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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MINUTES

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Astrology, 324:Let us now briefly consider for a few minutes the effect of the ray influences as they focusAutobiography, 24:how frightfully severe it was. Every thirty minutes of our lives were arranged for and even today IAutobiography, 49:was making appointments for me every twenty minutes. I expect one reason why I had so manyAutobiography, 91:of no more importance to the soul than fifteen minutes in 1903 is of importance to me. There surelyAutobiography, 93:in France where the train stopped for ten minutes. [94] A lady in our compartment got off the trainAutobiography, 94:me the hymn sheets." I stopped crying for a few minutes to laugh myself sick and then MissAutobiography, 149:would mean a knife in my heart. For forty-five minutes I sat on my bed watching them trying toAutobiography, 162:off to school and thought I would snatch a few minutes to myself and went out on to the hill closeAutobiography, 175:day's correspondence and it took me forty-eight minutes simply to slit the envelopes before IAutobiography, 199:by 1928 I was often seeing people every twenty minutes right through the day. I never flatteredAutobiography, 201:to communion. I looked at the rector for a few minutes and then I said, "I could have come to thisBethlehem, 89:It may be of value if we study here for a few minutes the purpose for which He stood thus equipped.Discipleship1, 50:attitude of meditation be held - not for a few minutes each morning or at specific momentsDiscipleship1, 162:discipline yourself into giving a dynamic twenty minutes each morning - prior to descending to theDiscipleship1, 162:years been your problem. Yet this scant twenty minutes, taken each morning with regularity at theDiscipleship1, 172:the Plan. Therefore, I would ask you to give ten minutes each day to the pictorial visualization ofDiscipleship1, 206:give you at this time is to ask you to take five minutes, prior to the group meditation, forDiscipleship1, 212:to follow the suggested routine below for a few minutes - fifteen at least - each day. This needDiscipleship1, 213:the ones I seek to aid." 4. Ponder then for five minutes on the spiritual significance of theDiscipleship1, 221:hold the mind steady in the Light. Give five minutes to: A dedication of the personality to theDiscipleship1, 221:affiliated as a powerhouse of Light. Give five minutes to meditation. Note down any thoughts whichDiscipleship1, 230:and simultaneously. Meditation Work: Give five minutes to alignment consciously achieved and to theDiscipleship1, 230:to as high a point as possible. Then take five minutes for complete silence, of both the inner andDiscipleship1, 248:out love upon the sons of men. Then for fifteen minutes ponder upon the nature and significance ofDiscipleship1, 260:profit much if each night you meditated for five minutes upon your capacity to demonstrate thisDiscipleship1, 281:mental control over your group brothers. Fifteen minutes given to this service once a week willDiscipleship1, 288:and organize the fifth gift of days, hours and minutes (those priceless gifts!) is your immediateDiscipleship1, 294:work already given, but dedicate two or three minutes before starting to definite work in order toDiscipleship1, 304:between the groups. If you can give five minutes each day to an effort to get into touch with theseDiscipleship1, 306:shall choose but do not give more than ten minutes to this period. Then do the breathing exerciseDiscipleship1, 346:to the soul for recharging. Follow this by three minutes (for this is quite a long time, myDiscipleship1, 358:Sound the O. M. After you have worked for a few minutes at right alignment then: [359] At yourDiscipleship1, 365:of the soul. Then meditate for fifteen minutes (not more) upon the following six seed thoughts.Discipleship1, 374:people and towards Masonry. Will you give ten minutes each morning to the exercise which I hereDiscipleship1, 383:the stated intervals to carry forward your ten minutes' relaxation and thoughts on life and love,Discipleship1, 383:high noon and evening - you sit quiet for ten minutes. Relax physically; permit no emotionalDiscipleship1, 386:your [386] field of lotuses and for a few minutes each morning, center your consciousness outsideDiscipleship1, 410:essentials are right, you could demand thirty minutes at some point early in the day for your soulDiscipleship1, 412:of your group brothers. Give, therefore, ten minutes each day, and no more, to quiet reflectionDiscipleship1, 429:morning, when you awaken, that you give five minutes to an intensive consideration of spiritualDiscipleship1, 439:necessary. I would ask you for a few minutes each morning (prior to doing the group meditation) toDiscipleship1, 448:significance. Take one word each week for a few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the groupDiscipleship1, 453:to follow. I am going to ask you to give fifteen minutes intensive thought each day to the problemDiscipleship1, 456:the imagination whilst so doing, and for three minutes each morning stand before the window andDiscipleship1, 506:sense of failure. Each morning for five or ten minutes work with the art of visualization - aDiscipleship1, 547:my daily living. Ponder on this thought for five minutes. I, the manifesting, Self, through theDiscipleship1, 547:dwelling in the body. Ponder on this for five minutes. Then carry the life and light of the AngelDiscipleship1, 553:and purity of purpose. Give about fifteen minutes to this work. Then, give fifteen minutes to aDiscipleship1, 553:fifteen minutes to this work. Then, give fifteen minutes to a close pondering upon the thoughts ofDiscipleship1, 553:Upon them make and keep notes. Then, give five minutes to some definite work in helping someone toDiscipleship1, 563:employed. Do you not know that the minutes mount into hours, as the disciple wrestles with himselfDiscipleship1, 570:physical living. I would ask you to give five minutes each day, prior to the group meditation, toDiscipleship1, 577:in perfect inner silence and quiet for fifteen minutes, not negatively drifting into a semi-trancedDiscipleship1, 579:your consideration. Will you give them fifteen minutes of quiet thought each day? 1st month - I amDiscipleship1, 591:this angle of limitation. I have, however, a few minutes to spare this morning and I will speak toDiscipleship1, 637:conclusion or not is immaterial - you give ten minutes each morning to achieving the attitude andDiscipleship1, 651:vacant in their household." Then meditate for 15 minutes upon the following seed thoughts: 1stDiscipleship2, 117:meditation. This activity should take only a few minutes, but if it is carried out with a fullyDiscipleship2, 118:think. The meditation should take less than ten minutes, after you have succeeded in familiarizingDiscipleship2, 120:in its doing and should take only a [120] few minutes to complete. It is in the nature of a prefaceDiscipleship2, 123:rapidly Stage I, taking not more than five minutes in so doing. Lift your consciousness and relateDiscipleship2, 130:consciously realize sure gain. I suggest ten minutes' brooding each day (with pencil in hand if youDiscipleship2, 144:and ponder deeply upon it for at least five minutes. Endeavor to extract its quality and life, thusDiscipleship2, 179:Crosses show. [179] Give ten or fifteen minutes to the consideration of the Vertical-HorizontalDiscipleship2, 491:to this as you choose, but never less than ten minutes. Then orient yourself to me, your Master andDiscipleship2, 496:all my daily living." Ponder on this for five minutes. Then add to the above the followingDiscipleship2, 546:the lesser light may shine. You say, after some minutes of careful identification: [547] "Dim lightDiscipleship2, 547:sounding of the hour. What hour is that? As the minutes tick away the passing hour, watch for theDiscipleship2, 565:which I gave you last year and give thirty minutes to it, thus each week establishing a closer linkDiscipleship2, 588:Make this attempt each morning for just five minutes, but not for a longer period. I can in thisDiscipleship2, 591:times inaudibly. This should only take a few minutes but it must be done dynamically and with fullDiscipleship2, 627:may bring you release. Seek each day for ten minutes to get into touch spiritually, mentally andDiscipleship2, 642:hold this listening attitude for more than three minutes. Then breathe out the OM through the ajnaDiscipleship2, 643:therefore, apparent if you will ponder for a few minutes on the implications. There is appallingDiscipleship2, 690:deem appropriate. I would ask you to give five minutes at least to a dynamic concentration uponDiscipleship2, 715:even the group meditation. You can give fifteen minutes to dedication, consecration and contactDiscipleship2, 737:meditation I suggest the following: Take ten minutes twice a day for deep reflection on one of theDiscipleship2, 745:completed this exercise, then meditate for ten minutes upon the service you are asked to render;Externalisation, 19:morning, beginning with a period of fifteen minutes and never exceeding forty minutes. Let themExternalisation, 19:of fifteen minutes and never exceeding forty minutes. Let them forget themselves in service, andExternalisation, 81:can be done if you can get quiet enough for five minutes each morning - completely [82] andExternalisation, 148:I would like to touch briefly and for a few minutes upon the significance of the entire process andExternalisation, 480:is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. Time and space are now negated. Fire, 738:of Devachan. Subperiod (1) may last from a few minutes to a number of years - the phrase 'a fewGlamour, 143:on the soul, whose nature is LOVE. Let a few minutes' interlude then take place wherein youGlamour, 144:deal. Do this work for five carefully sustained minutes and then proceed as indicated in Stage IVGlamour, 228:is needed as a preface to this group work is ten minutes of complete silence in which the groupGlamour, 228:relationship, the group sits in silence for ten minutes. This is done in order to withdraw theGlamour, 232:context. This initial work should take fifteen minutes at first and later not more than fiveGlamour, 232:and later not more than five (excluding the ten minutes of silent preparation which precedes theGlamour, 233:of Direction. 6. Then follows a pause for a few minutes in which the group attempts to throw behindGlamour, 234:is the Act of Penetration. 9. Now follows five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose whileGlamour, 237:The naming of the group members, followed by ten minutes' silence. The Protective Formula: TheGlamour, 239:producing its weakening and dissipation. Five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose whilstHealing, 376:Letter to a Scientist My brother: I have a few minutes to spare this morning after dictating toIntellect, 208:do anything, and to whom the finding of twenty minutes each day for meditation or an hour for studyIntellect, 216:this particular work. At the beginning fifteen minutes is ample time, and no more should beIntellect, 216:if any one claims not to be able to find fifteen minutes out of the one thousand four hundred andIntellect, 216:out of the one thousand four hundred and forty minutes which constitute a day, that they are notIntellect, 216:a day, that they are not interested? Fifteen minutes can always be found, if the will is on the
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