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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODERN

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Healing, 710:to be so profoundly more effective. Just as all modern knowledge, developed on the physical plane,Healing, 711:added to the sane understanding and work of the modern physician, aided by the healer (who works asHealing, 714:at this time recognized in the teachings of the modern medical schools, though the fact has beenHercules, 3:is not warranted unless the application can be modern and practical. It must indicate theHercules, 4:that all of us, struggling in our present modern life, can make application to ourselves of theHercules, 9:become apparent also how curiously applicable to modern conditions are the various details of theHercules, 28:story with the everyday life and tests of modern discipleship, we shall tell the story of the taskHercules, 88:of stars; Praesepe, the manger, [88] called by modern astronomers, "the beehive". The latter is aHercules, 134:the zodiacal sign. The hard, driving thrust of modern life is too aggressively masculine; theHercules, 145:in the subconscious nature has been the work of modern psychoanalysis. The latter technique bringsHercules, 145:of Hercules - Labor VIII Fighting the Hydra: Modern Version A consideration of the nine problemsHercules, 149:a man can declare himself to be humanised. Modern life offers many examples of brutality and wantonHercules, 207:couched in such terms that meets the need of the modern student. A study of the Twelve Labors ofInitiation, 169:is as yet but a matter for speculation for modern science. The fact that it is triple isInitiation, 219:and is centered within the spine. Lemuria A modern term first used by some naturalists and nowInitiation, 224:root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong, is the fifth, theIntellect, 3:and in its right adaptation to the needs of our modern civilization will be found the solution ofIntellect, 3:of memory training, and prove a potent factor in modern educational procedure. It is a subject thatIntellect, 4:is available for all; and ancient techniques and modern methods must meet and interchange. EachIntellect, 4:which will embody the spirit of the New Age. Modern thinkers are realizing this and Dr. OverstreetIntellect, 9:has had. Our ears are deafened by the din of our modern civilization and yet at times we catchIntellect, 23:set their mark upon human thought. For this our modern Occidental world has substituted massIntellect, 28:to what end? Is its goal social adjustment? The modern age replies emphatically, yes, but what kindIntellect, 30:Could it be said that this is the effect of our modern educational systems? Is not the mindIntellect, 40:and has been tremendously unfolded by our modern educational systems, so the soul type is theIntellect, 74:from the stage of the cave-dweller to our modern civilized condition. Above all, we are aware ofIntellect, 74:have direct experience, and the keynote of our modern times can be summed up in the words "FromIntellect, 102:minds, and the thoughts of men (both ancient and modern) are conveyed to him through the medium ofIntellect, 147:Bible We have laid down the general premise that modern educational methods in the West haveIntellect, 172:words written by a Hindu mystic and some by a modern Christian mystic, typical examples of the twoIntellect, 208:appear from the study of conditions that the modern western aspirant has either to forego theIntellect, 209:time has now come. In the stress and stir of modern living, in the jungles of our great cities, inIntellect, 260:expression of group activity. The tendency in modern times to find the one-pointed thinker andMagic, 9:of Light. When it is realized that even the modern scientist is saying that light and matter areMagic, 22:agelong in use, where every people - ancient and modern - employ the same triplicity of ideation toMagic, 41:they have arrived is basically correct. The modern investigator will admit the Law of Analogy asMagic, 55:and an appreciation of the interpretations of modern Eastern and Western investigators. Control theMagic, 76:writing which I have sought to convey in modern English, the sages of old embodied an idea. The OldMagic, 76:These old Scriptures are not read in the way modern students read books. They are seen, touched andMagic, 134:New Thought workers, the Theosophists and the modern philosophers and workers in other fields ofMagic, 143:(and are increasingly so regarded by modern thinkers) as the highest agent used by man in mouldingMagic, 147:nature. Little by little, using the language of modern psychology, within the outer form, which isMagic, 189:This subject is of vital importance to the modern aspirant, for the mechanism of the heart, theMagic, 225:are offset one against the other. The entire modern economic situation is of an astral nature; itMagic, 275:call the ether. Occultly speaking, this is the modern way of expressing "the waters of space",Magic, 277:are stirred to the very depths. Students of modern history and of social order are faced with anMagic, 299:during the ages, are found the causes of all modern fear and the basis of all terror, above allMagic, 333:the next two generations will revolutionize modern thought and life. One is already sensed and isMagic, 334:for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods of education, and the significance ofMagic, 336:of a new factor from the standpoint of the modern psychologist of the materialistic school and willMagic, 340:receive an attention equal to that now given by modern scientists in their varying branches to theMagic, 372:field of exploration immediately ahead of the modern scientist. In ten years time, many medicalMagic, 399:of this Atlantean group remain with us in the modern Masonic movements, and the work of theMagic, 406:political, religious, and scientific. In more modern times three other groups have definitelyMagic, 407:of which the radio, the press, modern transportation, and the telephone and telegraph are theMagic, 407:dependence upon authority. They are against all modern innovations and progress. Secondly, thoseMagic, 409:their work are still [409] to be felt, for the modern humanistic movement with its emphasis uponMagic, 409:and Moravian martyrs, and the thousands of modern sects in every group. These have all served theirMagic, 411:business men. The group of philosophers of more modern date are already powerfully molding thought,Magic, 411:reality and the means of knowledge. The two most modern groups are the psychologists [412] who workMagic, 412:control the multiplicity of form-objects which modern man regards as essential to his mode of life.Magic, 440:consciously spoken by the soul. Translated into modern terms much is lost, but the underlyingMagic, 453:that much in these Instructions is in advance of modern thought and both these Instructions and theMagic, 464:the truth of the statement made in many occult modern books that the trend of life or cycle ofMagic, 499:clear. What I have to say in no way abrogates modern medical science with its palliatives andMagic, 552:on in the world of today. The [552] trend of our modern civilization, in spite of all its mistakesMagic, 575:and ready either to conquer or perish that the modern mystic can hope to achieve his object." IMagic, 627:instinctual reaction of the race as whole, our modern civilization is the result; its vast centers,Magic, 627:its massed tenements have merged, and we have modern herding, carried to the nth degree. The fourthMagic, 627:of importance which have produced much of the modern economic and national troubles. We haveMagic, 628:and usefulness; they have produced our modern civilization with all its defects and yet with allMagic, 628:of self-assertion, in its turn, has given to our modern civilization its intense individualism, theMeditation, 197:and have their apotheosis in the low type of modern dance. In the modern dance is found theMeditation, 197:in the low type of modern dance. In the modern dance is found the corruptest manifestation ofMeditation, 244:disastrous mistakes that so oft eventuate in the modern practice of medicine, as you call the artMeditation, 244:the emotional body has reached the point where modern science has placed the physical. The healingMeditation, 244:on emotional levels he can cooperate with the modern enlightened medical man, and thus safeguardMeditation, 325:school being in close touch with the centers of modern thought. Today I seek to point out certainMeditation, 354:on Occult Meditation - Glossary L-O Lemuria A modern term first used by some naturalists and nowMeditation, 359:root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong, is the fifth, thePatanjali, 90:substance and he knows what is as yet unknown to modern scientists. He realizes also that as thePatanjali, 282:It may [282] be suggested that the modern western correspondences are to be found in the terms:Patanjali, 283:great difference between this philosophy and modern science is here indicated. The schools of todayPatanjali, 297:the statement and reduce its terms to those of modern occultism. "By constant steady meditationPatanjali, 298:hold. These seven worlds correspond to the modern occult division of our solar system into sevenPatanjali, 299:on this differentiation, for they blend in with modern Theosophical thought. The earth plane isPatanjali, 314:here which have nothing to correspond to them in modern thought. One is, that there is a light inPatanjali, 364:atom. This is inferred in the word "genus." The modern occultist might prefer the word "ray," andPatanjali, 411:so completely covered that practically all our modern schools can be regarded as outgrowths orPatanjali, 415:all, much confusion remains as the result of our modern tendency to deify the mind and to regard itProblems, 5:obviously existing between primitive men and our modern intelligent humanity lie the grounds for anProblems, 6:social, economic and political civilization of modern times. The culture of the ages, the arts,Problems, 15:nationalism and its growth is the background of modern history as taught in our schools, feedingProblems, 36:basic trend down the centuries has produced our modern world and this has been materialistic. TheProblems, 38:to an intelligent sense of proportion. Our modern civilization will not stand up to the acid testProblems, 39:of material possessions. This has produced our modern civilization and, for this reason, it isProblems, 55:which, today, many thousands do pass. In the modern schools (grammar or primary schools, high orProblems, 56:which have brought about the downfall of our modern world. It might prove later (when true religionProblems, 64:of the World Conclusion It is difficult for modern man to conceive of a time when there will be noProblems, 74:children increased. The sweat-shop flourished; modern capitalism came into its own and the sharp
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