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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIXED

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Astrology, 649:as the sacred and non-sacred planets are mixed together and many planets omitted altogether, PlanetAutobiography, 57:- was every single grammatical error and every mixed metaphor I had perpetrated during the entireAutobiography, 159:of the E.S. I had never before in my life been mixed up in an organizational row and I did notAutobiography, 205:frequently had 20 or 30 people at the house. We mixed them all up higgledy-piggledy, young and old,Destiny, 33:emotion, so much idealism and so much desire mixed up in connection with the world conflict and whyDestiny, 64:a misnomer, for the past renders it impossible; mixed blood runs in all veins, but the effort toDiscipleship1, 772:with eagerness; their motives are normally mixed and their response is frequently galvanized by aDiscipleship2, 337:to eliminate it, but the good men do (even with mixed motives) is not forgotten but is entered uponExternalisation, 136:and evil or purely good and unselfish. There are mixed motives everywhere. Nationalism, aggression,Externalisation, 167:Though the motives behind such a call may be mixed and the leaders guided as much by expediency andExternalisation, 194:centuries, and modern travel have inextricably mixed and fused all the races. It may therefore beExternalisation, 638:bias. The motives of the United States are very mixed motives: greed of money or its equivalent,Externalisation, 639:characteristic - a mass characteristic. These mixed motives will produce eventually a very confusedFire, 14:of the fiery zone. [14] Matter and water mixed with fire, the inner spark within the form wereFire, 75:been hinted at. It is nevertheless indissoluble mixed up with the karma of the individual. ItFire, 469:kalpas ago. Plane Karma - This is inextricably mixed up with the [470] karma of the planetary LogosHealing, 224:far-reaching changes. These interracial and mixed relationships have always happened upon a smallMagic, 558:who guide on the subjective side of experience. Mixed motive is universal. Pure motive is rare andMagic, 558:and in between, where aspirants are concerned, mixed in varying degree. According, however, to thePatanjali, 331:lead." Liberation from the mire refers to that mixed nature of kama-manas, desire and lower mind,Problems, 113:the white and black races at this time deplore mixed marriages. They mean no happiness for eitherProblems, 114:in which they find themselves. These children of mixed race, as well as the half-castes and theProblems, 114:be hundreds of thousands of these children of mixed parentage, forming part of the world populationPsychology1, 401:Jews and other racial types, but they have not mixed well, and have therefore preserved theirPsychology2, 119:What is found up to that time is good intention, mixed motives, and oft fanaticism. This we willPsychology2, 318:and with the belief that in these concepts is mixed much of a childish superstition, the TeachersPsychology2, 503:partial records in the majority of cases, and mixed in nature, for the glamors, illusions and thePsychology2, 503:will still have some effect. This condition of mixed recording, of erroneous identifications, etc.,Psychology2, 515:pain which are so widespread, are producing a mixed and dual result. These two results (with allPsychology2, 541:remains true even when the motive or motives are mixed and undesirable, or purely selfish. ATelepathy, 58:high source, and the result is usually also over-mixed with personality reactions. Contact, withTelepathy, 88:type of communication, there will be found mixed certain messages or impressions from the Ashram
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