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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINERAL

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Psychology1, 44:as yet. Its main potency is to be found in the mineral kingdom, and the key to the mystery of thePsychology1, 45:and to emanatory perfumes which we found in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, we here callPsychology1, 56:as regards vitality and sentiency; and with the mineral kingdom as regards vitality and potentialPsychology1, 121:- 2nd Kingdom - 4th Ray - Harmony and Beauty. Mineral - 1st Kingdom - 7th Ray - Organization andPsychology1, 162:Ray VII - Ceremonial Ritual - 1st kingdom - Mineral. These are their main fields of influence inPsychology1, 163:be clear that each of the kingdoms - elemental, mineral, vegetable, and animal as well as the humanPsychology1, 169:stages of evolution, i.e., in the elemental, mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms; but of coursePsychology1, 197:the other divine attributes as subsidiary. The mineral kingdom has the quality of activityPsychology1, 197:quality, or the static inert nature of the mineral world, and the quality of radioactivity, ofPsychology1, 197:divinely perfected expression. The goal for all mineral atomic forms is this radioactive condition,Psychology1, 197:the entering into a state of liberation, for all mineral appearances, and the organizing of allPsychology1, 200:of the life, the expression upon earth (the mineral kingdom) of the devotion and sex life of thePsychology1, 213:may be enumerated under the following terms: The Mineral Kingdom. - VII The Vegetable Kingdom. - VIPsychology1, 216:we are concerned: No. Kingdom Ray Expression 1. Mineral VII. Ceremonial OrganizationPsychology1, 217:the entire planet. You will note also that the mineral kingdom and the kingdom [218] of solar livesPsychology1, 218:is the most powerful, whilst in the case of the mineral kingdom, the organization aspect is of thePsychology1, 219:our planetary life, organized into the varying mineral forms. These mineral forms, in their turn,Psychology1, 219:organized into the varying mineral forms. These mineral forms, in their turn, hold latent thosePsychology1, 219:the earth. - In the building process it is the mineral content from the two latter sources that isPsychology1, 219:of all forms is produced by the fabric of mineral products which is gradually built upon thePsychology1, 219:sun, the water and the vegetable kingdom. The mineral content required for the skeleton structurePsychology1, 219:vegetable kingdom instead of out of that of the mineral kingdom. Each kingdom offers sacrifice toPsychology1, 220:Lungs The heart center. The throat center. The mineral kingdom Generative organs The sacral center.Psychology1, 221:seen as having the following relations: [221] 1. Mineral kingdom base of spine Adrenals. 2.Psychology1, 221:training, it will suffice to say that the mineral kingdom is a result of the "ritual of rhythm," asPsychology1, 221:factors determine the structures found in the mineral kingdom: The seventh great impulse, or thePsychology1, 221:and Their efforts are seen to perfection in the mineral world. This will not, however, be realizedPsychology1, 222:as follows: Kingdom Process Secret Objective 1. Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation. 2.Psychology1, 223:- II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature 1. The Mineral Kingdom Influence: The seventh ray ofPsychology1, 224:They are the substance out of which all the mineral forms are made. But we are dealing with thePsychology1, 224:forms are made. But we are dealing with the mineral forms as they manifest in the concrete world.Psychology1, 224:that exoteric science has posited regarding the mineral kingdom can, for ordinary uses, be acceptedPsychology1, 224:and they are: The consciousness aspect of the mineral world. The transmutation of forms by fire inPsychology1, 224:example of the effect of the initiation of the mineral by fire can be seen in the great transitionPsychology1, 224:stages in the evolutionary processes in the mineral kingdom must be borne in mind, and thesePsychology1, 224:These stages are the correspondences in the mineral kingdom to the stages of animal consciousness,Psychology1, 225:show the three stages of the life cycle of every mineral leading from the static mineral stage,Psychology1, 225:cycle of every mineral leading from the static mineral stage, such as carbon, through that of thePsychology1, 225:basic premises can be laid down: That the many mineral substances fall naturally into seven mainPsychology1, 225:groups. These are the correspondences, in the mineral evolution, to the seven initiations of man.Psychology1, 225:activity. This intensification leaves the entire mineral kingdom, as a whole, more radioactive thanPsychology1, 226:its activity. In this way the radiation of the mineral world steadily increases as the cycles comePsychology1, 226:ray) will have, not only upon the surrounding mineral world but on the vegetable kingdom (which hasPsychology1, 226:vegetable kingdom (which has its roots in the mineral kingdom), and upon men and animals in lesserPsychology1, 226:to recognize their own ray vibration in the mineral kingdom. Psychology1, 226:basic and necessary. The processes found in the mineral kingdom are profoundly geometrical. ThePsychology1, 226:mind and brain of the average aspirant?), the mineral kingdom marks the point of uniquePsychology1, 226:idea." Esoterically speaking, we have, in the mineral world, the divine [227] Plan hidden in thePsychology1, 227:When the day comes when the history of the mineral kingdom can be grasped by the illumined seer, hePsychology1, 227:is peculiarly potent, and its effect upon the mineral kingdom is consequently dynamically felt. IfPsychology1, 227:plane, working through the seventh ray. So the mineral kingdom came into being as this majorPsychology1, 228:by the forms in the other material kingdoms. The mineral kingdom is therefore the most concretePsychology1, 228:From the standpoint of external matter, the mineral kingdom marks the densest expression of thePsychology1, 228:and are regarded as the "true form," so the mineral kingdom is the fundamental kingdom in the threePsychology1, 229:succeeded in bringing about the divisions of the mineral kingdom into three parts: the baserPsychology1, 230:some correspondences between the [230] mineral kingdom and the human evolutionary cycles might herePsychology1, 230:their work can be seen paralleling that in the mineral kingdom. The mineral kingdom is governedPsychology1, 230:paralleling that in the mineral kingdom. The mineral kingdom is governed astrologically by Taurus,Psychology1, 232:of the consciousness and the activity of the mineral kingdom, for it is so far removed from ourPsychology1, 233:Magnetic radiation. The blending of the mineral and vegetable goals. The perfume of perfection. ThePsychology1, 234:this kingdom with greater pliability than in the mineral kingdom, where the process of condensationPsychology1, 235:It is as we grasp the radiatory potency of the mineral kingdom that we can begin to investigate thePsychology1, 235:the clue to the relation existing between the mineral and the human kingdoms. In other words, byPsychology1, 235:words, by the conscious control of the static mineral nature, as it expresses itself in man, comesPsychology1, 236:for consideration: The gross nature - the mineral kingdom. The elemental form - the vegetablePsychology1, 236:than the simply human, become clear: The body - mineral kingdom the dense prison of life. ThePsychology1, 238:symbolically the ancient name or sign: The mineral kingdom - The secret of the brilliance of thePsychology1, 239:of the initiate, are as follows: The mineral secret - A diamond, blue white in color. The vegetablePsychology1, 240:ray inaugurated a tremendous event in the mineral kingdom. This I referred to in an earlier book.Psychology1, 240:book. Through the effect of sound and fire, the mineral kingdom has also been initiated, and in thePsychology1, 243:subrace, ray two will begin to influence the mineral kingdom. In the next root race, ray five willPsychology1, 245:relations in this cycle are as follows: The mineral kingdom - Pluto and Vulcan. The vegetablePsychology1, 246:note. Before the first initiation, the static mineral world within him has been broken up. At thePsychology1, 247:is beginning to make its presence felt in the mineral kingdom, and hence man's work with, andPsychology1, 253:the sun. It is practically non-existent in the mineral kingdom. Divisions: First, the higherPsychology1, 257:has been happening with great rapidity in the mineral kingdom and in the vegetable kingdom. It isPsychology1, 267:uses of man and of animals. Man's work with the mineral kingdom is to work alchemically andPsychology1, 336:kind of attraction in matter, that of the mineral kingdom. Dense as it is, and heavy as is thatPsychology1, 369:work done by scientists in connection with the mineral world. As we have seen in an earlier part ofPsychology1, 369:have seen in an earlier part of this book, the mineral kingdom is governed by the seventh ray, andPsychology1, 369:matter. The seventh ray expresses itself in the mineral kingdom through the production ofPsychology1, 372:between the first kingdom in nature, the mineral kingdom, and the final kingdom, the solar kingdom,Psychology1, 373:His seal upon all form life, particularly in the mineral world. This the Masonic Fraternity hasPsychology1, 373:world cathedrals, which embody the glory of the mineral world and are the sign of the work of thePsychology1, 373:organization of the universe. Of this the mineral kingdom (with which the work is done, and throughPsychology1, 412:A. A. B. The Numerical Influence of the Rays The Mineral Kingdom Rays 7 and 1. The VegetablePsychology1, 412:and 7. The Expression of the Ray Influences The Mineral Kingdom Ray 7 - Radiation. Ray 1 - Power.Psychology1, 413:Ritual. Some Sets of Correspondences I. Mineral Gonads. Sacral Center. Base of Spine. VegetablePsychology1, 413:Brain. Vocal Organs. The two Head Centers. II. Mineral Base of Spine Adrenals. Vegetable HeartPsychology1, 413:Head Center Pineal. III. Process Secret Purpose Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation.Psychology1, 413:Realization. Some Notes on the Four Kingdoms The Mineral Kingdom is divided into three mainPsychology1, 414:the four kingdoms: The 7th ray controls the mineral kingdom. The 6th ray controls the vegetablePsychology1, 414:(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 1043, 1044.) The mineral kingdom is responsive to the lowest typePsychology1, 414:1072.) The period of radiation is longest in the mineral kingdom and shortest in the human kingdom.Psychology1, 414:(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1075.) The mineral kingdom provides that negative yet vitalPsychology1, 415:- Physical body - Physical permanent atom - Mineral. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1134) EachPsychology1, 422:Vegetable. Ray VII Ceremonial Ritual 1st kingdom Mineral. These are their main fields of influencePsychology1, 422:the Rays Kingdoms No. Kingdom Ray Expression 1. Mineral 7. Ceremonial Organization. 1. Will orPsychology1, 423:Magic. Universal Mind. Synthetic Ritual. The Mineral Kingdom Influence: The seventh Ray ofPsychology1, 424:Magnetic radiation. The blending of the mineral and vegetable goals. The perfume of perfection. The
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