contacting of the higher mind. [68] Groups for the healing of the physicalMeditation, 88:for the pondering and logical reasoning of lower mind; they also contain elements of danger ifMeditation, 94:into the realms of thought, or into the lower mind body. Having achieved that much, he seeks thenMeditation, 94:that much, he seeks then to transcend that lower mind and to become polarized in the causal body,Meditation, 95:they directly inhibit the processes of the lower mind. If you picture the mental body as an ovoid,Meditation, 95:of various kinds (the content of the man's mind and the thoughts of his environing associates) soMeditation, 96:of thought elimination? How can placidity of mind be achieved without the use of the will inMeditation, 111:and, by centering the consciousness in the lower mind and later in the causal, to tap the higherMeditation, 112:now are different. The development of [112] mind carries with it the dangers of selfishness, ofMeditation, 112:laid on service, and on the steadying of the mind as an essential in the man who seeks to progressMeditation, 112:organizing factor, the instrument of the lower mind, the accumulator of facts. The difference inMeditation, 112:form of ceremonial), actuated by a very concrete mind, acquisitive, critical, and at his best whenMeditation, 113:the goal will be the same. It must be borne in mind, for instance, that a meditation that would aidMeditation, 116:of his intelligence, using the high faculties of mind and the product of his genius to aid the sonsMeditation, 122:and instead of only allowing the "apex of the mind" (if I may use so unusual a term) to beMeditation, 126:the disciple looks [126] on, and in agony of mind sees his lower vehicle dishonoring the fair nameMeditation, 133:frequently the calm reasoning of the lower mind may suffice to dispel the trouble. Here, in thisMeditation, 134:far ahead. Anyone who over-exalts the concrete mind and permits it continuously to shut out theMeditation, 135:he may cause; he cares not what agony of mind he brings upon an opponent; he persists in hisMeditation, 143:matter resolves itself into the expansion of the mind until it dominates the lower, and into theMeditation, 144:whereby the consciousness is raised and the mind expanded until it embraces: Its family andMeditation, 145:that consciousness is so stable that the lower mind, desire and the physical elementals, become soMeditation, 148:Both meet and blend through the development of mind, or through the fifth Ray of Concrete KnowledgeMeditation, 150:by attempting to eliminate the concrete mind altogether, and aspires to leap from the plane of theMeditation, 150:emotional, and lacking that quality of mind that we call discrimination. He is intuitive, prone toMeditation, 151:The mystic eliminates or endeavors to transcend mind in his process of finding the Self. TheMeditation, 151:Self and by the employment of the principle of mind on both its levels, arrives at the same point.Meditation, 152:form. Frequently, according to the trend of his mind, the nucleus of the form may be some favoriteMeditation, 153:trend of thought, and who is more dominated by mind, will be of a geometrical type. The outlinesMeditation, 156:outlines designed for working on the lower mind. These forms will be based on the special need ofMeditation, 166:point of development, and when the higher mind holds greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightlyMeditation, 167:who synthesizes the four lower rays, deals with mind or intelligence, and, in collaboration withMeditation, 167:with His Brothers, controls the evolution of mind whereby the Spirit or Self utilizes the form orMeditation, 167:Form - Life - Intelligence, Matter - Spirit - Mind, Prakriti - Purusha - Manas, are the three linesMeditation, 168:in their method of approach. If this is borne in mind it will be apparent that each provides forMeditation, 169:in order to satisfy the craving of the concrete mind for differentiation these three departmentsMeditation, 169:In reality - apart from the illusion that mind always sets up - the three are one, and the sevenMeditation, 172:The Line of the Mahachohan This is the line of mind or intelligence, of knowledge and of science.Meditation, 172:and of science. It is the line of abstract mind, and of archetypal ideas. The man broods not soMeditation, 172:senses them; he aims at contacting the Universal Mind, at wresting its secrets from it, and givingMeditation, 172:brooding over it and by the employment of lower mind, finds out all that can be known and sensed.Meditation, 182:reason was developed somewhat, and the spiritual mind showed signs of awakening. In this way theMeditation, 185:of the Lords of Flame in implanting the spark of mind has so developed and grown, that now the fireMeditation, 185:see the culmination of the fifth principle of mind, this correspondence will be more understood. AtMeditation, 185:fires: The vital divine spark. The spark of mind. Kundalini, the twofold blending of the internalMeditation, 187:demonstrates in action by the aid of illuminated mind. These are the four most important mantramsMeditation, 195:is desired. I must warn you however to bear in mind that no importance must be attached to theMeditation, 202:the department controlling the activity of the mind. In this way the stimulation of the mentalMeditation, 202:of the channel between higher and lower mind will be greatly aided. The intuition will also beMeditation, 204:clarity the questions that are controlling your mind. These questions are of great value, if youMeditation, 206:all that follows. I would here seek to put your mind at rest on the point as to whether the colorsMeditation, 207:the monadic ray. The colors of higher or lower mind are at times spoken of in terms of the planeMeditation, 208:Orange also holds the secret for the Sons of Mind, and in the study of flame (which evenMeditation, 216:its closest alliances in the ray of orange, or mind or intelligence demonstrating through form. YouMeditation, 217:subray Activity Green-green Fifth subray Manas, mind Green-orange SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM Indigo RayMeditation, 218:system you have the third aspect of universal mind or activity, demonstrating through the orange ofMeditation, 218:Form Aspect 3. Intelligence Aspect Spirit Matter Mind Consciousness Vehicle Vitality Self Not-SelfMeditation, 219:between the life, the form and the inner mind, and are in their essence themselves those three.Meditation, 220:the third plane of atma and the fifth plane of mind. Green and orange were allied in the firstMeditation, 222:side, and by the study of the form side of the mind, will come much of value to the student ofMeditation, 222:that even perfection itself - as grasped by the mind of man, is but illusion, and that only theMeditation, 227:of this connection eventuates on the plane of mind which links the higher and the lower. TheMeditation, 228:Endeavor to keep clear in your own mind... that colors are the expressions of force or quality.Meditation, 231:It tends to the development of the higher mind and by stimulation of imagination it somewhatMeditation, 237:terms of life, in terms of form, and in terms of mind. The Application of Color In meditation. InMeditation, 242:briefly enumerate them in order to clarify the mind of the reader: 1. The work will be largelyMeditation, 257:and the glory there to be found. But the human mind is so constituted that the search for light andMeditation, 258:to day the arduous task of concentration and of mind control, there stand on the inner side ThoseMeditation, 260:is consciously [260] spirit-intuition-abstract mind, or atma-buddhi-manas, and this is notMeditation, 260:evolves on those planes. By learning the laws of mind through the practice of meditation, HeMeditation, 260:practice of meditation, He expands the laws of mind till they embrace the laws of the UniversalMeditation, 260:mind till they embrace the laws of the Universal Mind as demonstrated in lower manifestation. TheMeditation, 260:demonstrated in lower manifestation. The Laws of Mind are mastered in meditation. They are appliedMeditation, 260:through its five grades and has transmuted lower mind into mind pure and unalloyed, has transmutedMeditation, 260:five grades and has transmuted lower mind into mind pure and unalloyed, has transmuted desire intoMeditation, 266:group consciousness. On the planes of the higher mind, on the second subplane you have a reflectionMeditation, 268:thought, or the power to link up with the higher mind, via the causal body. He must learn toMeditation, 268:causal body. He must learn to contact the lower mind simply as an instrument whereby he can reach
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