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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDS

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Intellect, 29:If it leaves its students with closed and static minds, it has left them without the equipment toIntellect, 35:thoughts and words have set their mark upon the minds of men for thousands of years. What has madeIntellect, 36:thinkers number tens of thousands of the best minds of the race. They say to us in the words ofIntellect, 42:the needed teaching for the unfoldment in the minds of men of the God-Idea, and so led humanityIntellect, 45:save the world, two things are needed: - trained minds with wide general knowledge as a foundationIntellect, 66:knowledge. Much confusion exists in the minds of many on this distinction and Bianco of Siena wasIntellect, 80:and to investigate, which characterizes all minds at a high or a low level, will give place toIntellect, 102:mind registers impressions emanating from other minds, and the thoughts of men (both ancient andIntellect, 103:or originate really intelligent thoughts? Their minds respond to that which is conveyed to themIntellect, 116:from the Heart of God. Is it possible for human minds to reach any further than the love and willIntellect, 122:whose consciousness is illuminated and whose minds record that which is hidden to the majority.Intellect, 123:of the senses, by the emotions and by other minds. This intense activity of the mind-stuff has toIntellect, 124:is possible. The way is led by the intuition of minds of a more than average instinctiveIntellect, 128:sciences which engage the attention of our best minds, and through meditation, as practiced by aIntellect, 147:We have, in the West, noted also that the finest minds we have, through an intense interest andIntellect, 154:whose door stands ever open to those individual minds which can be sufficiently quieted andIntellect, 159:communication and a sensitiveness to other minds which have achieved an ability to function on soulIntellect, 164:The agent may work through the medium of many minds, for the world [165] of the soul is the worldIntellect, 165:with the Universal Mind, but also with all minds through which that Divine Purpose we call God mayIntellect, 183:itself to be one with God. With this idea in our minds and with an understanding of the part thatIntellect, 206:in something else. We refuse to permit our minds to range the world at will, or to be swung intoIntellect, 239:for those who have trained and highly developed minds, and fine brains (to act as sensitiveIntellect, 241:soul realm seeps little by little into the dense minds of men, and to it can be traced all theIntellect, 251:this mass of literature which is flooding the minds of the public at this time? First, I should sayMagic, 16:and far between. They [16] are the outstanding minds of the ages. But now they are many andMagic, 16:now they are many and increasingly found. The minds of the race are in process of training and manyMagic, 28:and the sharp differentiation existing in the minds of many people between body and spirit, betweenMagic, 29:world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the world of thought. Yet, the questions,Magic, 31:the first lessons we need to learn is that our minds, being as yet unresponsive to the hiddenMagic, 32:presses forward. There are many types of minds, and it is not to be expected that the informationMagic, 54:thoughtfully, to attempt to organize their minds and adhere to their meditation work. TheMagic, 55:is something different; I seek to interest the minds and brains (and therefore the lower self) ofMagic, 67:of their knowledge from the intrusion of other minds. Aspirants must learn to inhibit certainMagic, 85:those whose personality is coordinated and whose minds are gradually being brought under control.Magic, 121:into an era wherein men will function as minds; when intelligence will be stronger than desire, andMagic, 127:and detached from the creative work of our minds, desires and physical accomplishment. Magic, 129:of strong heart, fervent devotion and trained minds, and that I am a disciple, as are all from theMagic, 131:thought or aggregation of thoughts cast into the minds of the so-called idealists by the GreatMagic, 131:a man or a group of men and cast into their minds some idea. There it germinates and is embodied byMagic, 140:strive to have these two activities in their minds as they use the Word in their meditation. ThisMagic, 141:embodied forms are sent forth to contact the minds of the disciples who are responsible in theMagic, 141:universal thought as is desirable) so that other minds may contact it. Thus are groups gathered,Magic, 142:made." When therefore we read those words our minds go back to the dawn of the creative processMagic, 143:form which will embody the idea we have in our minds. Then too will our words carry no discord, butMagic, 158:meditation and their inability to control their minds, whereas both those aspects of their endeavorMagic, 166:they would be well advised to train their minds, study the [167] laws governing manifestation, andMagic, 169:Light. There is much misapprehension in people's minds as to how a Master lets an accepted discipleMagic, 177:knowledge, and therefore employ their concrete minds at the task of stating this knowledge in termsMagic, 182:experimentally by those with acute trained minds, a high rate of vibration, and bodies built of theMagic, 185:and when he is molding and acting upon the minds and hearts of other men. Until that is the case itMagic, 193:unbalanced idealists, and of those warped minds which arrogate to themselves powers which are notMagic, 259:by Those who are seeking helpers. People whose minds are clouded or whose inability to hold theMagic, 266:producing those thought-forms which mould the minds of men, and embody in themselves that aspect ofMagic, 280:the blue prints as they have been carried in the minds of the architects (the Elder Brothers) who -Magic, 302:needed approach to this subject can rest in the minds of the students who read this and perhaps asMagic, 352:the facts learnt, and, in the play of other minds, the aspirant's own vibration becomes keyed up toMagic, 391:dogmatic assertions in terms of men's concrete minds are inadvisable) many will find it possible toMagic, 402:as large a scale as possible, and refresh Their minds with the vision. To note what influences orMagic, 403:by even initiates. [403] The Masters found the minds and brains of chelas curiously insensitive toMagic, 405:of feeling but also that of the intellect. The minds of men must be made widely and generallyMagic, 405:of the members of the Hierarchy to train the minds of men more rapidly and to build towards a moreMagic, 413:thought makes its impact upon matter and lesser minds seize upon the particular type of energy orMagic, 450:and the sharp differentiation existing in the minds of many people between body and spirit, betweenMagic, 450:world - demand the consideration of the ablest minds in the world of thought. Yet the questions -Magic, 459:man work on the physical plane. Their minds are constantly in touch with the archetypal minds, whoMagic, 459:are constantly in touch with the archetypal minds, who are the custodians of the formulas, and TheyMagic, 459:work with those so chosen, impressing upon their minds that eternal triplicity of idea-quality-formMagic, 459:Thus the "idea" presented is seized upon by many minds and the formula aspect of the great work hasMagic, 460:light of the intuition" we have conveyed to our minds that type of energy which embodies theMagic, 461:can be available for this work, provided their minds are open and focused. According to theMagic, 462:with the custodians of the plan and their minds and brains are illumined by the light of theMagic, 487:strong thinkers must not unduly influence other minds, but a gentle stream of [488] wiseMagic, 500:would characterize the passing? That in the minds of those left behind the thought of sorrow willMagic, 500:belief in eternal persistence as an idea in the minds of men lies sure indication. But indicationMagic, 519:men, with potent wills and clear and trained minds, but animated by purely selfish purpose, haveMagic, 589:throughout the world which hold before the minds of men what I might symbolically call "the hope ofMagic, 601:of the last rule for magic. As we cast our minds back over this long series of instructions certainMagic, 602:dishonor to the subject, so much so that, in the minds of the public, the whole matter has fallenMagic, 607:thoughts of men in physical incarnation; to the minds of those who have passed over and who areMagic, 622:universal concepts make their impact upon the minds of the masses, there is a subsequent disasterMagic, 624:but which is separative and the child of their minds and not the child of their souls. Some, inMagic, 630:or conforms to the technique of the group of minds which surrounds them or appeals the most toMagic, 631:are colored by understanding and by love; their minds are characterized by a trained spiritualMagic, 638:sooner students grasp this and put out of their minds any hope of contacting a phenomenalMagic, 638:by awakening interest and enquiry in their minds, and then indicating (not more than that) theMagic, 638:forward. Let all students make up their minds in this day of emergency and of rapid unfoldingMeditation, 110:those differences are summed up in our minds in terms of the emotional body. We think of theMeditation, 141:aim of all evolution. I desire to leave in the minds of those who read these words a justMeditation, 196:healing centers. [196] The clarification of the minds of the congregation in order that they may beMeditation, 299:system which brings the product of many minds into the environment of the very poor, the ability ofPatanjali, 159:of the thinking substance of which our little minds are part; this is the whole manifestation ofPatanjali, 234:meditation, the thought images in the minds of other people become apparent. 20. As, however, thePatanjali, 279:meditation, the thought images in the minds of other people become apparent. It should bePatanjali, 279:substance. The use of this power to read the minds of others is only permitted to the yogi in thosePatanjali, 402:the potent cause of all differentiated lesser minds and lives. This must ever be realized. ThreePatanjali, 403:see, because some of the modifications of their minds are analogous to ours and their reactions andPatanjali, 404:in process of creation and for them some mind or minds are responsible. It becomes then a questionPatanjali, 404:profit to study it, for in the approach of many minds to a problem, its magnitude can bePatanjali, 404:is distinct in consequence of the difference of minds." "The preceding considerations establish, inPatanjali, 404:are similar they are not presented to different minds in the same light, which shows [405] that
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