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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDS

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Discipleship2, 282:to impression. I am seeking here to divorce your minds from the idée fixe that the initiate worksDiscipleship2, 304:their significance, I can at least build in your minds the concept of these formulas. They areDiscipleship2, 314:the Old Commentary: "When light illuminates the minds of men and stirs [315] the secret lightDiscipleship2, 315:much nearer. The illumination of men's minds will rapidly follow. The process of lifting theDiscipleship2, 358:his techniques, use new ideas upon receptive minds, and thus keep pace with the rapidly developingDiscipleship2, 361:and carefully thought-out program), both in the minds of the disciples in the Ashram who areDiscipleship2, 413:of requirements was consequently raised. The minds of men met this new challenge, and theDiscipleship2, 423:realization. Keep this thought ever in your minds as you seek to learn the significance of anDiscipleship2, 430:I would ask you ever to have this in your minds; I would ask you to seek for the different and notDiscipleship2, 466:are today sending love to you and many, many minds are thinking of you with thoughts of gratitude,Discipleship2, 491:the Mind of God Let Light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth," andDiscipleship2, 580:by the complexities which the concrete minds of my disciples [581] wrought around it, by theirDiscipleship2, 581:editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and were received with simplicity everywhere;Discipleship2, 652:it is a sphere of focused awareness where the minds, the love, the aspiration and the spiritualDiscipleship2, 685:their mental bodies and discover that they had minds which could be used, and thus be prepared forDiscipleship2, 725:to what end? There was in them nothing new. The minds and some of the best minds in every countryDiscipleship2, 725:them nothing new. The minds and some of the best minds in every country in the world areDiscipleship2, 727:be better done and in other ways and by better minds than yours. Your equipment was not adequate.Discipleship2, 742:are required to make a definite impact upon the minds of those around you. You play around withEducation, 9:finding those teachers who work as souls and as minds. [10] Every child should be studied in threeEducation, 25:major functions of those who train the infant minds of the race will be to determine, as early asEducation, 33:convey some general idea of the process to your minds. We can learn much through the use of theEducation, 35:will make their impact telepathically upon the minds of men. 4. The new education will organize andEducation, 52:to clarify the process of unfoldment in your minds and make the entire theme (from the racialEducation, 96:At present meditation is associated in the minds of men with religious matters. But that relatesEducation, 99:are necessarily colored by the caliber of the minds which are formulating them; they are inevitablyEducation, 104:of being selfish and material, and because the minds of men are as yet practically untrained andEducation, 110:lay before you, leaving them to ferment in your minds, thus bringing to you either rejection orEducation, 110:this line of thought so that my work with your minds may be facilitated and the group building ofEducation, 114:broad and general thesis therefore be in your minds as we study man's developing power ofEducation, 115:the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being madeEducation, 116:an urgent intellect; they will be people whose minds are so subordinated to the group good, and soEducation, 116:free from all sense of separateness, that their minds present no impediment to the contact with theEducation, 116:be men of goodwill, of high mental caliber, with minds well stocked and equipped; they will be freeEducation, 126:In spite of the rationalization of men's minds, this Hierarchy exists and extends from the atom ofExternalisation, 4:who are attuned to and synchronized with Their Minds, and secondly, it should be remembered thatExternalisation, 10:and which is the cause of concern to the best minds in all the movements which foster Mediumship. AExternalisation, 19:own psychic development. Let them train their minds with a normal measure of study and learn toExternalisation, 19:and learn to think intelligently, so that their minds can balance their emotions and enable them toExternalisation, 21:two thoughts which I seek to impress upon your minds are, first, the re-establishing of this closerExternalisation, 27:is to be desired and such is their intent in our minds, but - at the present stage which is that ofExternalisation, 28:a school of thought, thus working through the minds of a chosen few, and through them eventuallyExternalisation, 29:spite of the fact that he has molded human [29] minds - either through acquiescence in his theoriesExternalisation, 31:This may re-establish their importance in your minds and enable you to carry forward your work withExternalisation, 43:flatter themselves and work not with their minds at all. They have much mental theory and astralExternalisation, 52:[52] 2. Government by an oligarchy of illumined minds, recognized as such by the massed thinkers,Externalisation, 64:influence leading people and speak to their minds so that they may be impressed with the need whichExternalisation, 71:synthesis - stand [71] out with clarity in your minds. It gives the clue to all that is happeningExternalisation, 73:dark places of the earth (which means into the minds of men), then you must yourselves see clearlyExternalisation, 78:together on mental levels, they must clear their minds of prejudice, hatreds and any tendency toExternalisation, 78:reactions to them, but very few of you have your minds clear from prejudice and free from hatred.Externalisation, 78:also possible for the rest of you to detach your minds from undue influence and wrong ideas. I askExternalisation, 96:Small groups which correspond to the illumined minds of the individuals - intuitional and acting asExternalisation, 97:points of illumination, and so to the "illumined minds," referred to above. Here is the picture ofExternalisation, 99:(which are stimulating in their effects upon the minds which are receptive) and the presentation ofExternalisation, 103:inspiration from the Hierarchy, via the focused minds of group members who are definitely enExternalisation, 105:can ceaselessly make its impact felt upon the minds of men and produce finally the needed goodExternalisation, 113:to answer the question which is uppermost in the minds of the unthinking, occult students today:Externalisation, 117:the true picture may emerge in your hearts and minds with greater clarity. In my effort to makeExternalisation, 122:of human understanding, knowledge or effort. The minds of men were undeveloped and not adequate toExternalisation, 138:and it is this which I seek to impress upon your minds. Up to date and in spite of appearances, theExternalisation, 141:in it hate or bias of the wrong kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clear of allExternalisation, 141:also, kill out all hateful criticism in your minds. 3. Endeavor to use the following formula orExternalisation, 148:There is no authoritative control over the minds of men assumed or cultivated by the Hierarchy; allExternalisation, 151:to love and understanding in human hearts and minds as the result of the invocation of the ChristExternalisation, 161:Their major effect is the illumination of the minds of men with love and light. This precipitatesExternalisation, 162:of May will assume increasing importance in your minds. It is the festival at which three factorsExternalisation, 173:into war, hate and cruelty. The fusion of many minds into one directed activity is today of supremeExternalisation, 178:the issue was abundantly clear in the minds of those who were in touch with human affairs;Externalisation, 180:all spiritual teaching, and the control of men's minds and liberties. War is always evil, but itExternalisation, 204:of intelligent people and understanding minds in every nation. The first preliminary is for the menExternalisation, 215:value to you to get this picture clearly in your minds, and I would like again to define them. TheExternalisation, 224:a gap or hiatus upon the mental plane, for the minds of men are not functioning correctly. TheExternalisation, 232:clamor of battle settle, to stimulate in men's minds the vision of a new world order whereinExternalisation, 242:which is rapidly taking form, first in the minds of men, and then in experiments. There is a tie ofExternalisation, 251:of the Christ. Men's theological, analytical minds have distorted God's revelation, and I wouldExternalisation, 263:through the rigidity and finiteness of little minds. The release of great impersonal forces is everExternalisation, 270:be through the massed intent of the many focused minds. The Rider on the white horse can be reachedExternalisation, 270:the masses of people. Are there enough focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the twoExternalisation, 271:secret place. Stimulate and integrate into the minds of certain advanced disciples a number of newExternalisation, 271:then assume a new and potent significance in the minds of all men. They are the three words whichExternalisation, 273:for such is the mental intention of the focused minds of many. I would ask you to give much thoughtExternalisation, 274:advanced spiritual thinkers of the world whose minds are rightly focused. The Rider on the whiteExternalisation, 276:spread of the "saving force" to take hold of our minds and to control from that directing center,Externalisation, 279:of people, by the ultra-conservative and closed minds, and by those who cling with adamantineExternalisation, 301:vision, potent resolve, directed will and open minds, plus of course, essential purity of form.Externalisation, 302:as humanity is able to grasp through its best minds and most dedicated aspirants; They will clarifyExternalisation, 311:of their vision. When they have clarified their minds and see the situation whole, they can thenExternalisation, 326:in other writings) has evoked resentment in the minds of those who believe that the Forces of LightExternalisation, 326:- aided by you - did nothing to influence the minds of men, the forces of materialism and of evilExternalisation, 328:are actively molding public opinion; [328] free minds in all countries, or their representatives inExternalisation, 330:potency can be built which will influence the minds of men. 5. Keep in touch with people in allExternalisation, 332:Work October 1941 Certain questions arise in the minds of all disciples anent the general positionExternalisation, 335:of the work is not over-emphasized in your minds to the exclusion of others, for that will produceExternalisation, 336:I will touch upon for the clarification of your minds. The daily meditation, both personal and inExternalisation, 337:to face the future with strength, to free your minds from all vestiges of doubt, and to know (inExternalisation, 348:the coming Avatar will take His place in the minds and thoughts of the peoples of the world. HisExternalisation, 348:a channel open for the light to irradiate men's minds by piercing annually through light substanceExternalisation, 348:the impress of the Will of God upon the minds of men, through the medium of the Hierarchy. ThisExternalisation, 351:have a definite effect subconsciously upon the minds of the new group of world servers and upon the
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