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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISAPPLIED

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Astrology, 225:- secret and misused because misunderstood and misapplied and, therefore, misdirected - are [226]Autobiography, 263:by personality emphasis, demanded loyalties and misapplied and misinterpreted teaching. They have,Destiny, 14:them, though stepped down and often misused and misapplied, by their differing and limitedDiscipleship1, 730:1939, when the destructive force of that ray - misapplied and misdirected - led Germany to invadeDiscipleship2, 171:The power used by him was distorted and misapplied by the devotee type of which the TheosophicalExternalisation, 155:It is this truth - distorted and selfishly misapplied and interpreted - which has led certain typesExternalisation, 466:of our civilization; it has often been knowledge misapplied and [467] dedicated to the selfishnessGlamour, 175:being. Illusion is frequently misinterpreted and misapplied mental perception of truth. It hasGlamour, 258:and for the life in which these exercises are misapplied, the aspirant remains in a static andHealing, 112:astral bodies. Wrong use of mental energy and misapplied desire are paramount factors, yet with theHealing, 201:or this stimulation, if unbalanced or if misapplied, will produce some definite type of trouble,Healing, 233:about by the misuse of the physical body, by misapplied energy and by the deliberate action of theHealing, 375:interpretations of known facts, and the misapplied information, also the cessation of selfishMagic, 629:seem nevertheless to be divine characteristics, misapplied and misused. When, however, they areMeditation, 179:the results, very largely, of force misused and misapplied. This can be seen demonstrating in allPatanjali, 136:the sense of personality and of ignorance plus misapplied desire. It is almost the culmination ofProblems, 7:the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted and the task of the NewPsychology1, 73:forms, must be distorted and curtailed and misapplied. Let me illustrate. I have said that firstPsychology2, 236:move towards synthesis, but one that is being misapplied and prematurely enforced. All movesPsychology2, 251:and are consequently personally misused and misapplied. When, however, they are preserved withinPsychology2, 477:and when he has unfolded in himself - through misapplied stimulation and experiment - old habits ofPsychology2, 610:that is flowing through them remains unused or misapplied. Much of the physical blindness and thePsychology2, 613:they are and the available light and energy are misapplied or turned to selfish and personal ends.Rays, 498:all types of mind; they have been distorted and misapplied. Nevertheless, they have beenTelepathy, 45:the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted, and the task of the New
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