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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODE

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Rays, 418:choose the fourth Path, and train Them in the mode of existence and the type of livingness which isRays, 419:the history of the freeing of the spirit by the mode of steadily developing forms which - inRays, 420:tread it often, and each of Them has a different mode of approach, technique and type ofRays, 434:picture, involving the goal, the means or mode, the testing point and the physical brain; these areRays, 438:distinctions between their constitution and mode of life expression and that of those who live, whoRays, 473:of the known and previously grasped. Such is the mode of evolution, for it is ever a pressingRays, 481:buddhic awareness, he finds his place and mode of service, conditioned by his monadic ray. He thenRays, 500:whereas the religious interpretation is but one mode of understanding Reality. There are others ofRays, 500:stage of the alignment process, which is a mode of focused, concentrated effort, according to theRays, 508:Perhaps the word that would best express its mode of work is Inspiration. The Father inspiresRays, 519:and response, and all are distinctive of the "mode of Life" which governs the entire gradedRays, 529:really done is to deal very briefly with the mode whereby the disciple or the initiate can, withRays, 534:It is these three energies, each with its own mode of expression and each producing its ownRays, 545:application of this radiant energy is a definite mode of spiritual service and activity, but untilRays, 602:it indicates the personality goal and the mode whereby it is attained. After the third initiation,Rays, 614:but definitely developing as a possible mode of action upon the far horizon of man's thinking. TrueRays, 659:civilization comes to an end, when the familiar mode of cultural expression is brought (as isRays, 660:of the subhuman kingdoms in nature - is merely a mode whereby men can reach perfection and developRays, 667:marks the beginning of a totally new life and mode of living; it marks the commencement of a newRays, 701:from "above downwards." This is only a symbolic mode of speech. Like his great Master, the Christ,Rays, 744:according to the locale of birth, the national mode of schooling and the nature of the nationalReappearance, 25:how the Christ Himself learnt and that is the mode He assures us will be successful for each of us.Reappearance, 48:mass of men with the reality of the need and the mode of meeting it. This they are doing becauseReappearance, 83:new functions: one is connected with the second mode of His physical appearance and the other withReappearance, 83:His physical appearance and the other with the mode of over-shadowing. Over the masses, light, loveReappearance, 107:of service (this phrase is used advisedly) as a mode of establishing right human relations - to GodReappearance, 182:we are now emerging, the Aquarian Age, this mode of group work will reach a very high point ofSoul, 82:treatise upon the Soul, its nature, purpose and mode of existence is that most famous of all theSoul, 133:which will be for our day and generation the mode of spiritual achievement. Telepathy, 16:instinctual response to etheric contact was the mode of communication in Lemurian times, andTelepathy, 17:"feeling telepathy" is basically the Atlantean mode of communication, and involved finally the useTelepathy, 18:the masses, instinctual telepathy is still the mode of contact. The throat center is primarilyTelepathy, 23:work between a Master and His group. This is the mode of work whereby a Master trains and worksTelepathy, 34:of transmission. The manner of reception. The mode of interrelated activity. By the cultivation ofTelepathy, Discip:me to pass on any information anent this subtle mode of communication of which telepathy is in factTelepathy, 47:stage. This Science of Impression is the mode of life of the subjective world which lies betweenTelepathy, 50:and Evocation is the name given to the mode or method whereby the desired relationship is broughtTelepathy, 68:of World Servers is the linking bridge and the mode of communication between the Hierarchy (theTelepathy, 72:employed by initiates of high degree - or this mode of perceptive intercourse, as it is sometimesTelepathy, 73:for the selfish use of prayer and the limiting mode of the average meditation process. It is a slowTelepathy, 83:some understanding of this subtle, subjective mode of relationship, and I have used among othersTelepathy, 126:to be seen in their triple relationship if the mode of working of the One Life is to be graspedTelepathy, 128:is practically the work of developing or the mode of unfoldment of human sensitivity. I refer hereTelepathy, 139:the future, the conclusions of science and a new mode of civilization will all increasingly beTelepathy, 163:which pictures the triangular formation and the mode of a dual growth or progression and expansionTelepathy, 168:concerning energy, its emanating sources, its mode of transfer or its transitional processes, andTelepathy, 184:to the life within all forms. Just as the basic mode of activity in and through Shamballa could beTelepathy, 192:construct the temple of his life and his current mode of living are simply the following - and they
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