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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

(page 54 of 62)


Psychology2, 504:The demonstrated integration has involved the mind nature and is involving the soul likewise. ThePsychology2, 504:consciousness until there is some measure of mind control. I might add at this point that one ofPsychology2, 504:and of true mental relation between the mind and the brain. [505] It becomes, therefore, oft a casePsychology2, 507:of the egocentric tendency of the average human mind. [508] Instruction which is given to him byPsychology2, 508:they are the source of much confusion in the mind of the psychologist and need most carefulPsychology2, 508:of his friend. This registers on the friend's mind but is often only recovered in the hours ofPsychology2, 509:being registered with increasing accuracy in the mind. From the mind, they are being transferred toPsychology2, 509:with increasing accuracy in the mind. From the mind, they are being transferred to or imprintedPsychology2, 510:he has to learn to direct them correctly from mind to brain and to interpret them accurately. TheyPsychology2, 510:man's soul. The soul then impresses them on the mind, which has been held steady in the light, andPsychology2, 510:has been held steady in the light, and then the mind, in its turn, formulates them into thoughtPsychology2, 511:it is an unnecessary tax upon the human mind to study the technical foundation for a belief inPsychology2, 511:them in the latent inertia of the mystical mind, plus the lowered vital condition of the entirePsychology2, 512:as they are presented to them, thereby aligning mind and brain and incidentally stimulating thePsychology2, 515:mystical life which it would be well to bear in mind. Those people who are concerned with thePsychology2, 516:and these two must be more carefully borne in mind. This process of externalization can be seenPsychology2, 520:to deal, owing to the underdevelopment of his mind and the lack of soul contact. Psychology2, 523:to the transference of energy, must be borne in mind: 1. That there is a transference to be madePsychology2, 524:nature and his emotional reactions, with what mind he has actively employed in bringingPsychology2, 526:will emerge again to living endeavor when the mind nature has been fully aroused and isPsychology2, 527:are, consequently, two points to be borne in mind as we study the mystic and his difficulties;Psychology2, 530:these ideas may clarify themselves in your mind if I point out certain facts, relating to thePsychology2, 544:the way of knowledge and repeats glibly that the mind is the slayer of the real and that thePsychology2, 546:inability of the average mystic to divorce his mind from his physical condition. Energy inevitablyPsychology2, 546:and where a distressed area is found, there the mind seems to throw all its attention, with thePsychology2, 546:mental rule of all mystics should be to keep the mind definitely above and away from the regionPsychology2, 556:The major idea which I would have you bear in mind is the development of Inclusiveness. ThisPsychology2, 558:he is a functioning personality and (because the mind is controlling or beginning to control) thePsychology2, 558:of his current awareness in order to develop the mind and thus become himself a conqueror and aPsychology2, 562:all these definitions it is necessary to bear in mind that the whole object of the senses is toPsychology2, 565:message; there is only a tuning in on a state of mind or on a condition and situation connectedPsychology2, 566:however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in its more advanced expression isPsychology2, 566:is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in its more advanced expression is aPsychology2, 566:is a communication of soul to soul, using the mind later as a formulator of the communication, asPsychology2, 566:their minds the information coming from another mind. The registration as well as the communicationPsychology2, 568:mental or soul levels. Bear this definitely in mind. The astral plane is - in time and space and toPsychology2, 572:may not like to follow them. The attitude of mind which will guard the mystic from astral delusionPsychology2, 572:of the one work and the many methods which the Mind of God has devised for reaching the masses. ThePsychology2, 573:and illustrates dramatically the state of mind and describes the assured nature of thePsychology2, 579:living and modern world conditions. But the mind nature has reached a stage of protectivePsychology2, 579:attitude of the man who is beginning to use his mind. The moment the "I-consciousness" becomesPsychology2, 580:into the background [580] in order that the mind principle may assert its control and the life ofPsychology2, 581:be a psychic race. Their goal is bringing the mind nature into prominence. This could not takePsychology2, 582:of the lower powers. In this sense "the mind is the slayer of the real", but only of the relativelyPsychology2, 582:of consciousness by the unfoldment of the mind. It is this needed transition period in the case ofPsychology2, 585:from the highest expression of the concrete mind, and from the Aryan consciousness, which is mentalPsychology2, 587:time [587] to Their disciples. You must bear in mind that the problem before the Hierarchy at thatPsychology2, 591:is more deep seated owing to the fact that the mind is more involved. Definite work with thePsychology2, 596:to gain control of the emotional nature and the mind; they learn to purify the body and toPsychology2, 598:kind and dependent upon the development of the mind nature more than upon the solar plexusPsychology2, 602:life) swings into a frankly agnostic state of mind, there comes a restoration of balance and a morePsychology2, 603:reality. He has only one idea in his head. His mind is not active, for his brain has become thePsychology2, 603:and thus destroys the thread which holds his mind and brain in friendship close." This burningPsychology2, 604:plane of daily living; he will then bring his mind to bear upon the problem; he will then discoverPsychology2, 604:his emotional life directed to another and his mind preoccupied elsewhere) and with hisPsychology2, 605:consciousness that the balancing work of the mind and the presentation of the Plan in the place ofPsychology2, 607:[607] which results in the illumination of the mind and a definite influx of power. ThesePsychology2, 608:of the energy of power (coming from the mind in its will aspect or from the soul through the willPsychology2, 614:with the ray expression. This should be borne in mind by the psychologist, the investigator and thePsychology2, 622:one-pointed attitude, the fanatical state of mind, the sacrifice of the personal life to the sensedPsychology2, 634:resources are under consideration. The bourgeois mind is today slowly and steadily permeating thePsychology2, 636:for selfish ends. They play upon the human mind as a musician plays upon his instrument, and thePsychology2, 643:world religion. They represent an attitude of mind. The members of the New Group of World ServersPsychology2, 656:the Custodians of the Plan, as They express the mind and purpose of God, and the intelligentPsychology2, 669:developed. At present, such is the distress of mind, so great is the economic suffering, and soPsychology2, 673:will call for the cooperation of many types of mind and many trained executives. The men of goodPsychology2, 700:useful for students to have these analogies in mind, for they can often arrive at release from thePsychology2, 708:and may remain submerged in the realm of the mind and of sensitivity or they may work out asPsychology2, 710:functioning on a higher plane - that of the mind. These are the brilliant people, normal in most ofPsychology2, 711:words, as they come fresh from my heart, my mind and lips, rests a duty of doing three things,Psychology2, 721:the new forces is there, and the effect upon the mind and brain is real and lasting. One of theRays, 4:energy. In this connection it should be borne in mind that when spiritual energy and materialRays, 4:be consummated. It should also be borne in mind that these three are nevertheless a manifestationRays, 6:follow this. The development of the faculty of mind control, so that the Thinker grips and holdsRays, 6:the mental processes and learns to regard the mind as the interpreter of the states ofRays, 15:(and then merely theoretically) if you bear in mind that all our planes - even the very highest -Rays, 19:For Disciples and Initiates: Within the fire of mind, focused within the head's clear light, letRays, 27:of Rule I. Rule I Within the fire of mind, focused within the head's clear light, let the groupRays, 27:its group significance. Within the fire of the mind, focused within the head's clear light, let theRays, 27:antahkarana as it contacts the manas or lower mind and is thus the agent of the purpose of theRays, 29:for one of two things: Either the fire of the mind, burning up those things in the lower nature ofRays, 30:and focuses through the personal will (as the mind can grasp and realize it) it destroys as by fireRays, 31:and "if you will only remember that you have a mind," we say to the children of the race and toRays, 32:is a point which should be carefully borne in mind, both as regards the disciple's own reactionsRays, 33:of the activity of the lower or concrete mind, of the lower personal self, and the subordination ofRays, 34:in the beginning and frequently questions in his mind the difference between the progress orRays, 38:"great light." It must be remembered that the mind is the organ of illumination. Therefore it mightRays, 43:about by the aid of the soul and of the lower mind and through the revealing power of the clearRays, 44:significances mean little to the initiate mind. Let me briefly consider them so that clarity ofRays, 48:and as far as possible in detail bearing in mind that initiation deals with factors in latentRays, 50:is brought into contact with the higher abstract mind; this latter is the interpreting agent forRays, 52:I refer here also to the development of mind or of the mental form. The personality as a whole,Rays, 57:and purpose in the final stages. Bear in mind that the analogy holds true all the way through. ARays, 57:and love, between the intelligent will and the mind, between plan and purpose. In so doing heRays, 59:understanding of this must slowly seep into the mind and consciousness of each disciple as thatRays, 59:mind and consciousness of each disciple as that mind becomes irradiated by soul light in theRays, 63:the ability - through the medium of the higher mind, which is the lowest aspect of the SpiritualRays, 66:of the planetary Logos. The directing mind of the initiate indicates within the three worlds theRays, 75:effect. Students would do well to bear in mind that the impact of energies upon forms producesRays, 78:are hovering on the horizon of the human mind. The ground is being prepared for the sowing of this
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