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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODERN

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Education, 100:and compulsory tuition which distinguishes the modern State schools, whose task it noticeably is toEducation, 101:take care of himself in the predatory world of modern life, earn a livelihood and become ifEducation, 103:materializing dreams or visions. For these, modern youth is taught that he must work and striveEducation, 108:struggle and persistence - hence the present modern upheaval. It is significant of a "pushingEducation, 110:handle this subject from the angle of the many modern textbooks on government, on law, or on theEducation, 127:are as rapidly deepening. It is hard for the modern thinker to conceive of that time when there wasEducation, 127:of the tribes which are fast dying out in the modern world, but even here it is impossible to makeEducation, 130:which is largely responsible for the revolt of modern youth against parental control, though otherEducation, 135:of the present economic distress and for the modern planetary dilemma. The economic situation andEducation, 144:(though not as yet universally admitted) by modern science. [145] Egoically and in relation to theExternalisation, 35:of these three aspects from the angle of modern need and the meeting of that need. [36] I haveExternalisation, 49:is the impulse which is today responsible for modern Humanism with its apparent materialism and yetExternalisation, 54:ways of governing, and analyze their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritualExternalisation, 59:standpoint of the present world situation and modern conditions. I may begin to organize this groupExternalisation, 76:and those whom we now call the Jews (a purely modern name and distinction, as I tried to show inExternalisation, 77:of years ago. It is these facts (unknown to the modern Jew) which has militated against him downExternalisation, 86:and to progress of the desired kind. This is the modern form of the ancient Atlantean laya-yoga, orExternalisation, 110:by events which are of so ancient an origin that modern, orthodox historians have no record ofExternalisation, 110:at this time. First of all, a recognition that modern academic history constitutes only one page inExternalisation, 110:at this time belong to an age so distant that no modern historian recognizes its episodes.Externalisation, 112:have taken place in practically every nation in modern times and have been recognized to someExternalisation, 114:Cycles of civilization such as that we call our modern civilization are analogous to a particular,Externalisation, 119:their embryonic forms. It is not possible for modern man to vision or understand such a state ofExternalisation, 120:it concerns a state of consciousness of which modern man knows practically nothing. But, inExternalisation, 121:a world as densely populated then as is the modern world but so it was. The animal nature, beingExternalisation, 121:they guided and guarded infant humanity, much as modern parents guide and guard their children, andExternalisation, 122:to discover and make possible. All that the modern processes of civilization have made possible,Externalisation, 122:remains are the degenerate remnants, and the modern skyscraper the child) were everywhere to beExternalisation, 122:child) were everywhere to be found. Most of our modern scientific knowledge was possessed by theseExternalisation, 123:of immature development (from the angle of our modern standards) and of the basically emotional andExternalisation, 124:treasures which intrigue and interest modern research workers, plus those dim memories of ancientExternalisation, 124:of ancient scientific achievement which lead the modern student to investigation and invention, andExternalisation, 124:the production of what we call the triumphs of modern science. The second point is that for theExternalisation, 124:- Section II - The General World Picture The Modern Era I would like to pause here and remind youExternalisation, 124:which should be recognized as we approach this modern era in which all these culminating effectsExternalisation, 127:emphasize the details of that great war and its modern correspondences; it is of no value for me toExternalisation, 127:value for me to compare the old methods and the modern usages whereby one side or the other carriesExternalisation, 133:A history of the trend towards fusion in the modern world would prove a most illuminating study. ItExternalisation, 184:lust for power, lust for personal triumph. The modern dictators are no exception. They bringExternalisation, 194:marching armies throughout the centuries, and modern travel have inextricably mixed and fused allExternalisation, 202:on the ancient realities but will be adapted to modern need and will manifest progressively theExternalisation, 243:the factors which have made and conditioned the modern world, and these predisposing factors mustExternalisation, 346:One such figure in ancient times was Nero; the modern example is Hitler. What, however, has madeExternalisation, 374:this selfish attempt, as history, ancient and modern, goes to prove. Their tradition, theirExternalisation, 394:sometimes more slowly, but always inevitably. In modern history, two such Approaches are recognizedExternalisation, 439:[439] destroyed. This period is recognized in modern history as the time of the Great Flood. Today,Externalisation, 448:a necessary consolidating work, and in the modern stage a crystallizing and reactionary work. TheExternalisation, 466:to the crescendo of knowledge, to the glory of modern science and to the widespread education whichExternalisation, 497:the next two generations will revolutionize modern thought and life. One is already sensed and isExternalisation, 497:for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods of education, and the significance ofExternalisation, 500:wait. It will level all the artificial layers of modern society and liberate men from the constantExternalisation, 516:way to heal which has small resemblance to the modern methods of the mental schools. PreparationExternalisation, 520:to you. However, if the disciples of this modern world, and the initiates, can measure up to theirExternalisation, 543:coming to have meaning through the teaching of modern psychology; there was the revelation of theExternalisation, 569:proficiency in all educational subjects - in modern history, for instance, or the newest scientificExternalisation, 569:there are adepts who are authorities upon modern financial matters, and these initiates of theExternalisation, 569:a system of barter and exchange, of which modern money is the travestied symbol. This newer methodExternalisation, 569:the same time, however, retain those phases of modern enterprise which will draw out the initiativeExternalisation, 570:their clear, pure wisdom, the sanity and the modern acceptableness of their proposed measures inExternalisation, 576:Why should it be blasphemy for Him to use modern methods? Whilst on earth before, He conformed toExternalisation, 589:through a comparative analysis of ancient and modern civilizations and cultures. The thread ofExternalisation, 595:among us since 700 B.C. and founded the great modern world faiths, and - above all else - in theExternalisation, 599:it is, however, one which means little in our modern civilization. The fact that is of importanceExternalisation, 605:the magnificent evidence of creative art - both modern and ancient - leave no room to questionExternalisation, 617:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization Modern esotericism and the success of scientific,Externalisation, 618:politically and religiously. I refer here not to modern democracy, which is at present a philosophyExternalisation, 645:This third type of energy is the easiest one for modern humanity to receive - which is perhaps aExternalisation, 646:vegetable kingdom. This has culminated in the modern preoccupation with money. There is very deepExternalisation, 651:possessing long range vision, plus sensible modern procedures. It is to this that all with trueExternalisation, 659:the Master Who started the labor movement in the modern world, and myself, the so-called MasterExternalisation, 666:upon the basic materialism to be found in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange,Externalisation, 674:activity and thus bring to the consciousness of modern man the knowledge of what occultismExternalisation, 675:of hierarchical policy and a mode whereby modern science (working as it does with energies) can beExternalisation, 675:areas or localities which constitute the present modern exits for energies, through which directedExternalisation, 675:energies, symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilization. I would have you bear in mindExternalisation, 677:the attempt to make him an active factor in our modern civilization is not too harmful in view ofExternalisation, 678:date on, great concepts and new ideas, and the modern ideologies and arguments for and againstExternalisation, 678:against aspects of the truth, have characterized modern thought and produced the present [679]Externalisation, 699:of the Hierarchy will adjust Themselves to modern living conditions, as to what food They will eatExternalisation, 699:marry. One thing only will I say: They will take modern life and what it means and will proceed toFire, xiv:we use words and phrases and speak in terms of modern language the whole subject necessarilyFire, 57:person, should engross the attention of the modern physician. He will then concern himself with theFire, 59:some of which are being now recognized by the modern scientist. They are but aspects of the latentFire, 60:Nature, and which is back of the cry of the modern physician, when he wisely says "Back to theFire, 116:old and true correspondences couched in a more modern form The lowest cosmic plane is the cosmicFire, 778:with our scheme. A great deal has been said in modern occult literature anent the process followedFire, 797:the whole fabric of thought built up around such modern expressions as: Consanguinity or blood tiesFire, 916:which will tend to revolutionize the findings of modern science, and bring about changes in theFire, 916:solar system. In a way incomprehensible to modern thinkers, the Mother, or the divine Aspirant toFire, 1028:known to occultists, and deals with facts. The modern fact of the modern scientist is hisFire, 1028:and deals with facts. The modern fact of the modern scientist is his approximation of a part, andFire, 1028:but only with their originating cause. The modern scientist, therefore, is not as yet occupyingFire, 1037:[1037] quarter of each century. What our more modern students are apt to forget in this connectionFire, 1057:Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern varying astrological organizations are butFire, 1059:of man, and in the tens of millions which the modern telescope reveals there is seen the physicalGlamour, 30:more potent thought-forms. Ancient theologies in modern garb, fixed presentations of half truth,Glamour, 48:- a way of escape. I am using this phrase in the modern psychological sense. Be sure to askGlamour, 62:and well developed from the angle of modern intelligence. Glamour, 65:of the whole of [65] the mental plane, as modern man contacts it. Illusion varies from age to age,Glamour, 109:at the same time, just as today in this modern Aryan race, there are many, many millions of people
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