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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Rays, 694:(by means of His enlightened will and not His mind) which of the seven Paths He will decide toRays, 695:the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana, to his mind and brain. This brings to the forefront ofRays, 700:fourth level of the cosmic physical plane) the mind nature - even that of the higher mind or theRays, 700:plane) the mind nature - even that of the higher mind or the level of abstract thought - loses itsRays, 700:illumined by the loving purpose of the divine Mind - to mention some of the names of this fourthRays, 703:the higher initiations. You have to bear in mind that each initiation enables the initiate to "seeRays, 705:body or an astral consciousness, and that the mind is only a service instrument. The body in whichRays, 706:of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind. Rays, 708:and without their synthesis in the disciple's mind or in one of the three [709] higher centers,Rays, 711:energies begin to make an impact upon his lower mind. They are: The impulsive energy of ideas,Rays, 711:energy of ideas, coming to him from the abstract mind and travelling along the antahkarana; theseRays, 711:these make contact with his now illumined lower mind which, at this point, transforms them intoRays, 711:The better trained and the more controlled the mind, the easier it will be to handle this type ofRays, 711:we use to describe a direct contact with the Mind of God at some relatively high level ofRays, 711:the soul-infused personality is to give to the mind (already receptive to the energy of ideas) someRays, 712:it sweeps through the medium of contact into the mind of the soul-infused personality, and fromRays, 712:the intuition or pure reason, and the abstract mind. It is in the Ashrams of the Masters that theRays, 713:Just as the disciple has to learn to use the mind in two ways: As a common sense, a resolver ofRays, 718:convey practical and useful concepts to the mind, and yet - at the same time - their true meaningRays, 720:of the [720] Threshold. Have this carefully in mind. Much earlier in this treatise (page 361) IRays, 721:I would have you bear these relationships in mind, but I would have you also remember that at thisRays, 721:Major Initiations It is of interest to have in mind also that at this sixth initiation a greatRays, 731:aspiration. Then, through right use of the mind, comes the "death" of the personality or, rather,Rays, 734:with the Christ, is one of Them. Bear in mind that these extra-planetary Avatars have not arrivedRays, 758:which shall not be revealed. When we invoke the Mind of God and say: "Let light stream forth intoRays, 759:doubts and questionings - straight to the Mind and the Heart of the One in Whom we live and moveRays, 761:One, to attain the spiritual essence before the mind absorbs. Not thus is wisdom sought. Only heRays, 761:Not thus is wisdom sought. Only he who has the mind in leash, and sees the world as in a mirror canRays, 761:winter's night. That point of light may call to mind the tiny candle in some attic drear, but - asRays, 761:the warm light of some blazing lamp comes to the mind of the wanderer by the way. Pass on, ORays, 763:still the restless strivings, of lower mind, and with ear intent hark to the sounds that rise toReappearance, 13:called in The Old Testament) Who "knows His own Mind, radiates the highest quality of love andReappearance, 24:capacity of a human being to keep pace with the mind of Christ and to know what He intends us toReappearance, 25:comprehensive divine Idea (as it existed in the mind of the Father) [26] dawned upon His soul - notReappearance, 26:Father) [26] dawned upon His soul - not on His mind, for the revelation was far greater than that.Reappearance, 26:time being, neither the energy of the creative mind nor the energy of love were left to Him. He wasReappearance, 29:will, His all-inclusive love and His intelligent mind. This affirmation has made all thingsReappearance, 31:as follows: From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds ofReappearance, 50:body, emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens are those who today (unknown to theReappearance, 58:will see Him, every ear will hear Him and every mind will pass judgment upon Him. We can freely aidReappearance, 59:surely that the ancient truism that "the mind is the slayer of the real" may be fundamentally trueReappearance, 67:disciples share. Their task is to develop "the mind that is in Christ" and as they do so, they willReappearance, 70:perception of the intention of the divine Mind, as it is embodied in that Identity to Whom we giveReappearance, 83:sensitive to His impression and of His focused Mind, He becomes what is technically known as theReappearance, 88:religion) - Intelligence or the Universal Mind, Love and Will - will be consciously developed inReappearance, 91:action is necessarily dependent upon the type of mind of the man who responds to the forces ofReappearance, 92:restoration are related to and emanate from the Mind of God and are connected with the intelligentReappearance, 93:Christ and the Buddha combined the Way of the Mind and the Way of the Heart in Their perfection,Reappearance, 101:of His knowledge and His thought, called His mind or mental body. These, the legend says, will beReappearance, 101:injunction given in The New Testament, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ." (Phil.,Reappearance, 103:teachers should be presenting to the public mind. The first such Teacher is of such ancient dateReappearance, 108:do our best to understand and prepare the human mind for the reception of what He has to give. Reappearance, 119:Under the Law of Rebirth, man slowly develops mind, then mind begins to control the feeling,Reappearance, 119:Law of Rebirth, man slowly develops mind, then mind begins to control the feeling, emotionalReappearance, 123:source of revelation; it can only be when the mind and the will-to-good are closely fused andReappearance, 124:before the judgment seat of humanity's critical mind; the word has gone forth almost unanimouslyReappearance, 128:instrument or responsive apparatus, the mind is enabled to become the transmitter of higher valuesReappearance, 128:unable to contact or to register; neither the mind, nor its recording agent, the brain, were ableReappearance, 128:development. When the searchlight of the mind is penetrating slowly into hitherto unrecognizedReappearance, 128:into hitherto unrecognized aspects of the divine mind, when the magnetic qualities of the heart areReappearance, 130:can use the discriminating faculty of the mind - the great discloser of error and the eventualReappearance, 130:and the eventual revealer of truth. Once that "mind is in us which is also in Christ" (Phil., II,Reappearance, 131:aspects of world glamor: the illusions which the mind creates, the glamor of the emotional plane ofReappearance, 131:not with the wordy arguments of an analytical mind; from that field of threefold experience He wentReappearance, 140:the enquirer and they do not satisfy [140] his mind nor do they meet his practical need in a mostReappearance, 141:and the wrong orientation of the human mind, of the emphasis upon material things which ages ofReappearance, 149:that our present ideas of God, as the Universal Mind, as Love and as Will may be enriched by someReappearance, 149:new when first sequentially presented to the mind or consciousness of man. For some years now theReappearance, 165:plus the development of that state of mind which will base itself upon belief in the veracity ofReappearance, 183:of the thoughts of men so that the racial mind is controlled and brought into that meditative andReappearance, 188:One thing it is most necessary to have in mind. It is not for us to set the date for the appearingSouldone the great service of bringing a critical mind to bear upon Eastern thought, a mind ready toSoula critical mind to bear upon Eastern thought, a mind ready to recognize that Eastern, preciselySoul, 10:parallelism of what he called body and mind in the life of the Absolute and in the life of thoseSoul, 11:to speak, of our personality, presents the body-mind relation not only in a way unexpectedly richSoul, 12:It will come as a surprise to the Western mind, but with the surprise will, I think, be mingled aSoul, 14:of adjustment; it reduces thought to things and 'mind' to 'matter,' and issues in the disguisedSoul, 14:love to reduce things to thought, and matter to mind; it starts with the 'entelechy' of AristotleSoul, 17:and test. Voicing what should be the attitude of mind for students in all fields of humanSoul, 17:Sceptical Essays, p. 157. The best type of mind to cope with this scientific situation today isSoul, 17:many can the one Truth be known. Only the small mind, the little man, is atheistical, dogmatic,Soul, 17:This searching, enquiring, scientific type of mind and of investigation is especially appropriateSoul, 21:a discipline laying bare the general traits of mind, where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal ofSoul, 21:laying bare the general traits of mind, where mind is defined as 'the sumtotal of human experienceSoul, 23:into the discard - along [23] with 'mind' and 'memory.' Human behavior then will be on a scientificSoul, 23:or philosophic or religious speculation. 'Mind' will give way to personality, 'consciousness' inSoul, 24:different, on a different level, call it mind, spirit, consciousness, what you will. Thought is notSoul, 29:mechanism? Cannot matter reach upwards towards mind and Soul and Spirit - call it what you will -Soul, 31:makes on others, but especially because a fresh mind, unhampered with scientific data, frequentlySoul, 36:can result in a failure of development of the mind and body of an individual." - Cobb, I. G., M.D.,Soul, 37:arrangement of the ductless glands, so does the mind receive its quota from the same source." -Soul, 39:interdependence. Dr. Berman tells us, "The body mind is a perfect corporation. Of this corporationSoul, 39:the directors... Behind the body, and behind the mind is this board of governors." - Berman, Louis,Soul, 45:By intellectuality we mean the capacity of the mind to control its environment by concepts andSoul, 52:in the general outline? Who can say? But to my mind the answer lies in two questions or groups ofSoul, 56:to recognize once and fully that to the Western mind it must be presented as an hypothesis, to beSoul, 58:physical body, his emotional mechanism and his mind-body, and consequently functions on threeSoul, 63:the intellectual: it acts as the agency of the mind in a human being and of the Universal Mind in aSoul, 63:the mind in a human being and of the Universal Mind in a solar [64] system, and it is interestingSoul, 67:as a world of 'matter' it may end as a world of 'mind,' or 'spirit.' With this object it works in
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