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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODERN

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Astrologyawakening of the intuition which will translate modern astrology into something of real moment andAstrology, 5:are to be found practicing at this time. The modern investigator likes to believe that on himAstrology, 6:himself to be a factor of isolated importance. Modern interpretations fail to emphasize theAstrology, 7:Basic Statements It is immaterial to me whether modern astrologers accept or reject these presentedAstrology, 9:It is definitely in this connection that modern astrology has gone astray. It has reversed the trueAstrology, 10:an interpretive agency. Esotericism teaches (and modern science is rapidly arriving at the sameAstrology, 12:There is one aspect of energy for which the modern astrologer makes very little allowance, and yetAstrology, 20:the esoteric science of astrology brings to its modern and exoteric aspect: In. the greater cycleAstrology, 63:is 4004 B.C. This is recognized as an error by modern science but is still believed by many. IAstrology, 69:for this. It is consequently essential that the modern astrologer begin to study the point inAstrology, 114:only temporarily true from the standpoint of the modern astrologer. Their existence has only beenAstrology, 175:and the lamb are prominently to be found in our modern presentations. This earlier sign of theAstrology, 216:cycle of influence. Already, the trend of modern science is shifting into the realm of theAstrology, 286:in the horoscope of his soul. I would suggest to modern astrologers that they cast the horoscopesAstrology, 290:the same time, seeking to give the needed key to modern exoteric psychology and also someAstrology, 292:Treatise to prove - scientifically and in the modern exoteric sense - the natural response to theAstrology, 292:demonstrated and instantly made apparent once modern science accepts the occult premises, even ifAstrology, 316:Cancer and Capricorn are so little understood by modern astrology and why, in the last analysis,Astrology, 316:rebirth is but little understood at present. Its modern presentation and the emphasis which hasAstrology, 322:as difficult and hard for the average student of modern times to grasp the mass-consciousness ofAstrology, 334:and the signs will cause a drastic revolution in modern astrology and one of most basic importance.Astrology, 344:in Pisces. Pisces is the sign with which the modern world (and by that I refer to an immense longAstrology, 344:of which beginning is not yet revealed to the modern astrologer or subject to revelation throughAstrology, 346:Its present Jewish coloring is relatively modern and not necessarily enduring, but its significanceAstrology, 347:the one which will be the first to be grasped by modern astrology. This sign is sometimes calledAstrology, 350:of the great White Lodge on Earth, of which modern Masonry is the distorted reflection, just as theAstrology, 376:the present world difficulty and one which the modern astrologer would do well to consider. ItAstrology, 385:expression, of sex magic and the distortions of modern Tantric magic. Humanity has stepped down theAstrology, 407:of esotericism as a whole when applied to modern astrology; we considered the three Crosses andAstrology, 446:from Europe to the Western hemisphere in more modern times. In the study of the interlocking ofAstrology, 484:cosmic, that it is not easy for those trained in modern exoteric astrology truly to comprehend theAstrology, 496:(which are distinctive of exoteric modern astrology) into the world of conditioning energies,Astrology, 497:or based on premises which deny all that the modern astrologer has worked out and hitherto heldAstrology, 509:my intention to deal with the houses in detail. Modern astrologers have worked this out relativelyAstrology, 538:warrant careful study in the light of modern affairs and the present world situation. From theAstrology, 585:One such figure in ancient times was Nero; the modern example is Hitler. What, however, has madeAstrology, 629:lies beyond or behind the entire content of modern knowledge and is consequently inexplicable toAstrology, 635:III, 337) Primitive astrology is as far above modern astrology as the Guides (the planets and theAstrology, 638:only-through initiation. (S.D. Vol. I, 703) Modern astrologers do not give the correspondences ofAstrology, 647:Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern astrological organizations are dim andAstrology, 672:the sun amongst the planets... Uranus is a modern name but one thing is certain, the ancients had aAtom, 20:and through all that we see manifesting in modern civilization; the steps that that purpose hasAtom, 152:to our solar system. Towards these views modern astronomers as yet hold an agnostic attitude, andAutobiography, 7:but it lies in the past; the achievements of modern science (though not man's use of theseAutobiography, 7:not man's use of these revelations) are a major modern spiritual factor; the struggle that is goingAutobiography, 80:appallingly orthodox or - to use the more modern word - an unthinking Fundamentalist, for noAutobiography, 144:rush, the brittle brilliancy and the glare of modern Hollywood today. It was then a gentler andAutobiography, 177:hope to achieve. As far as I can ascertain the modern generation of investigating students are notAutobiography, 178:truth. This is wholesome and right. I wish these modern writers who spend months in raking up dirtAutobiography, 187:High School. The editorial was dealing with the modern educational system and pointing out itsAutobiography, 200:sex discussions but I do know, however, that the modern generation is not entirely wrong. I do knowAutobiography, 201:the result. The church fulminates against the modern view of marriage and its disillusion butAutobiography, 214:Ageless Wisdom has little or no appeal to the modern generation. But those of us who really studiedAutobiography, 218:and meet the students and speak to them on the modern spiritual approach to truth and to talk toAutobiography, 225:a striking comment about him. He calls him the modern St. Francis of Assisi and says that theAutobiography, 235:Servers was launched into the consciousness of modern humanity. The pamphlet outlining this idealAutobiography, 240:disciplines are no longer obligatory. The modern disciple, intelligent, loving and serving, isAutobiography, 247:compilations of other books, both ancient or modern. This book of mine, however, is intended toAutobiography, 247:book of mine, however, is intended to train the modern aspirant in the control of his astral body,Autobiography, 247:the foundation for the new psychology for which modern psychology, materialistic as it may be, hasAutobiography, 262:schools today. All of them are relatively modern and have come into existence during the past sixtyAutobiography, 275:has - under other names - become recognizable as modern psychology. The mystery of the astral body,Autobiography, 284:do with the age of the person. We hold (as does modern psychology) that a human being is aAutobiography, 285:the Path of Discipleship, adapting them to modern conditions and to the more advanced mentalAutobiography, 285:to the more advanced mental comprehension of the modern aspirant. [286] We also leave our studentsAutobiography, 289:of separateness" which is so distinctive of modern thinking and thus lay the foundation for thatBethlehem, 9:for us and their reinterpretation in modern terms is our task. [10] A point of crisis and ofBethlehem, 11:significances of the Gospel story may enable the modern seeker to grasp the wider synthesis. SomeBethlehem, 17:separating two most different civilizations. Modern thinkers would do well to remember thatBethlehem, 21:of Christianity, and readapted [21] to meet modern need, for we can now enter into the Holy PlaceBethlehem, 25:and where world service is rendered. The modern so-called esoteric groups are not the custodians ofBethlehem, 28:approach the gate which leadeth unto life. All modern discovery, all psychological studies andBethlehem, 37:of Christianity, as rationalism, liberalism, and modern theology count it, exists no longer -Bethlehem, 41:disciple may speak of the Self or the Atman. The modern [42] schools of thought speak of the ego,Bethlehem, 45:of Initiation - mere husk truly, in these modern days, but the 'pattern of things in the heavens.'Bethlehem, 49:the growth of this new force, the intuition, in modern intelligent man. This, in its turn, bringsBethlehem, 56:as man, is not considered by this writer. Any modern writer, when responsible for a biography ofBethlehem, 89:planet we call the Earth, is regarded by many modern scientists of eminence as probably unique inBethlehem, 89:we gained from the purificatory processes of modern living. The will to betterment can be seenBethlehem, 97:systems which are proving ineffectual in the modern world. Purification is being forced upon us,Bethlehem, 118:with this the first temptation concerned itself. Modern science has told us that there is nothingBethlehem, 167:time to unite the ancient wisdom and the more modern hope. Keyserling has grasped the wonder ofBethlehem, 169:relief and redress of life and of the world." (Modern Trends in World Religions, edited by A. E.Bethlehem, 169:and more an objective in all human affairs. Even modern business is coming to the recognition thatBethlehem, 169:agency if business, as we understand it in the modern sense, is to survive. Upon what is thisBethlehem, 170:sacrifice and not sacrifice the other man." (Modern Trends in World Religions, edited by A.E.Bethlehem, 187:Intelligent people today must agree that "...modern thought does not clash with primitive ChristianBethlehem, 196:and failings of the average "nice" citizen of modern times involve different attitudes of mind andBethlehem, 226:the problem of the relation of Christ to the modern world, and dare to see the truth, without anyBethlehem, 226:of Christ will not suffer in this process. No modern view and no theology can take Christ away fromBethlehem, 244:each." - The Bhagavad Gita, II, 26, 29. [244] A modern Christian poet has expressed the same ideaBethlehem, 255:the pride of creativity and self-possession. The modern world as a whole has made its choice. ButBethlehem, 258:make clear to us the false values upon which our modern world is based. A study of the teachingsBethlehem, 269:the new ideas and the developing ideals of our modern world. The age of inspiration is not gone andBethlehem, 282:of the deep and distressing need of our modern world for revelation, for pure example and forDestinythe way from those of primeval humanity to our modern civilization; all that has happened is theDestiny, 10:This is a point I would have you remember. Modern man is apt to condemn the ideology which is notDestiny, 20:transmitted by the Hierarchy, is playing upon modern humanity in a more intimate and close mannerDestiny, 22:this to your attention and discussed these basic modern schools of thought because the potency ofDestiny, 26:me assure [26] you that under the pressure of modern life, under the strain of the imposed present
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