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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISSION

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Astrology, 103:the world savior - both of them with a universal mission. It is from hints such as these that theAstrology, 252:The keynote which embodies the truth as to the mission of Virgo most accurately is "Christ in you,Astrology, 272:of the active higher mind, has performed his mission and "led humanity into the light" [273] andAstrology, 357:Cross) and to Scorpio (Fixed Cross), and its mission, therefore, emerges as one of supremeAstrology, 633:Will and thus enabled Him to carry out His mission to completion. This was not only the revelationAtom, 28:in the general purpose, and participate in the mission of the group. [31] Atom, 66:means of expression, and thus measure up to the mission upon which it was sent. In the differentBethlehemof the Individuality of Christ and of His Mission; and secondly, a recognition that the developmentBethlehembetween the old age and the new, and the true mission of Christ, so deeply and frequently obscuredBethlehem, 4:emphasized by many who refuse to recognize His mission as an expression of divinity. From theBethlehem, 14:prepared the world for the message and the mission of Christ. Both embodied in Themselves certainBethlehem, 18:15, 16, Marginal Reading.) This was His divine mission, and this is the lesson of the GospelBethlehem, 33:in the human family, and also upon the unique mission of Christ Himself. Christ came to teach theBethlehem, 45:Christ reached. His was a unique and cosmic mission. But experience of each stage of illumination,Bethlehem, 60:around Jordan - symbolic perhaps of Christ's mission to live and work down amongst men. The MasonicBethlehem, 75:vocation, and evidenced the realization that a mission was preordained for Him. Prior to this, HisBethlehem, 76:is no sign that He knew in detail what that mission was; He went into no explanations to HisBethlehem, 76:seems willing to admit. The extent of this mission slowly dawned upon His young mind and He began,Bethlehem, 77:This constituted the uniqueness of His mission. Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents,Bethlehem, 87:initiate - moves on towards greatness. The mission of the Savior definitely starts at this time,Bethlehem, 89:which would enable Him to carry through His mission to a satisfactory conclusion. This He had toBethlehem, 96:followed, He evidenced His maturity, faced His mission, and demonstrated to the world His purityBethlehem, 102:whom he can associate, and he finds out also the mission to which he is called. He becomes aware ofBethlehem, 115:are they of His perfected divinity and His mission, and the more humbly do they seek to follow inBethlehem, 123:Him now. Was He the Son of God? Had He a mission, after all? Was His attitude one of [124]Bethlehem, 128:if the standard which He set could be upset, His mission was, from the start, destined to fail. IfBethlehem, 130:indeed but surely, that kingdom into being. His mission was to reveal the method whereby unityBethlehem, 131:and whom He had to train to carry forward the mission of the kingdom, and then He began thatBethlehem, 132:serving and with a full knowledge of His mission, Christ now enters into the period of active workBethlehem, 135:of the kingdom of God which it was His mission to found, and whose inner structure and skeletonBethlehem, 138:One of the prime objectives of His [138] mission was to resolve the dualities in Himself, producingBethlehem, 160:The angels spoke the word, embodying Christ's mission on His behalf. At the Baptism He accordedBethlehem, 161:entirety the question as to the nature of that mission which Christ came to forward, and whatBethlehem, 177:Christ was unique in His particular Person and mission, and that, from a specific angle, HisBethlehem, 179:and what constituted the uniqueness of His mission. What was this world to which He came; and whatBethlehem, 182:Trinity is crucified. Christ personified in His mission these four aspects, and as the cosmicBethlehem, 185:Arthur Stanley, p. 498. The wonder of Christ's mission lay in the fact that, though He was one of aBethlehem, 191:Sons of God, wherein did His Person and His mission differ from that of the others? We can and mustBethlehem, 191:Pfleger, p. 242.) In what, therefore, did the mission of Christ differ from the others? Bethlehem, 198:habit of offering sacrifice to God, the true mission of Christ was long ignored. Instead of HisBethlehem, 208:centuries to begin to understand Him and His mission and career. The Crucifixion itself was only anBethlehem, 209:of the kingdom of God on earth, which it was His mission to found. Christ came that all mankindBethlehem, 210:It is time that the Church woke up to its true mission, which is to materialize the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 216:And he also had a realization of what Christ's mission was - to found a kingdom. "Remember me whenBethlehem, 257:have noted the fact that the uniqueness of His mission consisted in the fact that in "the fullnessBethlehem, 259:its Founder, Christianity has also had a unique mission in inaugurating the era of service. WorldBethlehem, 261:that time. In these respects Christ and His mission were uniquely important. He taught us to workBethlehem, 281:expression of Deity upon our planet. His mission has not failed. The kingdom is now organized uponDestiny, 34:Jewish people have never recognized the symbolic mission with which their race was entrusted, andDestiny, 146:the water pot stands forth and starts upon his mission." Those with vision can see this happeningDestiny, 150:life of a Son of God, which was His main mission before; He will appear as the supreme Head of theDiscipleship1, 31:the books are sent forth steadily upon their mission, until they are finally superseded nextDiscipleship1, 34:appearance in the world an fulfil their destined mission. Four of these groups are already formedDiscipleship1, 505:function, my brother) and that you send it on a mission to the etheric counterpart of the spleen.Discipleship1, 523:that has no care for itself; it goes upon its mission because you have learned to trust the soulsDiscipleship2, 173:realized the extent and the complexity of his mission as World Savior. He then cried aloud:Discipleship2, 173:appeared to be an apparent failure and that his mission was not accomplished. For nearly twoDiscipleship2, 173:two thousand years he has waited to bring that mission to fruition; it has marked also for him theDiscipleship2, 173:He cannot proceed with his assigned mission without reciprocal action by humanity. This mantram isDiscipleship2, 748:consciously in order to aid the Christ and his mission, come within the protecting aura with whichExternalisation, 22:Next Three Years is going forth today upon its mission. Its objective is to educate public opinion.Externalisation, 168:and the proof also of the success of Christ's mission. The result of what is happening today must,Externalisation, 217:among men and to see the consummation of the mission of Christ. This will lead eventually to theExternalisation, 246:is adjusted. He knows that humanity has a divine mission which must be carried out on the wings ofExternalisation, 276:what can be done by men to bring to fruition the mission of the Coming One, the Rider from theExternalisation, 296:made possible by a little increased effort. The mission of the Buddha at this particular WesakExternalisation, 424:to believe that they had a great and spiritual mission to dominate the world. This was the firstExternalisation, 511:first Ray of Will or Power. The Church finds its mission in the helping of the devotee, in aidingExternalisation, 542:prepares Himself for the fulfilment of His true mission on Earth. The Christian Church has soExternalisation, 542:The Christian Church has so distorted that mission and ruthlessly perverted the intention for whichExternalisation, 542:manifested that a consideration of that mission is deeply needed and should be revolutionary in itsExternalisation, 554:world of men - that human center whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. FromExternalisation, 582:do not arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well the nature of the task to whichExternalisation, 583:rank, they may attain to a conviction of mission (if I may call it so) in their extreme youth andExternalisation, 583:advanced one, he may become aware of his high mission and know it to be no fanatical andExternalisation, 584:thing. In the one case, the consciousness of mission is developed through periods of definiteExternalisation, 585:evolutionary endeavor; to that extent they are mission-conscious, but the value of this attitude isExternalisation, 596:Christianity and Buddhism) to prove His world mission successfully carried forward. It all seemedExternalisation, 608:part in world affairs and prove the scope of His mission. He will gather around Him, in the flesh,Externalisation, 651:of the world to give a true picture of Christ's mission; therefore the struggle for control is withExternalisation, 660:manifest objectively on the physical plane. The mission of that Ashram is to produce the energyExternalisation, 662:Though He demonstrated when here before that His mission or work had a group or brotherhoodFire, 77:on a higher and higher status as it fulfils its mission. Those who have attained unto a rest in aFire, 91:of Hierarchies of sentient Beings, each having a mission to perform. S D., I; 295. Among these theFire, 101:reaches the furthest confines of the system. Its mission might be described as the vitalization ofFire, 101:found within the planetary ring-pass-not. Its mission might be described as the vitalization of theFire, 561:Existence as it shows itself in: Its source Its mission Its method Its objective. All these willFire, 561:stage, the thought form (having performed its mission), separates into its basic duality, and willFire, 562:are comprehended will the nature of its mission become recognizable. This is true fundamentally ofFire, 564:through Them, and sends Them forth upon the mission of constructing, and vitalizing the systemicFire, 566:by a greater life than their own upon a specific mission; they are sent forth by those who areFire, 756:and enabling His great Brother to fulfil his mission. Hence the gradual recognition of the WesakFire, 955:form, each thought being sent upon the definite mission of adding its quota of energy and matter toFire, 956:humanity has to learn is how to send it on its mission, whatever that may be, holding it throughFire, 956:about its destruction when it has fulfiled its mission. The average man is often the victim of hisFire, 957:the form to preserve its outline and perform its mission. The one who - in time and space - throughFire, 973:order to send it forth from him to perform its mission, whatever that may be, to make it occultlyFire, 1002:it stands ready to be sent forth upon its mission, to gather to itself material of a denser natureFire, 1002:it forth, so that inevitably it will fulfil its mission. Thus many thought forms die a naturalFire, 1005:descend, to [1005] fly as a bird forth upon its mission, and a critical moment is near for the
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