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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MISTAKES

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Atom, 123:is frequently regarded as the result of human mistakes and frailties. Perhaps this is so, forAutobiography, 8:best as I saw it at the time. I worked. I made mistakes. I agonized and I rejoiced. I had a grandAutobiography, 89:our own problems, by putting right our own mistakes, by lifting some of humanity's burdens and byAutobiography, 91:and if any of us manage to avoid the grosser mistakes of life, it is because we learnt through theAutobiography, 168:is His. He does not permit me to make mistakes and watches over the final draft with great care. ItAutobiography, 169:peculiarly careful to see that I do not make mistakes. At the time of the second phase of the WorldAutobiography, 193:wisdom of my husband. I shudder to think of the mistakes I would have made, the errors in judgmentAutobiography, 246:theosophical leaders and they made certain basic mistakes. The Masters Whom they portrayed wereAutobiography, 246:direction. They were made responsible for the mistakes of the leaders of the groups who took refugeAutobiography, 257:his share in materializing the Plan. He makes mistakes but he does not go to the Master about themAutobiography, 273:and can be trusted to learn - usually by his mistakes. He reaches a much smaller public than theBethlehem, 215:not to sin. We pay the price of our sins and mistakes, and cease to make them. We arrive eventuallyBethlehem, 216:paying of the price which the ignorant pay for mistakes made and so-called sins committed. A manBethlehem, 239:is of God, or not? It is so easy to make mistakes, to believe what we want to believe, and toDestiny, 16:their will and dictate their desires; they make mistakes but they are nevertheless true disciplesDestiny, 36:will be made (and are being made today) and many mistakes must inevitably take place. The majorDestiny, 77:the ocean and that European history, successes, mistakes and sins are here also - a thing that manyDestiny, 119:definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, and delays; of these latter there haveDiscipleship1, 33:about their personality lives, about their mistakes and failings, and have demanded it more loudlyDiscipleship1, 78:serving myself and not humanity. From similar mistakes, I seek to save you, for time is a greatDiscipleship1, 165:cyclic measure is kept thus in mind, no serious mistakes will be made... The New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 497:the teachers and initiates work. You will make mistakes. They will not matter, provided you learnDiscipleship1, 581:light which is sometimes thrown in this way upon mistakes and know what it is that one has to do.Discipleship1, 587:by the group successes and learning from mistakes) you will walk in the future with your brothersDiscipleship1, 596:each other. Your devotion served not to prevent mistakes or the misuse of the worldlyDiscipleship1, 599:much time to the consideration of the faults and mistakes of the past. Self-depreciation is notDiscipleship1, 640:for you. In them you have made two serious mistakes and three real successes in connection withDiscipleship1, 661:the sufferer from others' misunderstandings and mistakes, yourself as of importance - and learn toDiscipleship1, 778:theosophical leaders and they made certain basic mistakes. The Masters whom they portrayed wereDiscipleship1, 778:direction. They were made responsible for the mistakes of the leaders of the groups who took refugeDiscipleship2, 4:but give that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognizes no barriers, refuses allDiscipleship2, 31:the evil desires of all mankind, of humanity's mistakes and weaknesses, thoughts, [32] distortedDiscipleship2, 77:there will be no fear of your making any serious mistakes; you can then be depended upon, as areDiscipleship2, 85:possible and avoid interference; they will make mistakes, and these you will be prompt to note;Discipleship2, 85:prompt to note; your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter if clarity of vision,Discipleship2, 110:can offset them all; personality weaknesses, mistakes and faults are overlooked and forgotten inDiscipleship2, 362:implementation that error is apt to arise and mistakes can occur. In every ashram are to be foundDiscipleship2, 393:qualifying and adapting" is carried forward. Mistakes are often made, because this triple work isDiscipleship2, 395:grasp. Disciples, in their novitiate, make more mistakes as regards time than any other; that wouldDiscipleship2, 534:rationalizing influence, you are liable to make mistakes. Always in your life crises, you have beenDiscipleship2, 594:overcome in the use of first ray energy, and any mistakes you may have made in harsh judgments andDiscipleship2, 712:troubles about the inevitable and unimportant mistakes that her workers make. She has made themDiscipleship2, 756:will note that I am not preoccupied with your mistakes or failures. These are inevitable and areEducation, 44:of certain basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities and the powerfulEducation, 68:and mystically. We have to live down some of the mistakes of the past. I have given you many otherEducation, 87:many educators in every country. The errors and mistakes of the past techniques are obvious butEducation, 118:in the ways of the soul - they make many mistakes, are sidetracked in dangerous ways and lead manyExternalisation, 64:Personality tendencies and errors exist and the mistakes which involve, primarily, a man's ownExternalisation, 70:of certain [70] basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities, and the powerfulExternalisation, 80:have we failed and what can we do to rectify our mistakes? In spite of everything, however, menExternalisation, 105:its own doing and the result of humanity's own mistakes. Men either feel responsible for what isExternalisation, 105:than their own. Of these endless and age-old mistakes, the Versailles Treaty is only the symbol andExternalisation, 135:comes. To recognize joint responsibility, joint mistakes, ancient errors of judgment, wrongExternalisation, 140:responsibility because of humanity's general mistakes, and the ancient wrong attitudes andExternalisation, 195:relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past,Externalisation, 206:clear and practical truths: That the errors and mistakes of past centuries, culminating in theExternalisation, 206:the present world war, are the joint errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole. This recognitionExternalisation, 207:in that foresighted vision which will make the mistakes of the past impossible in the future. OneExternalisation, 218:To evade responsibility because of past national mistakes and historical sins and failures is anExternalisation, 238:world order and the humble statement anent past mistakes. I would call your attention very brieflyExternalisation, 242:student and the small town man. Past national mistakes must be faced; [243] selfishness in theExternalisation, 244:antipathies out of your consciousness. The past mistakes of the Allies, as history gives them, areExternalisation, 371:and if this is borne in mind, no serious mistakes will be made. The German people must workExternalisation, 449:own humanity, which makes them liable to make mistakes, but they are far more handicapped by theExternalisation, 450:ideology is misunderstood because of the initial mistakes of those who engineered the revolution;Externalisation, 460:and consequent activity may lead to mistakes, but in the aggregate of the endeavor it will meet theExternalisation, 487:and His disciples. Long patience will be needed. Mistakes will be made. There will be periods ofExternalisation, 550:so doing and in the direful task of pointing out mistakes and errors of ancient standing, wrong andExternalisation, 608:future - of humanity. He comes to correct the mistakes and the misrepresentations of those who haveExternalisation, 636:possible steps which will prevent men making mistakes, for it is through those mistakes that menExternalisation, 636:men making mistakes, for it is through those mistakes that men learn "by the means of evil thatExternalisation, 695:recognize error and his own part in any current mistakes whenever they occur, and as long as heFire, 106:owing to centuries of wrong living, and to basic mistakes (originating in Lemurian days) man'sFire, 266:Doctrine in connection with the Principles, That mistakes in the classification are very possible.Glamour, 145:and the ability to recognize error and to admit mistakes, and this the false pride of the mind willHealing, 114:influences or sources of contamination: Ancient mistakes, so-called sins and errors of theHealing, 126:from one unification to another, making mistakes, arriving often at complete discouragement,Healing, 280:human weakness, commercial exploitation and many mistakes. It is the same with religion. Both ofHealing, 289:you; your ignorance may cause you to make mistakes. But, go on; persevere; keep careful records andHealing, 366:to waste much time over feeling inferior or over mistakes and failures. Therefore, by wiselyHealing, 481:of medicine is indispensable. In spite of mistakes, faulty diagnosis and much error, humanityHealing, 514:karmic obligations and pays the penalty of past mistakes with great rapidity. All this time,Healing, 547:always be successful healers; they will make no mistakes, for they will have accurate spiritualHealing, 606:upon the decision of the healer. It is here that mistakes can be made, and the man who is seekingHealing, 647:their healing is much greater; they make fewer mistakes. They do not, for instance, attempt to healHealing, 652:and thus prevent the healer from making mistakes. Where death is definitely indicated and theHealing, 669:enemies might surmise. Russia is making great mistakes, but they are the mistakes of a fanaticalHealing, 669:is making great mistakes, but they are the mistakes of a fanatical ideologist or of a gangster whoHercules, 142:raising the monster (all the accumulated evils, mistakes, failures of his long past) into the airInitiation, 57:and neutralizing as far as possible the mistakes and errors of the churchmen and the theologians.Initiation, 86:one of the explanations as to the failures and mistakes of initiates. Their mastery of matter inInitiation, 202:of the rules, but in practice it is not so. Mistakes are easily made, and the problem of workingIntellect, 244:comes in touch with such a thought-form, mistakes it for the real, and imagines it saying to himMagic, 69:is needed for its recognition. In the first case mistakes may be made, and the man thereby learnsMagic, 69:learns and is enriched; in the second case, mistakes are impossible and only right action can beMagic, 114:in the hands of you all now to transmute the old mistakes. Also bear in mind that principles areMagic, 144:"through meditation we shall [144] rectify tile mistakes of wrong speech;" and the significance ofMagic, 262:raising his key, and frequently he begins with mistakes. He starts to build anew his physical bodyMagic, 461:be delay or incorrect building; if they make mistakes, there will be lost time and energy, andMagic, 512:by speech and by silence. It is here that mistakes are made and here that many workers fail to make
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