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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISERY

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Astrology, 213:individual conflict and the consciousness of the misery of existence are basically due to theAstrology, 665:the lower principles. The source of the sexual misery experienced on our planet. Arrested in itsAutobiography, 11:constantly have to deal. The evil and the misery will pass but happiness will remain; aboveAutobiography, 21:the impulse. This constantly recurring misery was perhaps the first indication of the mysticalAutobiography, 26:and made our curtsies and thus endured the misery of being talked to and inspected until ourAutobiography, 104:it was a failure. I think I would have died of misery and despair had it not been for the coloredBethlehem, 258:telling them what was the source of their misery and discontent, and giving them, in the Four NobleDestiny, 58:can make its potency felt in the stress and misery of the present world condition, then to FranceDiscipleship1, 400:in which it finds itself. This "tendency to misery," founded as it is on an attitude of mind, is ofDiscipleship1, 438:and are already handling as much of the world's misery and suspense as you can and perhaps moreDiscipleship1, 509:upon your past life of illusion and self-induced misery. Your personal problem is far from unique.Discipleship1, 557:partially was responsible for the excessive misery complex, the sense of inferiority, and theDiscipleship1, 722:and human selfishness; it is founded on the misery of mankind and on the failure of disciples andDiscipleship2, 163:in a clearer light and the causes of human misery received fresh and keener recognition; theDiscipleship2, 171:People recognize the present darkness and misery, and consequently welcome light; men are tired ofDiscipleship2, 186:This has been responsible for much misery in the world. The scientific method safeguards theDiscipleship2, 701:and between the two your life has been one of misery and frustration, and frequently of despair. InEducation, 120:during life. The races today are steeped in misery and an unhappy psychological acquiescence inExternalisation, 151:[151] world conditions, end hatred and misery and demonstrate goodwill everywhere. This refers toExternalisation, 180:and revolt; their victory would result in untold misery. It is no doubt an undeniable spiritualExternalisation, 267:and bewildered by the accumulated weight of misery. By so doing, the problem was simplified for theExternalisation, 409:and this in spite of the fact of the war and the misery and suffering present upon our Earth. ItExternalisation, 427:the desire to withdraw from participation in the misery of war; others hate those whose duty it isExternalisation, 434:sword in hand, marching into Poland and bringing misery, devastation and cruelty to a smaller andExternalisation, 473:masses has reached an inconceivable height of misery. The ignorance, lack of understanding, andExternalisation, 483:purposes which has been responsible for the misery, the suffering, the failure and the evil whichFire, 416:H.P.B. has stated are now superseded. The sexual misery of this planet finds its origin in the moonHercules, 3:a feeling that the Path is necessarily one of misery, of self-abnegation and of endless distress.Magic, 293:vibrating between the two poles of happiness and misery, of satisfaction or non-satisfaction, ofMagic, 304:to contact ancient vibrations of evil and misery on the astral plane - evil long past and gone; itMagic, 355:dark becomes more truly apparent; the chaos and misery and failure of the world groups standPatanjali, 150:infer first of all that certain types of coming "misery" (as some translations give it) may bePatanjali, 151:that type of karma, bringing pain, sorrow and misery in its train must be allowed to follow out itsPatanjali, 299:a long and grievous length-of-life, feeling the misery incurred as the result of their own karma,Patanjali, 326:of these perfections, just as a man born in misery considers even a small bit of wealth a pile ofProblems, 70:which have wrecked humanity and the widespread misery upon our planet can largely be attributed toProblems, 71:accounts. The responsibility for the widespread misery to be found today in every country in theProblems, 72:desire to exploit the masses or to profit by the misery of others. They have risen to place andProblems, 78:this picture of a worldwide condition of misery, based on both the capitalistic and the laborPsychology1, 252:planet and all that it contains in the visible misery, chaos and suffering. Shall we say that therePsychology1, 427:planet, and all that it contains, in the visible misery, chaos and suffering. Shall we say thatPsychology2, 121:The act of thus helping releases us from our misery, even if we fail to release or relieve thePsychology2, 133:the place of criticism (that dire creator of misery) and is the silence that sounds. It would bePsychology2, 451:of the human problem and the adjustment of human misery, and also for a right emergence ofPsychology2, 731:be no necessity for the prevailing and seething misery, which is rapidly reaching boiling point.Psychology2, 746:which will end the present period of strife and misery. Reappearance, 105:ancient questions as to why there is sorrow and misery in every land and in every life; they askedReappearance, 106:be summarized as follows: the Buddha taught that misery and suffering were of man's own making andReappearance, 113:of war, the torture of the forms, and the misery in human living today. These factors are bringingReappearance, 115:correctly, to overcome the ancient habits of misery, and thus to know the meaning of true joy.
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