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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDS

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Invocation:the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth. From theAstrology, 9:comprehension of the most advanced and illumined minds on our planet. The next point for each ofAstrology, 62:definite ideas clearly formulated in your minds. I have hinted at them in some of my earlier booksAstrology, 62:somewhat. I would have you carry them in your minds as you read and study. I have frequentlyAstrology, 105:world cycle. We are told that the incarnating Minds, human beings, the solar Angels, cameAstrology, 110:will begin to emerge more clearly in your minds. At present, the readjustment of your ideas leadsAstrology, 111:"Heart of the Sun." I would here recall to your minds the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom as givenAstrology, 112:number of perfection. There is confusion in the minds of some of the less learned studentsAstrology, 149:to interpret for us, through our own illumined minds, the significance of events and to relate theAstrology, 204:Sons of God Whose names are pre-eminent in the minds of men - Hercules, the Buddha and the Christ -Astrology, 233:whereas in the next great cycle it will be the minds of men which will do the deciding. Today, theAstrology, 235:be astrologically determined. Through the legal minds and through right legislation, sex will beAstrology, 254:the possible confusion already existing in your minds but which lies behind all that I have givenAstrology, 273:astrology will emerge more clearly in your minds if you can understand this fourfold activity ofAstrology, 317:sense of duality was becoming present in the minds of the advanced humanity of the period) that theAstrology, 347:intended to lay the ground and to prepare your minds for the later section upon triangles; thisAstrology, 356:that she has been erroneously connected in the minds of men with sex and the sex life and with theAstrology, 384:Zodiacal Constellations Venus connotes in our minds, even if we have only a glimmer of occultAstrology, 384:These are the major concepts which enter our minds when Venus and Taurus are considered in unison.Astrology, 411:it here as I seek to have it definitely in your minds as we go forward [412] with our new studies.Astrology, 424:One illustration of this normally emerges in our minds if it be remembered that in this world cycleAstrology, 442:normal question which is liable to arise in the minds of thinking students and aspirants today. OfAstrology, 478:In the meantime, I have sought to awaken in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lyingAstrology, 516:bridge of light between the higher and the lower minds, between the Spiritual Triad and theAstrology, 541:in today's situation are becoming clearer in the minds of the masses of the people; they can andAstrology, 558:above Wholes, will know whereof I speak; lesser minds will get a general picture or vision ofAstrology, 561:is only just beginning to appear in the foremost minds of the race. It can be illustrated, and thenAstrology, 588:contact - a contact made by certain selfish minds of a relatively high quality, aided by the BlackAstrology, 588:world thinkers and intuitives who will use their minds and brains in the affirmation of right. ItAstrology, 589:described; an idea portrayed. Then, as the minds of men ponder upon it and the intuitives of theAstrology, 629:rays. You must, with care, distinguish in your minds between matter or the Mother and substance orAstrology, 686:is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequentAtom, 6:further advantage was found in the fixing in the minds of the hearers of certain of these basicAtom, 13:and material? Such queries pass through all our minds at various times, and have passed through theAtom, 13:at various times, and have passed through the minds of thinkers right down through the centuries.Atom, 14:which it is not possible for us, with our finite minds, to glimpse, [15] still less to understand.Atom, 31:which we may find helpful in adjusting our minds to this great problem of matter. Usually when theAtom, 37:and substance, we can separate them in our minds thus: When we speak about energy and substance weAtom, 55:to touch), and the idea then brought to our minds is the triple thought that that which isAtom, 127:dislike, as it conveys no real meaning to our minds) or the plane of the emotional nature, on whichAutobiography, 7:discover your own." What is going on in people's minds and hearts and what is happening in theAutobiography, 65:had a title on it. Little things please little minds and my mind was very little at that time -Autobiography, 167:technique, but I very soon found, as our minds got attuned, that this was unnecessary and that if IAutobiography, 173:of the E.S. and the more democratic minds in the T.S. was steadily widening. In America Mr.Autobiography, 187:as any reflection on them. They all had fine minds and have proved to be highly intelligentAutobiography, 213:There has been a great deal of confusion in the minds of the general public between esotericism andAutobiography, 256:the "society of organized and illumined minds" - illumined by love and understanding, by deepAutobiography, 257:them, that they are intelligent and have trained minds and that they have also magnetic and radiantAutobiography, 275:occultism, and has properly disturbed the best minds in the spiritual field. In the schools nowAutobiography, 277:as coming from the world of thought and from the minds of other men, and that which comes from theAutobiography, 283:too, are looking for people who can use their minds or who show at least a willingness to developAutobiography, 294:His disciples and for the task of preparing the minds of men for His coming. It is essential thatBethlehem, 4:the brotherhood of man is endorsed by the best minds of the race. Those who can move in the worldBethlehem, 15:are being struck at the world illusion, and the minds of humanity are arriving, en masse, at anBethlehem, 20:light is slowly pouring into men's hearts and minds, and in this lighted radiance they will visionBethlehem, 64:in the night of time. They have existed in men's minds and thoughts and writings for thousands ofBethlehem, 72:The life of God is today agitating the minds of men and causing them to move towards the birthBethlehem, 74:meaning of it all penetrate into our hearts and minds, and let the reason of the pain drive us toBethlehem, 74:and most constructive kind of optimism in the minds of those who ponder upon world suffering andBethlehem, 91:among men) are becoming the keynote of the best minds of the age. The story of ideas, how they comeBethlehem, 141:time, a "personality," and begins to sway other minds. He exercises a definite influence upon otherBethlehem, 158:of this initiation will reveal themselves to the minds of men. Then will come a deeper expressionBethlehem, 158:generations, probably for ages, in intuitional minds, long before it becomes articulate."Bethlehem, 159:Probably the growing recognition in men's minds that He is both immanent and transcendent is true,Bethlehem, 165:Christ now encountered becomes clear in our minds. It was again a threefold test, as was that afterBethlehem, 170:the life of Christ and travel with Him in our minds from one initiation to another? We can aim atBethlehem, 196:and infallibly right) are distorted. Men's minds and preconceived notions color them. The ideaBethlehem, 213:the alleviation of pain and disappointment in minds that cannot understand the inner dream; and forBethlehem, 214:manner, with the personal significance in our minds. But these words of Christ are of too greatBethlehem, 218:the first three initiations, and recalls to our minds the synthesis revealed in Himself and theBethlehem, 225:of His sacrifice beginning to dawn upon the minds of those whose intuition is awakened. He cameBethlehem, 227:find impossible to accept, and some of the best minds of the age have repudiated the idea.Bethlehem, 232:the fact of His resurrection was credited in the minds of His friends and for the two or threeBethlehem, 238:is becoming a theme of major importance in men's minds. The thought of the Resurrection is comingBethlehem, 239:yet, though it constitutes a basic belief in the minds of millions, and where such a belief isBethlehem, 239:desire to have our own ideas endorsed by other minds. The words of Dr. [240] Streeter have here aBethlehem, 243:illusion of form; and this brings clearly to our minds the realization that when we speak of deathBethlehem, 263:the impact of the force of the kingdom upon the minds of the more advanced people of the world. TheBethlehem, 263:world of reality with the outer life. The best minds of the age are now appreciating this, and onBethlehem, 269:the ideas which they seek to impress upon the minds of men find their way into circulation throughBethlehem, 269:their way into circulation through the attuned minds of the disciples of the world. This isDestiny, 22:impact upon your emotional bodies (not your minds) after these divine impulses have filteredDestiny, 30:will conform to the subjective pattern in the minds of the illumined people of the world and toDestiny, 36:or are thinking as directed by the powerful minds everywhere to be found and which are seeking toDestiny, 37:to think with clarity for themselves and their minds are consequently plastic and receptive to theDestiny, 41:which have hitherto never been revealed to the minds of men or sensed by them in their highestDestiny, 41:to you that the little conclusions of the little minds are some of the most dangerous factors todayDestiny, 45:two points will emerge with clarity in your minds in relation to the initial and immediate activityDestiny, 46:New Age concepts are playing upon the sensitive minds of the race and preparing humanity for aDestiny, 60:the way of enlightened rule by the illumined minds of the age. This development is certain andDestiny, 69:make certain definite information emerge in your minds as vitally explanatory. Capricorn, forDestiny, 107:have, as a consequence: Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light ofDestiny, 108:of the plans of these two groups of illumined minds proceeds steadily under the differing laws ofDestiny, 124:will engage the attention of some of the best minds and when that takes place much will be learnt.Destiny, 142:upon the mental plane; there it influences the minds of disciples everywhere and lays the stage forDestiny, 152:wonder of the Aquarian Age. The vision in men's minds today is that of the Aquarian Age, even ifDiscipleship1, 4:- Part I I have felt that a linking up of your minds in connection with the work of the Buddha andDiscipleship1, 6:is the work, at long range, of reading your minds, of seeing your light, and of vitalizing yourDiscipleship1, 20:so today, they are being subordinated to the minds and the ambitions of men and the results will beDiscipleship1, 23:fused and blended into groups of serving Minds, and energized by one Life. Its Members are
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