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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Psychology1, 179:mental powers, leading to a reorientation of the mind so that it can function with equal facilityPsychology1, 179:to the areas of doubt which now exist in man's mind, and I should like briefly to refer to thePsychology1, 180:to these patterns, so that the individual mind can recognize them and wrest them out of thePsychology1, 183:back. There will be no question in anyone's mind that the discarding of the physical body willPsychology1, 199:quality of mental matter and of the "chitta" or mind stuff. Man is also intended to be radioactive;Psychology1, 203:no matter how great his knowledge, his mind is still fixed on the unknown, the beyond, and on thePsychology1, 204:Builders, the Seven Rays The Third Ray of Higher Mind Special Virtues: Wide views on all abstractPsychology1, 207:Builders, the Seven Rays The Fifth Ray of Lower Mind Special Virtues: Strictly accurate statements,Psychology1, 211:any of the others is the fourth. This brings to mind the unique position which the number fourPsychology1, 213:of it is well nigh impossible to the finite mind of the average reader. Though these threePsychology1, 217:Work. 7. Solar Lives I. Will or Power Universal Mind. VII. Ceremonial Magic Synthetic Ritual. YouPsychology1, 218:such suggestions as will arouse the abstract mind to activity and awaken interest to such a degreePsychology1, 224:in the mineral kingdom must be borne in mind, and these (though apparently unrelated to each otherPsychology1, 226:point of deepest and densest concretion, of the mind of God in form, with a radiation which will bePsychology1, 226:with a mechanism as yet so inadequate as the mind and brain of the average aspirant?), the mineralPsychology1, 227:ray. The geometrical faculty of the Universal Mind finds its most material perfection on thePsychology1, 228:working out of the Plan, as it is found in the mind of God. This is why, in this present period ofPsychology1, 230:to the three higher. Let it ever be borne in mind that the sign of man's spiritual unfoldment liesPsychology1, 236:the consciousness aspect is held carefully in mind, and how the relationships, on a larger scalePsychology1, 241:light of reason and illumination of the focused mind (which is very rarely found), then they becomePsychology1, 243:kingdom, gradually stimulating the instinctual mind of the animal until it vibrates to the ray ofPsychology1, 244:relation to the analytical and discriminative mind is not appreciated scientifically, so thePsychology1, 249:and the manifesting life. When this is borne in mind, it will be noted how each stage upon the wayPsychology1, 250:in him of certain aspects of the lower mind - anticipation, memory, imagination, the power toPsychology1, 253:Fire and Water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in the animal power to eatPsychology1, 254:- but in this case it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood.Psychology1, 254:of matter, as usually understood. The chitta or mind-stuff can be equally tamasic. Psychology1, 255:in man, and constitute an aspect of the divine mind not found actively present in the animal, as aPsychology1, 257:two hundred years, a third relation, that of the mind. The mental power of humanity will, in thePsychology1, 263:Race - third ray The activity of the Men of Mind. The Coming Race - fourth ray The vision of thePsychology1, 263:the magical organizer. The reader must bear in mind, as he studies these major ray cycles, thatPsychology1, 264:says: "The Lords of the fifth great ray of mind have sent us on our way. The Lords of the sixthPsychology1, 264:Lords of the third great ray bring us, through mind, unto the funeral pyre, to the stage wherein wePsychology1, 271:fashion, governing through the power of the mind, and animated by desire for the good of humanity.Psychology1, 272:when duly considered, may help to clear from the mind those false and illusory views which preventPsychology1, 274:conditions with no thought of criticism in my mind, but simply as a statement of fact, and in orderPsychology1, 274:- no matter how clear his brain or erudite his mind - the way out of the present impasse? ThePsychology1, 278:of mental perversion, to a distorted attitude of mind which results often in physical practices andPsychology1, 285:and functioning as a unit, and we have the mind and the emotional nature fused and blended, on thePsychology1, 286:relation to its intended position in the Mind of God. Today it is the marriage of two physicalPsychology1, 294:and through giving him a sound grounding in mind control, as well as training his memory to thePsychology1, 298:number, have been presented and kept before the mind of the public, they will finally lead to suchPsychology1, 312:the dissolution) what has lain hidden in the Mind of God. Hence the injunction before us today (inPsychology1, 312:Christian teacher) to possess in ourselves "the mind of Christ." This mind must dwell in us andPsychology1, 312:possess in ourselves "the mind of Christ." This mind must dwell in us and reveal itself [313] inPsychology1, 321:in one or other of the seven ray groups. The mind nature and mental body are governed by the RaysPsychology1, 331:living. Subjective Agency: Here we find the mind being employed as an organ of sense, as aPsychology1, 331:human consciousness. Through the use of the mind, he learns to protect himself, to guard hisPsychology1, 331:to preserve his identity. Through the use of the mind, he begins to discriminate and to cultivatePsychology1, 337:sentimental reaction develop into a rudimentary mind. The consciousness of loving and being loved,Psychology1, 340:body demands. The pull and pleasures of the mind nature, and of intellectual appetites. He becomesPsychology1, 343:Students of esotericism will, of course, bear in mind that [344] the fourth ray has a naturalPsychology1, 345:sphere of harmony and pass on to the plane of mind. There they fortify the temple of the Lord,Psychology1, 346:battlefield, the energy of the discriminating mind, and when that has been in due time used,Psychology1, 346:in separativeness, for five is the number of the mind and of man. Number nine, the number ofPsychology1, 346:the truth quite simply, let it be borne in mind that mankind, the fourth kingdom, which is anPsychology1, 352:intention. Students should bear these points in mind as they study the rays and their cyclicPsychology1, 356:simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curious synthesis which characterizesPsychology1, 359:to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, - all of which mustPsychology1, 359:non-resistance, but of that positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who thinks no evilPsychology1, 359:sixth and seventh rays should be held clearly in mind, and students should grasp the relation ofPsychology1, 360:sectarianism, due to the selective nature of the mind and its tendency to divide and separate. ThePsychology1, 367:understanding. The question emerges in your mind as to whether such a prophecy will indeed bePsychology1, 375:individual to the rhythm of the life, heart and mind of God Himself. From that tuning-in,Psychology1, 376:call the Laws of Cleavage. It is the mind which separates and divides; it is mental activityPsychology1, 377:rapidly assembling forms. It must be borne in mind that these laws are called by names whichPsychology1, 379:nations of the world, the student should bear in mind the fact that all are today governedPsychology1, 380:The interpretative faculty of the illumined mind. [381] The functioning and utilization of thePsychology1, 381:by their own nationals. Bear this in mind, all of you who work for world peace and right relations,Psychology1, 384:of new glory. Her empire will then be of the mind, and her glory of the soul. It is obvious thatPsychology1, 384:and London. The fluid, mercurial, intuitional mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of lovePsychology1, 387:Great Britain therefore represents the aspect of mind which expresses itself in intelligentPsychology1, 388:of the nation. It is useful to bear in mind, when considering the nations that some are negativePsychology1, 392:the fifth ray of the solar angels, the ray of mind, which is the egoic ray of the French nation,Psychology1, 397:more, but know no peace. Garner the fruits of mind, and seek your power in wide possessions, butPsychology1, 401:with care, much will become clarified in your mind. Ethnologists may disagree, but they cannotPsychology1, 402:which colors the totality of astral atoms. The mind body or mental nature, and the caliber andPsychology1, 404:ray. His personality ray. The ray governing his mind. That governing his astral body. The rayPsychology1, 406:has been brought about. It causes the mind nature to achieve that clear vision which finds itsPsychology1, 406:Initiator - the Planetary Logos. Illumining the mind. The egoic or soul ray begins to make itsPsychology1, 413:Work. The Solar Kingdom Ray 1 - Universal Mind, Will. Ray 7 - Synthetic Ritual. Some Sets ofPsychology1, 419:Esoteric Color: Green. Human Principle: Lower mind. Divine Principle: Universal mind. Element:Psychology1, 419:Lower mind. Divine Principle: Universal mind. Element: Fire. "Fire by friction." Sensation: NervousPsychology1, 419:Touch. Esoterically, this principle of creative mind is seen as seated in the throat. Ray IV -Psychology1, 419:Knowledge or Science Planet: Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus. Day: Friday. Exoteric Color:Psychology1, 419:Esoteric Color: Indigo. Human Principle: Higher mind. Divine Principle: Higher knowledge. "God sawPsychology1, 421:Beauty of Revelation. 6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd RayPsychology1, 423:1. Will or Power. 7. Ceremonial Magic. Universal Mind. Synthetic Ritual. The Mineral KingdomPsychology1, 428:Fire and water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in the animal power to eatPsychology1, 428:- but in this case it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood.Psychology1, 428:of matter, as usually understood. The chitta or mind-stuff can be equally tamasic. Psychology2the true idea. We must, therefore, bear in mind that, as we read and consider this treatise onPsychology2, 4:the same purpose as it exists, unified in the Mind of God Himself. This is a form of wordsPsychology2, 5:to the quality and purpose of the divine Mind. This will inevitably be clear to the man who hasPsychology2, 5:for lack of a better term. We need to bear in mind that our universe (as far as the highest humanPsychology2, 8:These two, when dominating the third energy of mind, produce the [9] perfect man. They explain thePsychology2, 10:fleshly form, the desire nature and the fluidic mind. He is a prey temporarily to the illusion ofPsychology2, 10:through the use of the discriminating mind. The ultimate sacrifice of that individuality to thePsychology2, 14:of personality involves: The free use of the mind so that focused attention can be paid to all thatPsychology2, 15:can be spiritually cognized. The free use of the mind presupposes its growing sensitivity to
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