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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDED

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Fire, xiv:and a suggestive explanation. To the open-minded student and the man who keeps the recollection inGlamour, 75:and not by our demand upon life. The spiritually minded man and the man who has set his feet uponGlamour, 112:glamor behind, when there will be few Atlantean minded people on the planet, and when there will beHealing, 2:When they do succeed in being entirely open minded and are ready to accept the new theories andHealing, 68:as hypothetical possibilities by the open-minded among them, a long period of time must elapseHealing, 69:The best reaction which the most open-minded physician can (I say can and not will) produce orHealing, 78:many hints which will serve to guide the open minded investigator in the right direction. BeforeHealing, 118:already been made along this line by spiritually minded psychologists and educators. The system ofHealing, 220:trained medical man (particularly with the open-minded endocrinologist), will eventually succeed inHealing, 241:complaints which plague humanity. The open-minded investigator, however, who starts with anHealing, 389:that when working with those who are spiritually-minded and those whose lives have for a long timeHealing, 402:or the Buddha or Shri Krishna by their narrow-minded and mentally limited theologians. The basicHealing, 482:Modern medicine must become far more open-minded, more ready to endorse (after due professionalHealing, 601:The time when any nice, kindly and spiritually minded person sets up as a healer should beHercules, 118:that a villain in this sense is merely a narrow-minded, rather uncouth fellow, a dweller in a smallInitiation, viii:average man adheres to the path of duty and high-minded attention to the business in hand, he willInitiation, 1:of the writer act as a deterrent to the open-minded consideration of the message to which her nameIntellect, 121:case, you will have the idiot or the feeble-minded; in the second, you will have the intelligentIntellect, 124:it will be hypothesis only to the materially-minded, for the conclusions reached and the realm ofMagic, 6:will respond to this book. They are: Those open minded investigators who are willing to accept itsMagic, 15:mind is trained and developed, focused, and open-minded can they be recognized, later understood,Magic, 17:is unproven and regarded by even the more open-minded of the academicians as a possible hypothesis,Magic, 180:but humanity is urged to be ready and open-minded and prepared for this development. Later willMagic, 583:into those of the practical, though mystically minded, occultists. This is an intensely practicalProblems, 9:appreciation of the problem) or by spiritually minded groups and individuals. The work to be doneProblems, 12:relation to the mass of men, are internationally minded and preoccupied with the welfare ofProblems, 25:or commercial efficiency, as many materially-minded people think. The reason lies in a deeplyProblems, 25:by a dominant aristocracy and a politically-minded church. The United States of America has no suchProblems, 31:hard indeed. Yet there are enough spiritually minded people in the world today to change worldProblems, 84:the times to the vision seen by the spiritually minded and by those who love their fellowmen. [85] Problems, 102:given equal opportunity as citizens in all open-minded [103] countries. Their contribution to theProblems, 125:minority (in this case the spiritually-minded few) who guard the true vision and finally bring itProblems, 139:be implemented and developed by the spiritually minded in all churches, whose minds are open to theProblems, 139:be hindered by the fundamentalists, the narrow-minded and the theologians in all the worldProblems, 140:They will not be accepted by the narrow-minded Christian or believer of any faith. The day isProblems, 145:and the belittling comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. Men are moving out from underProblems, 154:eliminate out of the churches those materially minded and narrow doctrinaires who keep the churchProblems, 159:people, everywhere trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working in the churchesProblems, 168:regimes run by the corrupt, the totalitarian-minded, the grafters and those who love place andProblems, 168:men can be found in the fact that spiritually minded men and women have not assumed - as [169]Problems, 169:relations. This, in the eyes of the spiritually minded and of the enlightened worker for humanity,Psychology1, 94:Is it not possible that the mechanically minded and scientific investigators are right in theirPsychology1, 94:and the form nature, and that the spiritually minded thinkers who posit an immortal entity are alsoPsychology1, 186:work proves effective. Should the spiritually minded and intellectually constituted people of thePsychology1, 201:capacity to grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of handling men and measures. Vices ofPsychology1, 275:answer to their questions. They ask the worldly minded for a solution and for help, and get noPsychology1, 276:They may perhaps turn to the religiously minded people and seek out the orthodox churchman. TheyPsychology1, 304:that that which normally and by all right-minded people is regarded as wrong must be right becausePsychology2, 100:and to an orientation of the materially-minded towards material possessions. There is, secondly,Psychology2, 377:crisis is. If the man concerned is materially minded, selfishly ambitious and unloving, thePsychology2, 418:the unevolved masses or the materialistically minded citizens of the world.) He is firmlyPsychology2, 419:labeling of a person as "weak-willed" or "weak-minded" has in reality nothing to do with the will,Psychology2, 467:of undue emphasis, of wrong focus, of narrow minded belief, and idée fixe. We become obsessed withPsychology2, 495:they also include the ability of the spiritually-minded aspirant in the world today to touch thePsychology2, 501:gratification to the longing of the spiritually-minded aspirant to see the Master, the Christ orPsychology2, 563:close study of the above will bring to the open-minded student two major points which he would doPsychology2, 588:for the introspective life. If he is materially minded, let him fulfil his commercial, business orPsychology2, 632:the goal which all true knowers and spiritually minded men down the ages have set themselves - toPsychology2, 634:- intelligent, diligent, enquiring, narrow-minded, essentially religious, though frequentlyPsychology2, 714:implicated and for those among men who are minded to serve in cooperative. activity: 1. ThePsychology2, 714:understood. The recognition by the spiritually minded that today is the day of opportunity. [715]Psychology2, 744:and fundamentalist groups and the liberal minded people who react to the newer spiritual impressionRays, 35:had to gather around him a group of like-minded people or [36] personalities. On the upper arc ofRays, 70:all that it is possible for average materially-minded man to grasp of the present will of ShamballaRays, 109:the steadfast consecration of the spiritually minded to the task of developing the will-to-good onRays, 253:in it. I have given enough, could the open-minded astrologer but realize, to establish the comingRays, 617:relations, plus the work of all the spiritually-minded people in all nations and of all faiths. AllRays, 754:and has no true message for the spiritually-minded which cannot be better given by the newerReappearance, 22:this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people, the enlightened statesmen, theReappearance, 32:and the 23rd Psalm has been to the spiritually minded Jew. There are three approaches to this greatReappearance, 33:esotericists, aspirants and spiritually minded people will have a deeper and more understandingReappearance, 36:thinking of millions of simple and spiritually minded people down the centuries which have elapsedReappearance, 86:as the disciples and the definitely spiritually-minded people of the world are concerned, plus theReappearance, 114:this are easily to be [114] seen by spiritually minded people. Such people are constantly sayingReappearance, 139:to truth? There is, however, a spiritual, open-minded minority. Why do the young people refuse toReappearance, 141:so cherished by the ecclesiastically minded? How [142] can the starving children of the world - andReappearance, 151:the [151] task ahead of the spiritually minded people of the world today is to prepare humanity forReappearance, 152:people, everywhere, trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working in the churchesReappearance, 161:which can be made factual. As the spiritually-minded man faces both these inner and outerReappearance, 166:inertia of the average Christian or spiritually-minded man in every country - Eastern or Western.Reappearance, 166:Christ 1. The Inertia of the Average Spiritually-Minded Man The average spiritually-minded person,Reappearance, 166:Spiritually-Minded Man The average spiritually-minded person, man of goodwill, or disciple isReappearance, 173:time recognizing the existence of a spiritually-minded minority) the money is deflected into theReappearance, 177:if they will. There are millions of spiritually-minded men and women in every country who, whenReappearance, 178:for His work; the needed trusts and spiritually-minded trustees would then automatically appear.Reappearance, 187:salvage has sounded forth, and today spiritually-minded men everywhere and disciples of the ChristReappearance, 188:of disciples, mystics, aspirants, spiritually-minded people and enlightened men and women, the crySoul, 69:regarded as a fact in nature by many practical minded Occidental investigators. Telepathy, 48:under the invocative appeal of the more concrete-minded until it finally precipitates itself intoTelepathy, 53:lower self which characterizes the spiritually minded people and the aspirants, and theTelepathy, 196:the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen, by industrialists and business
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