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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDED

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Astrology, 27:along astrological lines who will be open-minded enough to recognize possible hypotheses and thenAstrology, 27:those of the Earth. I am looking for these fair-minded astrologers to make due experiment with theAstrology, 235:of the best views of all the spiritually minded teachers in both hemispheres, embodying theAstrology, 235:intelligent activity of the judicial and legal-minded men of the world, the search for a balancedAstrology, 235:behind so much of its expression), the narrow-minded Christian inheritance of a "guilt [236]Astrology, 236:result of the united activity of the spiritually minded consciousness, the judicial attitude, theAstrology, 585:effect upon the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. ItAtom, 31:investigations and conclusions of the broader-minded scientists. [32] You will remember that lastAutobiography, 1:learn much by discovering how a theologically minded Bible student could come to the firmAutobiography, 1:became a proven fact to an exceedingly narrow-minded Christian. I glory in the name of ChristianAutobiography, 18:and gave up being an orthodox, theologically minded Christian, she wrote me that she could notAutobiography, 50:I [50] could help if the person was open minded and willing to listen but most people just want toAutobiography, 81:his mind. I had many [81] arguments with liberal minded soldiers and officers but adhered withAutobiography, 85:I was left with a small handful of religiously minded soldiers (irreverently called "BibleAutobiography, 252:disaster, death and agony, many spiritually minded people were anxious to stay aloof from theBethlehem, 117:written," He says, and the unthinking and small-minded regard this as endorsing the verbalBethlehem, 203:are boundaries across which the average right-minded citizen does not step. When he does, he joinsBethlehem, 251:does not find much response from the healthy-minded. The value of all these doctrines consists inBethlehem, 273:is not composed of orthodox theologically minded people. Its citizenship is wider than that, andDestiny, 9:sections. This is the dream of the inclusively-minded few, for which many regard humanity as yetDestiny, 35:regarded as lost. When the Jew and the narrow-minded religious devotees recognize their identityDestiny, 48:if the world disciples and the spiritually-minded people measure up to their opportunity. TodayDestiny, 61:unselfishness of a mystically and spiritually minded people, and all this in a most pronounced andDestiny, 77:prove interesting to the detached and open-minded student. [78] Aries - with its rulers, Mars,Destiny, 111:throughout the world who were spiritually minded, because he expressed for them the highest goalDestiny, 146:cases comprehension is not easy to the smaller minded person. But, they all carry the pitcherDiscipleship1, 155:from the clinging hands of well-meaning but weak-minded aspirants. Then, around the star which isDiscipleship1, 663:one. Your experience in group work, your open-minded attitude to other people, and the fact thatDiscipleship1, 706:swell the tide of criticism which the worldly minded pour out upon them. As to attempting to reachDiscipleship1, 784:disaster, death and agony, many spiritually minded people were anxious to stay aloof from theDiscipleship2, 137:the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen, and even today by the man in theDiscipleship2, 150:scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the men of [151] goodwill. A far widerDiscipleship2, 165:twenty-third Psalm has been to the spiritually minded Jew. I would like to indicate to you threeDiscipleship2, 176:which will condition the thinking of spiritually-minded people for many decades. The Stage of FixedDiscipleship2, 225:men, and this must be true of all spiritually-minded people, of all true esotericists and of theDiscipleship2, 352:moving forward of an entire group of spiritually-minded disciples and initiates into new areas ofEducation, 63:The masses today are becoming politically-minded, and this is viewed by the Masters as a great stepEducation, 63:as a great step forward. When the spiritually-minded people of the world include this relativelyEducation, 102:influence of the many conscientious, spiritually-minded and highly evolved teachers who have - downEducation, 102:the production of a selfish, materialistically-minded person whose major objective has beenExternalisation, 6:the hallucinated mystics and the feeble-minded dabblers in esotericism at the door of their ownExternalisation, 13:is beyond computation when they are single-minded, unselfish, pure and dedicated to service. But inExternalisation, 32:which should not be overlooked. The spiritually minded people of the world are negative to theExternalisation, 53:held office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact thatExternalisation, 62:in the hands of those who are purely selfishly minded. So many aspirants have not learnt to giveExternalisation, 140:years, it lay in the hands of the spiritually minded men of the world, in the hands of the ChurchesExternalisation, 143:and each of you is in touch with similarly minded or enquiring people, with groups and churches,Externalisation, 179:world. All true and good people are pacifically minded and all hate war. This is a fact which theExternalisation, 187:Axis powers just in so far as the spiritually minded peoples of the world can collaborate, forExternalisation, 211:about through the aspiration of all right-minded people, plus the intelligent and constant use ofExternalisation, 215:strongholds of aggression and by the neutrally minded people everywhere. They are all colored byExternalisation, 216:Every nation has also within it those neutrally-minded people who fail to think clearly, who seekExternalisation, 216:today and are in conflict. The neutrally-minded group is definitely hindering the work of theExternalisation, 217:know what they are doing and why. The neutrally-minded waver between the two and, to date, doExternalisation, 222:Presence is sensed at times by the spiritually-minded people of the world, and Their reality isExternalisation, 222:to bring peace on earth. Others, more orientally minded, await the appearance of an Avatar Who willExternalisation, 230:is little that I can say to the provincially minded or to those with the purely parochial point ofExternalisation, 233:argument of importance to you. Are the peace-minded people of the world going to reap the benefitsExternalisation, 234:the Hierarchy works and which the spiritually minded people of the world envisage even whilst theyExternalisation, 235:Germany is set to prevent. Yet many neutrally minded and pacifist people are unwilling to pay anyExternalisation, 236:tell you that humanity is everywhere spiritually minded and that the new race, the comingExternalisation, 236:Behind them again stand the spiritually minded peoples in every nation, and behind them all standsExternalisation, 246:his own life. The great error of the neutrally minded and of the pacifist is his refusal toExternalisation, 263:and only the grasp of the spiritually minded people of the world and their steadfastness inExternalisation, 273:event can be brought about by the spiritually minded people in the world, by the men and women ofExternalisation, 281:intelligent people, impressing the spiritually minded, and in stimulating humanity to right actionExternalisation, 288:in the life of mankind if every spiritually minded person can bring himself to the needed point ofExternalisation, 325:crisis could be shortened if the spiritually minded people lived up to their inner belief andExternalisation, 340:has demonstrated this. When, the spiritually-minded people of the world, the men and women ofExternalisation, 346:effect upon the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. ItExternalisation, 350:response to the focused will of the spiritually minded people of the world, the aspirants,Externalisation, 369:politicians, lecturers and the spiritually minded men everywhere; this is testified to by theExternalisation, 390:can mount to His ears? And will the spiritually minded people and the workers for humanity makeExternalisation, 392:the visioners of a future world. The spiritually minded people whom we call the world aspirants.Externalisation, 396:of goodwill, by the religious and spiritually minded people everywhere and by the world aspirantsExternalisation, 396:as it affects humanity. The work of spiritually minded men is to evoke that will-to-good on earthExternalisation, 416:is related to the Hierarchy by its spiritually minded people. The realization that the starryExternalisation, 417:the spread of this teaching. Others are open-minded enough to investigate whether the teaching isExternalisation, 417:and the belittling comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. What the orthodox theologianExternalisation, 418:masses of the people, trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working in theExternalisation, 449:the world - much to the irritation of the little-minded and of those who interpret freedom in termsExternalisation, 460:a world emergency. Those partisan and nationally minded persons who will attempt to exploit theExternalisation, 465:this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people everywhere, the enlightenedExternalisation, 474:efforts. They made appeal to the spiritually minded people of the world; Their appeal reachedExternalisation, 474:men and women of goodwill and the spiritually minded people could not appreciate the true nature ofExternalisation, 475:the lower classes, her exaltation of a Fascist-minded aristocracy and her hatred of the Jews. TheExternalisation, 477:in man) is frequently misleading, and the simple-minded are apt to forget that the Christ said, "HeExternalisation, 477:has also been handicapped by the commercially minded in all nations, particularly in the neutralExternalisation, 484:and (where possible) through the spiritually minded people in the churches and humanitarian andExternalisation, 490:scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the men of goodwill. A far wider publicExternalisation, 544:those of the other world faiths, and spiritually minded people are likewise preparing. Therefore,Externalisation, 544:that their out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief thatExternalisation, 573:will unify all faiths. Groups of spiritually-minded financiers who are conscious members of anExternalisation, 592:thinking of millions of simple and spiritually-minded people down the centuries which have elapsedExternalisation, 617:in it enough effective workers and spiritually-minded people to change the atmosphere of ourExternalisation, 619:inertia of the average aspirant or spiritually-minded man. The lack of money for the work ofExternalisation, 619:1. The Inertia of the Average Spiritually-Minded Man The average aspirant, man of goodwill, orExternalisation, 624:recognizing the existence of a small spiritually-minded minority) the money is deflected into theExternalisation, 628:if they will. There are millions of spiritually-minded men and women in every country who, whenExternalisation, 629:His work; the needed trusts and the spiritually-minded trustees would then automatically appear.
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