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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Psychology1, 12:think clearly, and with a poised and illumined mind seek to understand what is relatively a newPsychology1, 14:of a state of being which lies beyond word, mind and form expression of any kind. The great JewishPsychology1, 16:being mental. It is in the realm of so-called mind that the great principle of separateness isPsychology1, 16:is found. It is also in the realm of mind that the great at-one-ment is made. The words of thePsychology1, 16:here a fitting place, wherein he says: "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ," and addsPsychology1, 17:of twain, one new man". It is through the mind that theory is formulated, truth distinguished andPsychology1, 22:Students of this treatise must bear in mind, from the very start of their studies, the necessityPsychology1, 24:those who think in terms of the lower concrete mind, and whose intuition is dormant or onlyPsychology1, 24:beauty upon the initial plan as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The body of manifestationPsychology1, 24:This is a Great Life in close touch with the mind of the creative [25] Deity, just as the Lord ofPsychology1, 26:of the rays, begging you to bear in mind that this statement refers only to our Earth and itsPsychology1, 28:that modern thinkers would do well to bear in mind that the importance of Christianity lies in thePsychology1, 28:between the worlds of concrete and of abstract mind. The Old Commentary puts it thus: "When thePsychology1, 29:ancient truth. Through the lens of the illumined mind, he will shortly see aspects of divinityPsychology1, 38:- an intelligence whose characteristics are mind and mental awareness, which in turn demonstrate asPsychology1, 38:still another of the appearances, - with the mind body or nature. Thoughts become to him soPsychology1, 40:and matter. The soul is an expression of the mind of God, for mind and intellect are termsPsychology1, 40:soul is an expression of the mind of God, for mind and intellect are terms expressing the cosmicPsychology1, 41:produces an appearance through the nature of mind and thus is the builder of the separate forms orPsychology1, 42:matter. The soul is an embodiment of conscious mind, the expression, if one might so phrase it, ofPsychology1, 51:of the soul, and of the higher and the lower mind. It embodies the principle of knowledge, andPsychology1, 52:[52] clear distinctions of the dominant lower mind, but (if one may use such a symbolic way ofPsychology1, 54:The soul, in relation to the human being, is the mind principle [55] in two capacities, or the mindPsychology1, 55:mind principle [55] in two capacities, or the mind expressing itself in two ways. These two waysPsychology1, 55:and sufficiently developed: The lower concrete mind, the mental body, the "chitta" or mind stuff.Psychology1, 55:concrete mind, the mental body, the "chitta" or mind stuff. The higher spiritual or abstract mind.Psychology1, 55:or mind stuff. The higher spiritual or abstract mind. These two aspects of the soul, its two basicPsychology1, 55:spiritual realities. The first, the quality of mind in its lower manifestation, is ownedPsychology1, 55:- the vital body, the emotional nature and the mind stuff. But it is also more than that, once thePsychology1, 56:possession of vitality, sentiency, and potential mind; with the vegetable kingdom as regardsPsychology1, 56:unity begins dimly to dawn on the thinker's mind. When the stage of discipleship is reached, a manPsychology1, 57:of life. Thus we have three things to bear in mind as we read and study: The synthesis of life -Psychology1, 57:processes, so God dwells withdrawn in His mind nature; the world that He has created and pervadedPsychology1, 59:in words produces a downpouring of the abstract mind or of the intuition, and this, in its turn,Psychology1, 59:of the divine Consciousness, of the universal Mind; They might be regarded as seven intelligentPsychology1, 60:They are the sum total of the universal mind; They are "awake and active." Their goal and TheirPsychology1, 61:of course to the limitations of the human mind and to the inadequacy of words. The planned activityPsychology1, 67:the thought of God, hidden deep within the mind of the Kumaras of Love, and thus let him lead thePsychology1, 68:of Time The Lord of Space The Universal Mind The Threefold Wick The Great Architect of the UniversePsychology1, 69:in the following phrases. We must bear in mind that the seventh or synthetic characteristic of eachPsychology1, 69:time. Quality - the power to evolve. Let mind control. Let the clear shining of the sun of lifePsychology1, 69:the clear shining of the sun of life reveal the mind of God, and set the shining one upon his way.Psychology1, 70:In reading these words, the student must bear in mind that the antechamber has been left behind andPsychology1, 73:anent a human life, but it should be borne in mind that the pure ray type does not as yet exist,Psychology1, 75:is form. Its purpose is the revelation of the mind of God. The past reveals the form, but thePsychology1, 76:kingdom. The reason is that the fifth plane of mind is the sphere of His major activity and it isPsychology1, 76:on this plane that we find the triple aspects of mind: Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of aPsychology1, 76:the triple aspects of mind: Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of a higher triad. The concretePsychology1, 76:of a higher triad. The concrete or lower mind, the highest aspect of the lower self. The ego orPsychology1, 76:self. The ego or solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, Who expresses intelligence, both abstractly andPsychology1, 76:they contrasted the building power of the higher mind with the destroying power of the lower. JustPsychology1, 76:medium of expression of, the soul, so the lower mind is intended to be the channel for the purePsychology1, 76:to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy. This fifth ray is a Being of thePsychology1, 76:by no other ray. Through His quality of higher mind, this ray is a pure channel for the divinePsychology1, 77:reasons why, [77] in this fifth race, love and mind must eventually and mutually reveal each other.Psychology1, 77:Rose of God The Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of God The Initiating Energy The Ruler of thePsychology1, 82:sensed are not correctly interpreted by the mind nor applied in such a way that they are of generalPsychology1, 82:the ideas sent forth from the universal divine Mind. Men must begin on the subjective planes ofPsychology1, 87:Watch well thy thought. Enter at will into the mind of God. Pluck thence the power, the plan, thePsychology1, 87:power, the plan, the part to play. Reveal the mind of God. Quality - mental power. Stay in thePsychology1, 88:home of the ego or soul, the embodied plane of mind, the point of consummation for the personality,Psychology1, 90:and the important factor to the scientific mind, which is so different to that of its morePsychology1, 90:with all the higher manifestations of the human mind (and hence also the lower expressions ofPsychology1, 95:New Testament that we must endeavor to let the mind which was in Christ also be manifest in us. WePsychology1, 95:the dominance of the basic spiritual laws. The mind of Christ is a phrase conveying the concept ofPsychology1, 95:the recognition by men everywhere that the "mind-stuff," as the Hindus call it, to which their ownPsychology1, 95:bodies are an integral part, is also part of the mind of Christ, the cosmic Christ, of Whom thePsychology1, 100:Through this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology will eventually arrive atPsychology1, 100:It will be found that telepathic work is from mind to mind, or from soul to mind, and does notPsychology1, 100:be found that telepathic work is from mind to mind, or from soul to mind, and does not necessarilyPsychology1, 100:work is from mind to mind, or from soul to mind, and does not necessarily imply brain to brainPsychology1, 101:to be desired, but it will come as the result of mind control and illumination. Men will learn toPsychology1, 103:realm, reaching us via the universal "chitta" or mind stuff. This will flood the world. By thatPsychology1, 107:He tunes in on a reservoir of thought, and his mind and brain translate these thoughts into wordsPsychology1, 108:[108] advanced disciple than himself, and his mind is being impressed by some chela in his group.Psychology1, 109:that the stepping down of the teaching from the mind to the brain and from the brain into words andPsychology1, 111:increasing hold upon its instrument, when your mind and effort are turned towards group service,Psychology1, 111:the inflow of Love. Secondly, let not your mind be occupied with idle speculations as to thePsychology1, 112:In the light of your own intuition and illumined mind (developed and brought to usefulness throughPsychology1, 113:available, and its effect upon the collective mind of the thinkers of the race, that is of vitalPsychology1, 116:and has learned to function as a controlled mind as well, there is little we can do for him? AgainPsychology1, 119:reactions, [119] well up into the conscious mind so disastrously. We know much anent the man as aPsychology1, 119:the eternal warfare going on between the carnal mind and the heavenly nature, and all aspirants whoPsychology1, 128:of the astral-emotional nature; it colors the mind body; it controls the distribution of energy,Psychology1, 128:his physical appearance. Certain attitudes of mind are easy for one ray type and difficult forPsychology1, 132:senses: Hearing Touch Sight Taste Smell The mind, the common sense The intuition or the syntheticPsychology1, 133:Beauty of Revelation. 6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd RayPsychology1, 134:Who is the embodiment of the fifth principle of mind, see His work brought to a conclusion. HePsychology1, 135:the forces emanating from the fifth plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoicPsychology1, 135:emanating from the fifth plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligent entity)Psychology1, 135:from the fifth plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligent entity) we enterPsychology1, 136:but all grounded in the universal mind, all possessing souls, and all presenting aspects of thePsychology1, 142:temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe. Five:Psychology1, 153:of the subject is so vast that the concrete mind and the rationalizing nature lose themselves inPsychology1, 159:is a human being who conceives an idea, uses his mind and brain to bring his idea intoPsychology1, 161:path to the inner worlds of desire-emotion, of mind and of spiritual vision are, for him, the linePsychology1, 163:Raja Yoga. Mercury. Yellow. Rose. III Higher Mind. Exactitude in thought. Higher Mathematics.Psychology1, 163:method of psychic growth. Saturn. Green. V Lower Mind. Exactitude in action. Practical Science. ThePsychology1, 173:being. It was the establishing of a state of mind which was the primary objective, and not thePsychology1, 175:of the national existence. That certain types of mind may regard this as an infringement of the
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