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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINDS

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Patanjali, 407:unit - is part of that total. The many minds, from the mind of the atom (recognized by science) toPatanjali, 411:of reasoning is not an easy one for western minds to grasp. In the six schools of Hindu philosophyProblems, 8:nation and which is potently conditioning the minds of all their peoples today. It is here that ourProblems, 17:spirit) can outstrip the researchings of lesser minds; that clear perception and ability to conveyProblems, 24:The World War has been presented by the finest minds and the idealists among the Allied Nations asProblems, 27:to be avoided. It is a danger of which the best minds are deeply aware. Like all young people,Problems, 33:any chosen sphere of human enterprise. The best minds and the clearest thinkers in the educationalProblems, 40:many questions which immediately arise in our minds. How can we lay the foundation for a long rangeProblems, 88:of all this; it exists as yet only in the minds of an enlightened few in every nation, but it isProblems, 112:no possible excuse. It remains a mystery in the minds of other enlightened nations why theProblems, 114:would remain the same, for the hearts and minds of men would not have been altered and the solutionProblems, 115:Certain questions inevitably arise in the minds of the men of goodwill everywhere: Can the GreatProblems, 116:to demonstrate as such, not only in the minds of a few people here and there but on a large [117]Problems, 117:and for God (whatever they mean in their own minds by that term) to take action, thus relievingProblems, 120:will have to seek for the dark area in their own minds where a wall of separativeness exists andProblems, 126:ideas they find through the filter of their own minds and brains and in the process inevitablyProblems, 126:- has produced a flock of outstanding minds who have sought (usually quite sincerely) to understandProblems, 127:or the Buddha or Shri Krishna. The little minds of men at their past and present stages ofProblems, 128:V - The Problem of the Churches Today men's minds are recognizing the dawn of freedom; they areProblems, 138:But the opportunity is controlled by reactionary minds. The movements towards the reorganization ofProblems, 139:by the spiritually minded in all churches, whose minds are open to the new inspirations of God'sProblems, 152:human relations, is becoming clearer in our minds. We are also visioning a new and vital worldProblems, 159:as practiced by those who have trained their minds through right meditation, who know the potencyProblems, 160:to another have found their way into the minds of men. Worship also has played its part and hasProblems, 163:understanding and the inflow of light into the minds of men everywhere. This Festival is determinedProblems, 165:be intelligently presented on earth because the minds of men would have been illumined as theProblems, 166:the Mind of God Let love stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth. From theProblems, 178:the same questions which are agitating the minds of men everywhere: How can order be restored? HowPsychology1, xix:pointing out that by thinking this book into the minds of the public, by expressing before yourPsychology1, xxv:sentient response to conditions which exist, by minds which are developing but are not fullyPsychology1, 11:to ideas hitherto unrecognized. If a group of minds can be so drawn together and fused into anPsychology1, 12:in and the new knowledge will enter into the minds of humanity. This can be practicallyPsychology1, 40:days no thought of purpose entered into the minds of men, for the race was not mental nor was itPsychology1, 95:as the Hindus call it, to which their own minds are related and of which their mental bodies are anPsychology1, 95:awareness of their own controlled and illumined minds, they [96] will find themselves initiatedPsychology1, 97:will come along so many lines that all types of minds will be satisfied. I shall indicate only aPsychology1, 98:a collective hallucination, and the brains and minds of thousands [99] of people are untrue andPsychology1, 99:and the subnormal, of warped and distorted minds and of defective equipments, has beenPsychology1, 105:before long, engross the attention of our finest minds. The newer psychology will eventuallyPsychology1, 105:is due to the work He does in stimulating the minds of the leaders of movements. He works with themPsychology1, 119:If there is one thing that has emerged into the minds of investigators, as they have studied man,Psychology1, 172:the Plan fell into three divisions in the minds of its organizers: First, Political The objectivePsychology1, 173:of the tasks which the Society of Organized Minds has ever set itself. Racial hatreds and nationalPsychology1, 175:and cutting deep down, through the trained minds in the government, to the very roots of thePsychology1, 175:sensitive to the great ideas thrown into their minds by the Minds behind the scenes. They respondPsychology1, 175:the great ideas thrown into their minds by the Minds behind the scenes. They respond to the idea ofPsychology1, 177:of a world-faith so clearly defined in the minds of many thousands that its outer structure willPsychology1, 179:the way towards an intelligent solution in the minds of the most conservative, but which will bePsychology1, 180:the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being madePsychology1, 181:an urgent intellect; they will be people whose minds are so subordinated to the group good, and soPsychology1, 181:from all sense of separativeness, that their minds present no impediment to the contact with thePsychology1, 181:men of good will, of high mental caliber, with minds well stocked and equipped; they will be freePsychology1, 190:is not easy to see the Plan as it exists in the minds of the Builders, Who work in the closestPsychology1, 242:truth is different to that which the little minds believe. Psychology1, 266:cyclically and under the directed plan of the Minds (who are embodied by the rays), certain ofPsychology1, 268:difficulty is based on the prejudices in men's minds, and upon their inner assurance that theirPsychology1, 269:found in the widely diverse attitudes of men's minds to the subject. These attitudes range all thePsychology1, 273:view or the moral affirmations of the little minds. What is morality in one country or in onePsychology1, 275:tenure, serve to bewilder [275] the clearest minds. The physical results alone of sexualPsychology1, 276:is divorced from the animal nature and whose minds control their daily acts is the glory ofPsychology1, 278:for that which is unusual and oft abnormal. Weak minds then succumb to the impulse, or strongPsychology1, 284:solving of the sexual problem will release the minds of men from an inhibition and an unduePsychology1, 286:concerned. Rarely indeed is it a marriage of minds as well. Sometimes it is the union of thePsychology1, 289:we shall produce the children of our skill and minds. Where, in other words, there is a true unionPsychology1, 304:of the disciple. There is much confusion in the minds of aspirants on this matter, and thePsychology1, 348:that this thought may be clearly anchored in our minds: Rays one, four and six are at this time outPsychology1, 350:increasing knowledge. Its energy beats upon the minds of men at this time and produces thatPsychology1, 356:plan of the Deity begin to take shape in men's minds. The secondary effects of this development arePsychology1, 358:The sixth ray influence served to attract men's minds towards an ideal, such as that of individualPsychology1, 360:ray influence produced the emergence in men's minds of the following knowledges: Knowledge ofPsychology1, 367:stars decree and which the Hierarchy of guiding Minds consequently foresee. The new executives whoPsychology2, 8:must hold the following statements firmly in our minds. The personality is a triple combination ofPsychology2, 73:of the Plan than we can, refuse to let Their minds dwell on the unprovable, yet possible,Psychology2, 109:of them are in evidence of the multiplicity of minds, and of experiences, but the goal remains.Psychology2, 111:for us - with our active, discriminating minds - to understand its implications and itsPsychology2, 129:Let the "Spirit of Good Will" dominate our minds and there will be no room for the spirit ofPsychology2, 131:endeavor and warrants the attention of the best minds. It should also eventually call forth thePsychology2, 135:to repeat daily, with their whole hearts and minds behind the words, the dedication at thePsychology2, 140:the imposition of the Will of God upon the minds of men. This they do through the powerful impactPsychology2, 140:do through the powerful impact of ideas upon the minds of men, and the emphasis of the governingPsychology2, 140:the new idea and its subsequent grasping by the minds of intelligent humanity. These ideas embodyPsychology2, 146:in the solar system somewhat clearer in our minds. I call you to service, but would remind you thatPsychology2, 161:"repulse" has an unfortunate connotation in many minds, and this revulsion against the word itselfPsychology2, 161:attitudes, words and deeds evoke in our minds all that is unpleasant to contemplate. Yet,Psychology2, 185:primarily through the method of influencing the minds of the adepts and initiates. These latter, inPsychology2, 192:for their specific work the stimulating of the minds of men so that alignment can take place. TheyPsychology2, 193:sequence of statements convey anything to our minds in this connection? It is a statement of factPsychology2, 195:connected with a certain realized impulse in the minds of men, and this is, in its turn, the effectPsychology2, 200:and the other occult - convey but little to most minds, and this we can easily see. Therefore itPsychology2, 206:human family. The souls who think, and who are minds. These are steadily increasing in number andPsychology2, 207:in order, owing to the limitations of men's minds. The above is only a wide generalization, and thePsychology2, 208:in symbolic form for the consideration of the minds of men. Esotericists and theosophists would doPsychology2, 238:and in the misty speculations of their own minds and desires. They are at a standstill, lost in thePsychology2, 239:any hitherto grasped or sensed by the keenest minds on earth. It concerns the vision granted when aPsychology2, 241:which comes down to them through the inspired minds of their Directors at certain stated times, andPsychology2, 316:ourselves. We should seek to eliminate from our minds the more material connotations which pastPsychology2, 319:The thought which should be dominant in our minds today, in order that we may rightly understandPsychology2, 374:if they are the agents of revelation to other minds; he welcomes all dreams if they can act asPsychology2, 381:consciousness from the standpoint of the lesser minds) of the Kingdom of God. It will be seen,Psychology2, 384:two thoughts which we will have in our minds as we study this Technique of Fusion. First, that it
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