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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINIATURE

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Autobiography, 20:or the circumstance! I used to own a very large miniature case in silver which my father was in theAutobiography, 188:its original principles. This committee was in miniature a tiny replica of the major world cleavageDiscipleship1, 24:as a whole. Can you not see, therefore, how a miniature replica of the Brotherhood can beDiscipleship1, 731:initiates, thus representing (in each Ashram) a miniature of the planetary government. These stepDiscipleship2, 110:upon the Ashram to which you are affiliated as a miniature Hierarchy and model your efforts uponFire, 85:the form falls apart. This is a picture in miniature of the essential duality of all things actedFire, 228:or unit of the divine Self, an exact replica in miniature on the lowest plane of the great Son ofFire, 228:who is in Himself the totality of all the miniature sons, of all the individualized Selves, and ofFire, 228:terms or from the subjective point of view, is a miniature sun distinguished by the qualities ofFire, 262:The microcosm reproduces the solar system in miniature. The above deals with the objective forms,Fire, 395:and of the atom-process - a world in miniature. Whether 'World-process' or 'atom-process' - dependsFire, 804:activity along a particular line. He does, on a miniature scale, repeat the procedure of the LogosFire, 1089:The Monad has cycles analogous, though on a miniature scale, to those of the one Life Who permeatesFire, 1159:The supreme head center. It is, therefore, a miniature picture of the whole evolution of spirit andFire, 1166:the Microcosm. The seeds of the Lotus contain in miniature the perfect plant. It is the product ofHealing, 140:other. Every human being is, in reality, like a miniature whirlpool in that great ocean of Being inHealing, 140:cannot be over-estimated. It is a replica in miniature of the septenary constitution of theHealing, 607:and because it occultly gives a picture in miniature or microcosmically of the universal orInitiation, 20:which we call Solar. Our Hierarchy is a miniature replica of the greater synthesis of thoseInitiation, 65:as a complex, complete unit, a replica in miniature of the outer world. In learning the laws of hisMagic, 251:and the thought-forms imprinted on this miniature reflection of the astral light, then the realMeditation, 175:forces can play. It is a replica on a tiny miniature scale of what the third Logos did in worldMeditation, 315:each other, and in the school will form a miniature hierarchy, showing on the physical plane a tinyPatanjali, 14:the mental plane, and in these three we have in miniature a picture of the macrocosmicPsychology1, 21:a psychological entity. Every human being is a miniature replica of the entire plan. He is alsoPsychology1, 227:stored in the color of a precious stone. In miniature and at the lowest point of manifestation, weRays, 116:life evolves. It develops faculty. It becomes in miniature that which it is. It takes on form andRays, 213:of disciples such as this is consequently a miniature hierarchy, and a hierarchy exists in itsRays, 215:constructively. Attaining the power to work as a miniature Hierarchy, and as a group to exemplifyRays, 220:third quality manifests with power to work as a miniature hierarchy, and this becomes increasinglyRays, 631:represented and are being slowly blended into a miniature One Humanity. A great experiment in right
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