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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISS

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Atom, 126:pass them by without recognizing them, and thus miss that which they have to give us. This happenedAutobiography, 24:early days was called by the peculiar name, Miss Millichap. She had lovely hair, a plain face, woreAutobiography, 25:"James, fetch two saucers, please, and put Miss Alice's elbows into them." This James obedientlyAutobiography, 29:accompanied everywhere by a governess, [29] Miss Godby, who came to us when I was twelve years oldAutobiography, 30:and what made them work and behave as they did. Miss Godby used to keep a self-examination book inAutobiography, 31:note that they struck. They were very different. Miss Godby was plain, quite ordinary in backgroundAutobiography, 54:these Soldiers Homes were quite unique and that Miss Elise Sandes herself was a very exquisite,Autobiography, 54:and women of the same social set as myself. Miss Sandes had given up her entire life in an attemptAutobiography, 55:voice came from the back of the room: "Cheer up, Miss. I'll finish it for you and that will giveAutobiography, 58:saving souls and I made such a good record that Miss Sandes sent for me to join her at theAutobiography, 59:people. Those were happy, busy days. I adored Miss Sandes, as who did not? I loved her for herAutobiography, 63:getting old and Eva Maguire could not be spared. Miss Sandes with her usual directness said thatAutobiography, 64:Travel to India was expensive in those days and Miss Sandes had to pay for Theo's return. With myAutobiography, 68:became very hectic. I was (in the absence of Miss Schofield) supposed to be responsible for quite aAutobiography, 68:that I went there for a month once to release Miss Ashe, who was in charge. In each of these homesAutobiography, 69:was Meerut, where I made the acquaintance of Miss Schofield and was taught some of the things IAutobiography, 73:and was, more or less, on my own, though Miss Clara Shaw was with me. The troops up in Quetta hadAutobiography, 82:what she had to say: "Will you ever learn, Miss Alice, that there are twelve gates into the HolyAutobiography, 85:with a pitying look in his eye and said, "Now, Miss, just so long as you speak the truth we willAutobiography, 89:the hot weather came I went up to Rhanikhet with Miss Schofield and there the whole matter betweenAutobiography, 90:[90] to teach me to ride better than I did. Miss Schofield had seen what was happening. She and IAutobiography, 92:did not suffice to keep me going. I was too ill. Miss Schofield, therefore, decided to take me backAutobiography, 93:was waking up seventeen hours later to find Miss Schofield's face on one side of the bed and theAutobiography, 94:for a few minutes to laugh myself sick and then Miss Schofield thought I was haying hysterics. AtAutobiography, 94:last we got to Ireland and I was with my beloved Miss Sandes. I can remember the relief I felt andAutobiography, 95:of view let the whole [95] work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun to stop crying andAutobiography, 97:me informed of every step she took and letting Miss Sandes know also what she [98] was doing. TheAutobiography, 98:their own bands, and cabled to my people and Miss Sandes that they were sending me back to EnglandAutobiography, 103:station, he got down and took my hand and said, "Miss Alice, I don't like him and I don't like toAutobiography, 103:"He isn't what I would have chosen for you, Miss Alice, but I hope you will be happy." None of thisAutobiography, 131:a clean, white [131] apron. He said, "See here, Miss, I swiped this off my wife this morning andAutobiography, 141:like that wretched little soldier from whom Miss Sandes had rescued me, who was born with noAutobiography, 158:at one of the first E.S. meetings I attended Miss Poutz, who was the secretary of the E.S. at thatAutobiography, 159:represented the democratic side: Mr. Warrington, Miss Poutz and those ranged with them representedAutobiography, 190:old pupil of Madame Blavatsky and Col.Olcott, Miss Sarah Jacobs, gave me the photographic plates ofDiscipleship2, 594:They are prepared to do this but will miss the love and nonsense (frequently teaching nonsense) byIntellect, 9:a wing! 'Tis ye, 'tis your estranged faces That miss the many-splendoured thing. "The experience is
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