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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISTAKEN

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Bethlehem, 119:It is by far the most potent of our delusions or mistaken orientations. But once the clear light ofBethlehem, 233:writings and their enthusiasm. That they were mistaken, nearly two thousand years of ChristianityBethlehem, 265:sincerity, even if their line of action may seem mistaken. But our outstanding error has been aDiscipleship2, 670:which presented opportunity can give you. Be not mistaken, my brother. This does not mean that inDiscipleship2, 752:an arresting of physical expression, plus a mistaken interpretation of duty at times. Know you not,Externalisation, 135:human beings and like other men - idealistic, mistaken, lovers of their country, egoists,Fire, 366:with the scheme of the same number, or have mistaken another chain within the scheme for anotherGlamour, 200:They are indicative of the Real and are often mistaken for the Real; they are in conflict with theGlamour, 243:there would be no more waste motion, no more mistaken moves and no more false interpretations, noInitiation, 83:them (whilst taking firm action) to help the mistaken brother to see his error, to work out theMagic, 485:still prone to use thought matter to embody his mistaken apprehension of the real ideas; he isMagic, 487:some sad or evil occurrence or deed of some mistaken brother. What then is there to do? TruthPsychology1, 304:in two things: First, there has ever been a mistaken attitude in the East towards women. Secondly,Psychology1, 304:spiritual life. These two attitudes embody two mistaken ideas, and lie at the root of muchPsychology2, 302:kundalini fire. Many advanced occultists have mistaken the raising of the sacral fire or of thePsychology2, 383:of Integration, but in this you would be mistaken. It is a threefold technique based upon the factRays, 708:others think about them. They recognize also the mistaken views of all the modern religions anentSoul, 157:and are celibate. Others, from what may be a mistaken idea of spiritual demands, reject the normal
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