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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINE

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Discipleship1, 432:to Disciples - D.H.B. February 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: I would like, first of all, to point out thatDiscipleship1, 433:lesson this life. Be of good cheer, brother of mine. You are needed by us. NOTE: This disciple hasDiscipleship1, 435:source of supply. 5th month - Beauty - Color is mine. I claim it for my own, for color and qualityDiscipleship1, 435:fellows. 6th month - Understanding - Sorrow is mine, but it is the fruitful seed of wisdom. Like aDiscipleship1, 436:to Disciples - P.D.W. November 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: I am giving you only a short instruction thisDiscipleship1, 441:- W.O.I. To W. O. I. August 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: For some few years now you have been definitelyDiscipleship1, 445:to Disciples - W.O.I. March 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I fancy', if you were asked the question, thatDiscipleship1, 448:to Disciples - W.O.I. November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: There is little need for me to say much to youDiscipleship1, 450:to Disciples - W.O.I. June 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: In dealing with you as an integral part of myDiscipleship1, 455:say the following words: "Power and strength is mine." During the interlude, gather in as much ofDiscipleship1, 463:to Disciples - D.I.J. August 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: All severing of links produces severe reactions.Discipleship1, 467:to Disciples - D.I.J. February 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: In these instructions I have given myDiscipleship1, 470:and a myopic point of view. So, brother of mine, release your thoughts from all that limits yourDiscipleship1, 473:to Disciples - L.U.T. March 1933 BROTHER OF MINE: It is not often that one speaks a word ofDiscipleship1, 474:to Disciples - L.U.T. January 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: Certain changes have taken place in your lifeDiscipleship1, 475:understanding. 6th month - That wisdom which is mine, that strength and power belong to all. This IDiscipleship1, 483:in the physical plane of life. To these words of mine pay special attention or you will undertakeDiscipleship1, 484:to Disciples - L.U.T. November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I write to you today to call you specificallyDiscipleship1, 489:to Disciples - L.U.T. January 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: If you will study your last instructions in theDiscipleship1, 502:to Disciples - D.E.I. October 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: I have practically nothing to say to you inDiscipleship1, 502:to Disciples - D.E.I. February 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: In these days of saturated living (and thisDiscipleship1, 505:How else your inclusion in this group of mine? But much hindrance comes through fear. EthericDiscipleship1, 507:to Disciples - C.D.P. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: You are facing up to your crisis and to your finalDiscipleship1, 507:your problem. The reason for his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage of the solutionDiscipleship1, 513:than any other one thing. The fact, brother of mine, that I can thus write to you indicates theDiscipleship1, 515:to Disciples - C.D.P. June 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: There is little that I need to do or can do. UntilDiscipleship1, 527:of all who know you, which, my brother, includes mine, flow through you; permit the courage of yourDiscipleship1, 534:R.L.U. March 1936 It is not my habit, brother of mine, nor is it ever necessary where disciples areDiscipleship1, 538:to Disciples - R.L.U. October 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I have but a simple message for you today, andDiscipleship1, 543:What will you, therefore, do if these words of mine are true? The world emergency is such thatDiscipleship1, 545:and based upon the linking of your soul with mine upon the mental plane. Ponder on this. EachDiscipleship1, 550:to Disciples - K.E.S. January 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: Will you study carefully the visualizationDiscipleship1, 553:to Disciples - O-L.R.D. March 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: In establishing, as I do, a close and moreDiscipleship1, 558:be answered by you for any eye but yours and mine to see. Should you, however, care to answer themDiscipleship1, 558:anyone who they are. It is your own affair, not mine, nor theirs, but yours. I give you now threeDiscipleship1, 567:to Disciples - S.R.D. January 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: One of the things which you have done in thisDiscipleship1, 568:in devotion or dislike. Thoughts, brother of mine, are things; they are creative, creating andDiscipleship1, 572:for at least one year. First, brother of mine, let me readjust your ideas as to yourself. You are aDiscipleship1, 580:to Disciples - H.S.D. July 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: Let us have a talk today upon the difficulties ofDiscipleship1, 588:to Disciples - H.S.D. September 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: I am neither suspending you nor asking forDiscipleship1, 590:to Disciples - H.S.D. December 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: I have not the time to write to you as fullyDiscipleship1, 593:comes into a Master's group (as you came into mine) the inflow of energy is so great that the mindDiscipleship1, 595:I know is your soul's desire and it is also mine for you. I understand and trust you, disciple ofDiscipleship1, 595:for you. I understand and trust you, disciple of mine. I have little time, in these days of worldDiscipleship1, 595:- L.T.S-K. To L. T. S-K. January 1932 BROTHER OF MINE: There is no hurry attached to the work doneDiscipleship1, 614:is already functioning. Then why not, brother of mine, collaborate with what already is? You haveDiscipleship1, 616:that you are prepared for this decision of mine. The reason for it is that I cannot any longerDiscipleship1, 618:right order. Make life very simple, brother of mine. Discipleship1, 621:- B.S.W. To B. S. W. February 1933 BROTHER OF MINE: My word to you is as follows: As a disciple,Discipleship1, 622:I have ever the feeling with you, brother of mine, of your being an ancient comrade, who knowsDiscipleship1, 635:to Disciples - B.S.W. March 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: If you can grasp clearly the implications of whatDiscipleship1, 640:to Disciples - R.S.W. November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: The past six months have been discipliningDiscipleship1, 647:to Disciples - E.E.S. March 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: This instruction is necessarily brief; you haveDiscipleship1, 648:to Disciples - E.E.S. January 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: The coming three years will be those in whichDiscipleship1, 652:to Disciples - R.R.R. April 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: You stand today at a critical moment in yourDiscipleship1, 657:- R.R.R. October 1937 I wonder, brother of mine, if you have ever really grasped the truth that theDiscipleship1, 659:Have I given you a "hard saying," brother of mine? If I have, the reaction to hardness is on yourDiscipleship1, 659:the reaction to hardness is on your side and not mine, I only seek to help you and to release youDiscipleship1, 661:to Disciples - R.R.R. May 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: You may here rightly ask me: In what way do IDiscipleship1, 662:- J.S.P. To J. S. P. September 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I have deferred giving you your personalDiscipleship1, 730:unhinderable (is there such a word, brother of mine?) success of the vision as it is materializedDiscipleship1, 764:The throat center. These details, brother of mine, are of technical interest, are purely academicDiscipleship1, 767:to this at all. For another thing, brother of mine, when the disciple reaches this stage he is noDiscipleship1, 779:books, both ancient or modern. This book of mine, however, is intended to train the modern aspirantDiscipleship2, XIII:clearly, so that your minds may be tuned to mine - as far as that may be practically possible. LetDiscipleship2, 5:with the groups as they existed but, brother of mine, what more could I say, or do or teach them?Discipleship2, 9:Those are essentially your own business and not mine. Discipleship2, 11:the imparted truth lies on your side and not on mine. Second, I must isolate in my ownDiscipleship2, 22:of the Hierarchy. Such, brother of mine, is our appointed task. Out of all that might be said orDiscipleship2, 76:Instructions as outlined. Her own Master (and mine) also requests that she no longer do this work,Discipleship2, 80:Ashram of your own Master and less actively in mine; you must remember, however, that the link isDiscipleship2, 100:my plans, though those plans are not in reality mine, but simply the required cooperation inDiscipleship2, 110:Fix your eyes on human need and your hand in mine (if I may speak thus to you in symbols) and goDiscipleship2, 131:That is his concern, his soul's concern and mine. Many of the hints given and the sentences inDiscipleship2, 134:within the Ashram. [134] Let me now, brother of mine, outline for you the line of thinking whichDiscipleship2, 139:"I strive towards comprehension. Thy will, not mine, be done," All the above section of yourDiscipleship2, 175:ways of God. And thus I stand." This, brother of mine, is the best I can do with words and phrasesDiscipleship2, 187:- Spiritual Inflow I wonder, brother of mine, if you have grasped the momentous significance ofDiscipleship2, 206:can be a united reception. Therefore, brother of mine, a great effort towards alignment is goingDiscipleship2, 220:no defense of war or of fighting, brother of mine. I simply deal with world conditions as theyDiscipleship2, 235:must be found. This is no easy task, brother of mine. Men are frequently so spiritually ambitiousDiscipleship2, 238:activity in unison. The whole point, brother of mine, is that in both connections the incentiveDiscipleship2, 238:the unconscious (and I mean that, brother of mine) agents of the Black Lodge are fighting; theyDiscipleship2, 276:Can you understand this statement, brother of mine? Into that light, that reality and that life theDiscipleship2, 301:has greatly enhanced all your difficulties, and mine also, as I work with you. However, the nextDiscipleship2, 301:the world. Why the working disciples, brother of mine, and not by the Masters? A hint ever evokes aDiscipleship2, 302:significant and useful question. Why, brother of mine, is the plan not imposed? What are theDiscipleship2, 310:and interdependent. It is training, brother of mine, not strictly education. Educational processes,Discipleship2, 317:developed ability. The difference, brother of mine, between the past and the present readiness liesDiscipleship2, 348:anything about it. For instance, brother of mine, when the [349] third eye, the inner eye, and theDiscipleship2, 370:light. You will see therefore, brother of mine, how very abstruse these apparently simpleDiscipleship2, 377:I would ask you to remember, brother of mine, that the star of creation is the six-pointed star andDiscipleship2, 380:IX Part IX You will find it of value, brother of mine, to summarize the mass of information which IDiscipleship2, 389:them for revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to take and to hold - aDiscipleship2, 390:There are two kinds of compromise, brother of mine. There is the compromise in which the balance isDiscipleship2, 395:in time and space." I wonder, brother of mine, if you can realize that a hint is not a hint as longDiscipleship2, 404:of Shamballa. I would, however, brother of mine, call your attention to the fact that Shamballa isDiscipleship2, 410:and by many millions of men. However, brother of mine, there are enough initiates and disciplesDiscipleship2, 416:not say summation [416] of knowledge, brother of mine, for wisdom and knowledge are two veryDiscipleship2, 419:Nor do I to any great extent, brother of mine, being but an initiate of the fifth degree. The
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