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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINERALS

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Astrology, 386:of material selfishness. Hence the great use of minerals (iron, copper, etc.) in the World War II.Atom, 102:we should find, should we do so, that even minerals show symptoms of awareness, of reaction toBethlehem, 121:other kingdoms of nature; animals, plants and minerals suffer from disease as do human beings, andExternalisation, 197:that there is enough food, fuel, oil and minerals in the world to meet the need of the entireFire, 477:formulas whereby the devas transmute the various minerals. Transmutation concerns the life of theFire, 486:and all atoms of chemistry, and in all true minerals. Reduce the formulas of the coming chemistsFire, 495:metals, such as lead and iron, with all allied minerals. The standard metals, such as gold andFire, 640:alchemists of the past) will work with minerals and with the lives embodied in all mineral forms.Fire, 641:cycles, and to construct the metals and the minerals. It is also concerned with the tending of theFire, 645:The use of animal food (and the use of minerals as medicine in a lesser degree) has produced aFire, 716:the mineral kingdom it affected certain of the minerals and elements, and the radioactiveFire, 931:the differing elements, metals, chemicals, and minerals, and with what are called active andFire, 945:the frame, through the right apportioning of the minerals and chemicals. A hint in connection withFire, 1141:records, for in them men and angels, minerals and elements, animals and vegetables, kingdoms andFire, 1170:lower kingdom. It governs the radioactivity of minerals, the radiations of the vegetable kingdomHealing, 636:in all forms in all the kingdoms of nature. Minerals are subject to disease and decay; even theInitiation, 32:mineral kingdom, for instance, certain of the minerals or elements received an added stimulation,Initiation, 32:animal kingdoms, just as the radioactivity of minerals is the method of bridging the gulf betweenMagic, 34:been selected and given to the elements, and the minerals, the forms of vegetable life and speciesProblems, 175:in every nation know well exactly what food, minerals, oil and other necessities are available forPsychology1, 205:would be by the use of drugs made of herbs or minerals belonging to the same ray as the patientPsychology1, 219:of the etheric body which attracts to itself the minerals needed for this skeleton form. The animalPsychology1, 224:constitution and geometrical formation of the minerals do not come under our subject matter. ThisPsychology1, 228:solution all the forces and those chemicals and minerals which are needed by the forms in the otherPsychology1, 240:into articles for the use of man, the world of minerals, and the entity which informs that world,Psychology1, 247:building forces that transmute the assimilated minerals, the absorbed moisture, the food in thePsychology2, 95:various kingdoms. The essential qualities of the minerals and chemicals of the earth are anPsychology2, 567:is turned towards the world of tangible things - minerals, possessions and other material objects,
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