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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODERN

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Problems, 76:strength is well known and a primary modern interest. Powerful individuals among the union leadersProblems, 79:world? What really lies at the very heart of the modern materialistic difficulty? This lastProblems, 79:financial and economic structure of the modern world, desire is the underlying cause. It demandsProblems, 79:human thinking; it is the keynote of our modern civilization; it is also the octopus which isProblems, 91:and all are bound together by what we call modern civilization. It is a civilization at presentProblems, 97:which are shared with the whole of the East. The modern Jew is also the product of many centuriesProblems, 98:in the past upon racial purity. The young and modern Jew lays no emphasis upon this and has usuallyProblems, 100:been obedient and hence their plight in a modern world. The word "love" as it concerns relation toProblems, 100:retail shops where these rules are kept - in a modern world where scientific methods are applied toProblems, 101:needed than in the case of the Jew in the modern world. Yet - God has made all men equal; the JewProblems, 104:(if one goes no further back), sporadic in more modern times, but culminating in the violentProblems, 105:primitive, warlike, totally uneducated from the modern point of view, ruled by chieftains and underProblems, 107:have, as yet, only made the first steps towards modern civilization and culture, but are takingProblems, 107:Africa out of their primitive state into a more modern one; education and modern ways of thinkingProblems, 107:state into a more modern one; education and modern ways of thinking and planning are rapidlyProblems, 107:fitting the Negroes to take their place in a modern world; science, transportation [108] andProblems, 108:tying them closely into the developing scheme of modern history; the new world with its better waysProblems, 126:again, symbolism itself must be subjected to modern translation and not to the misinterpretation ofProblems, 134:past and the civilization which controlled our modern life in ruins. Cities and homes have beenProblems, 143:interpretations of the Middle Ages, of the modern fundamentalists or of the churchmen who seek -Problems, 161:[161] Evocation - must be added the exceedingly modern one of energy as the basis of all life, allProblems, 167:reality one and the same thing, for behind all modern wars lies a fundamental economic problem.Problems, 174:these Franklin D. Roosevelt was an outstanding modern example, for he gave of his best and died inProblems, 176:Europe and eastern Europe look at life and the modern problems from different angles; this makesPsychology1, 4:clarify our knowledge as to the nature of man. Modern psychology, experimental and academic, hasPsychology1, 7:shall therefore, if possible, endeavor to add to modern psychology and enrich its content with thatPsychology1, 9:I say to any knowledge you may possess of the modern theories, and remember that the more truly youPsychology1, 21:we call substance or (to use a technical term of modern science, which is the best we can do atPsychology1, 28:more in line with the terminology of emerging modern thought) I choose to callPsychology1, 28:May I interpolate here the comment that modern thinkers would do well to bear in mind that thePsychology1, 43:awareness can be noted in the tendency of modern thought to speak of patterns and of plans, of bluePsychology1, 50:statesmanship, of government. Lower Expression: Modern diplomacy and politics. Ray II - HigherPsychology1, 50:Lower Expression: Architectural construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher Expression: ThePsychology1, 50:the soul. Esoteric psychology. Lower Expression: Modern educational systems and mental science. RayPsychology1, 62:is slowly fading. I now translate it into modern language though much is lost thereby. [63] ThePsychology1, 68:all these names are studied in connection with modern developments or modern culture and science,Psychology1, 68:in connection with modern developments or modern culture and science, it will become apparent howPsychology1, 69:worlds) are turned to the manifestation of our modern civilization, with its material emphasis, itsPsychology1, 74:will appear as human beings in the field of the modern world, may be looked for before the end ofPsychology1, 90:that carried on lately in connection with the modern materialistic schools and with the fullerPsychology1, 100:this study, carried forward with an open mind, modern psychology will eventually arrive at aPsychology1, 101:Questions and their Answers In the field of modern psychology we can look for a gradual recognitionPsychology1, 112:Some of it will throw light upon the problems of modern psychology, and link the many aspects ofPsychology1, 118:on this matter for the following reasons: 1. Modern psychology is in a cul-de-sac. The manyPsychology1, 119:the seven rays to the notice of the thinkers of modern times, so that the light of this esotericPsychology1, 120:of training and developing the human family. Modern exoteric science knows much about the outerPsychology1, 152:to the esoteric teaching, even though the modern scientist may not agree. A solar system consistsPsychology1, 161:power. Hence the value to psychologists in these modern days (temporarily at least) if they willPsychology1, 166:Creative Builders, the Seven Rays The rise of modern spiritualism is no doubt due to the seventhPsychology1, 213:- and the four kingdoms as enumerated by modern science. With the involutionary arc we have nothingPsychology1, 224:unrelated to each other from the angle of modern science) are nevertheless subjectively andPsychology1, 226:more easily recognized radioactivity with which modern science is now concerned. It was threePsychology1, 228:are far more dense and "substantial." This modern science has also told us, positing thePsychology1, 234:in the exoteric teachings and theologies of our modern sciences. I seek to indicate the synthesisPsychology1, 237:lay the ground for that coming science (of which modern psychology is the experimental beginning)Psychology1, 237:as easily with the evolution of consciousness as modern science deals with the form expressions ofPsychology1, 247:has been the subject of investigation by the modern scientist, but until he recognizes the fact ofPsychology1, 271:of a natural process which distinguish modern man in all parts of the world. These again vary inPsychology1, 273:except as it enters into our consideration of modern man. I cannot touch upon the quarrels of thePsychology1, 274:past than men, but are perhaps less so now, as modern knowledge is inculcating modern methods ofPsychology1, 274:less so now, as modern knowledge is inculcating modern methods of protection from the risk and painPsychology1, 277:of the species. Speaking in terms of modern usage as it is found among the unthinking and thePsychology1, 277:is rampant at this time in a mental and modern conception of the phenomenon, [278] but it is rarePsychology1, 283:increase in population. This is due to the modern understanding of birth control methods andPsychology1, 294:psychology, will have completely superseded our modern methods. The emphasis in the future will bePsychology1, 301:of our physical ills, and devastate our modern civilization), we should have made war impossible,Psychology1, 301:should have reduced crime to a minimum, and our modern life would be an exemplification of aPsychology1, 301:But this has not been the case, and hence our modern world conditions. But the new law must, andPsychology1, 302:third basic law underlying the solution of our modern problems, including that of sex, growsPsychology1, 313:be enacted on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant during the next fifty years. WePsychology1, 322:peasants who have not been subjected to modern education. The man at this stage is little betterPsychology1, 326:treatise, for they are beautifully dealt with by modern science, which is steadily forging ahead inPsychology1, 329:considered in two ways: From the standpoint of modern esoteric science. From the standpoint of ThePsychology1, 330:note how all-inclusive it is. I commend it to modern psychologists for study. Psychology1, 333:of the speculative science it now is. At present modern psychology concerns itself with the morePsychology1, 340:potency of experimental ideas in the world of modern times. The attractive power of the soul growsPsychology1, 359:the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control andPsychology1, 360:the universal electrical energy which we know as modern electricity, produced to serve man'sPsychology1, 364:ray influence produced the appearance of the modern science of psychology, and that science hasPsychology1, 370:the kundalini fire. The cosmic rays of which the modern scientist is aware constitute aspects ofPsychology1, 374:even the advertisers of the tinned goods of our modern civilization lay the emphasis upon the quotaPsychology1, 375:on to etheric levels. Paralleling the growth of modern knowledge as to the "soul as intellect", wePsychology1, 383:There is a natural rapport indicated between the modern and present personality rays of Germany andPsychology1, 389:time making its presence felt in the new and modern style in building. Its higher expression is notPsychology1, 391:tendency is being recognized today by modern psychology in connection with the individual humanPsychology1, 397:here refer. These three were the founders of the modern Jewish race. They were three advancedPsychology1, 399:blood is not found to the same extent, and the modern Jew is as much a by-product as is thePsychology1, 400:of the truth, and caused them to trace our modern Western history to the Jews of the Dispersion. ItPsychology1, 400:The Semitic race or races of Biblical and modern times; the Arabs, the Afghans, the Moors and thePsychology1, 400:and affiliations of those peoples, including the modern Egyptians. These are all descended from thePsychology1, 401:and when the three great major strains in our modern civilization are recognized, then we shall seePsychology1, 401:of intermarriage with the ancestors of the modern Jews and other racial types, but they have notPsychology1, 411:and of government. Lower expression: Modern diplomacy and politics. Ray II - Higher expression: ThePsychology1, 411:Lower expression: Architectural construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher expression: ThePsychology1, 411:the Soul. Esoteric psychology. Lower expression: Modern educational systems. Ray VI - HigherPsychology2, 9:his place on the ladder of evolution, but modern psychology of the extreme materialistic schoolPsychology2, 19:can grasp, for even the discoveries of modern science give no real idea as to the true nature ofPsychology2, 20:and thought habits, and from the standpoint of modern knowledge and terminologies. Later they mayPsychology2, 44:the opportunity to sense the universal rhythm. Modern disciples, if they are to do their work asPsychology2, 48:which is incapable [48] of translation into modern language. It signifies that complete merging
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