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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODES

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Glamour, 178:technique falls into certain scientific lines or modes of work, for which much of the trainingGlamour, 192:the powers which these techniques serve produces modes of contact with soul and spiritualGlamour, 213:plane, will prove to be a part of the new modes of work which will be employed in the new age. ForGlamour, 266:He has also mastered all possible techniques and modes and methods of activity, of control and ofHealing, 21:good and hopeful of results; its conclusions and modes of work are at present woefully at fault,Healing, 68:dosed minds and see nothing but the new ways, modes and methods, and throw overboard all the old,Healing, 75:Chapter IX, which concerns itself with the seven modes of healing. I simply mention it here so asHealing, 100:when we come to the section entitled The Seven Modes of Healing. He attracts to himself and absorbsHealing, 102:will now see the purpose of the rules anent the modes of healing which I gave early in this seriesHealing, 118:subjected to the same reasoning, and one of the modes of healing which will be worked out later isHealing, 182:at the same time I must refrain from indicating modes and methods of arousing the activity of thisHealing, 236:bring about the cessation of those practices and modes of living and desiring which account forHealing, 237:of nations. I would have you ponder on these two modes of treating wrong doing. They will beHealing, 262:humanity - things of beauty and of horror, modes of living [263] and civilization and culture,Healing, 278:the medium of so-called esoteric and mental modes of healing. Yet little is known of the makeup ofHealing, 284:of an orthodox kind accompany the subtler modes of help. It is in the wise combination of the twoHealing, 319:view, might be regarded as involving euthanasia. Modes of abstraction will be studied and appliedHealing, 324:death) is the precipitation on earth of certain modes of procedure on the etheric plane wherebyHealing, 353:and whilst the race is on its way to the newer modes of living, with their resultant effects ofHealing, 353:to end wrong ways of living, and change poor modes of psychological expression as far as you seeHealing, 370:here given of one of the future physical plane modes of dispersing a disease. The power ofHealing, 370:yet realized, but it will embody one of the new modes of healing. The healing radiation, therefore,Healing, 379:and the gradual development of more sensitive modes of registering and recording subtle phenomenaHealing, 394:and begin to regard the form or forms as simply modes of expression, all the old sorrowful ideasHealing, 481:nor am I concerned with endorsing the newer modes of treatment - all of which are still in theHealing, 493:detail as to reciprocal give and take or to the modes and methods of contact. Each person differs;Healing, 530:symptoms, plus the orthodox remedies and modes of handling disease. To this technical knowledge andHealing, 556:a sympathetic rapport with the patient. Modes of protecting himself from any transference broughtHealing, 558:of the public in the so-called New Age modes of healing, in the methods of the Christian Scientist,Healing, 578:The true healer automatically blends both modes of healing and uses both methods simultaneously andHealing, 578:which makes a man an initiate. Celibacy, careful modes of eating and a measure of bodilyHealing, 590:of time something inconceivable and outside the modes of expression and of thinking of the man whoHealing, 605:employed. We have noted here, as you see, three modes whereby the healer employs the force focused,Healing, 606:In the last analysis the aim in the three modes of aiding the patient by direct work with theHealing, 613:to diet and to fasting, and to the present modes of (so-called) mental and divine healing, areHealing, 615:everything is circulation, transmission, and modes of passing energy from one form to another form,Healing, 632:last analysis, the spiritual healer and the new modes of mental healing have relatively little toHealing, 643:all successful healing work. It sums up the two modes of healing, based on two capacities of theHealing, 644:purely mental levels, on systems of affirmation, modes of prayer, stimulation of the patient'sHealing, 651:at the [651] initiate stage. When both modes of magnetic healing have been mastered, the healer mayHealing, 664:[664] You have oft been told that there are two modes of achievement; the long hard way ofHealing, 670:that the Hierarchy is effective; the methods and modes whereby They protect humanity from mobilizedHealing, 693: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing CHAPTER IX The Seven Modes of HealingHealing, 693:The Seven Modes of Healing CHAPTER IX The Seven Modes of Healing It will be obvious to you thatHealing, 693:to you that even if the techniques or the seven modes of healing - relating as they do to theHealing, 695: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing I. The Seven Ray Energies FifteenHealing, 698: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing II. The Rays of Healer and of PatientHealing, 701: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing The rest of this subject can perhaps beHealing, 705: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing III. The Seven Healing Techniques TheHealing, 706: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing The Seven Statements 1. The first rayHealing, 707: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 2. The second ray technique. Let theHealing, 708: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 3. The third ray technique. The healerHealing, 709: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 4. The fourth ray technique. The healerHealing, 710: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 5. The fifth ray technique. That whichHealing, 710:physical care and passing on to subtler modes of healing. Again I would point out that physical aidHealing, 711: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 6. The sixth ray technique. CleavingHealing, 712: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing 7. The seventh ray technique. EnergyHealing, 713: Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing In conclusion I would like to tell youHercules, 159:centaur with the bow and arrows. In these two modes of picturing - the centaur half human and halfIntellect, 213:hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, andMagic, 168:off his feet with new ideals, new isms, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment. HeMagic, 216:eye through light awakens into life the needed modes of Being. To the disciple this will carryMagic, 389:all means of transportation to an end and all modes of lighting; you would throw all manufactoriesMagic, 403:our planet are taken for granted, and are but modes, processes and means to a specific end. TheMagic, 408:the realization that other approaches and other modes of expression and terminologies, and otherMagic, 412:energy, and constituting a dictatorship over all modes of intercourse, commerce and exchange. TheyMagic, 419:cultural or any other form of imposed truth. Modes of approach to reality will be recognized andMagic, 427:learning. They will meet solely to discuss modes of world helpfulness, the formation of a platformMagic, 428:them for world service. In these schools [428] modes of meditation, the intensification ofMagic, 476:necessity. May it not be possible that under the modes of activity employed by the advertisingMagic, 481:to science, to religion or to the varying modes of human activity have oriented the mind (not theMagic, 580:or steadily and the effects of these two modes of the application of energy differ. One isMagic, 633:forward. I have sought to explain the above modes and methods [634] of work, for the times are hardMeditation, 105:lowering of the vitality, and of many individual modes of showing tension and nervousness,Meditation, 209:previous solar system, have been seized upon as modes of expression by that mysterious somethingMeditation, 239:between spirit and matter, manifesting as modes of expression whereby the indwelling divinityMeditation, 295:records will be kept of the times and modes of contact and in this manner much knowledge willMeditation, 306:vibration, and bring into being again similar modes of expression, and similar forms. It will bePatanjali, 15:among occult psychologists, that there are three modes of apprehension: Direct cognition throughPatanjali, 108:perception is unfailingly accurate and the other modes of vision are seen in their rightPatanjali, 173:[173] sixth sense and its use bring about seven modes of thought, or - to put it more technically -Patanjali, 230:hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, andPatanjali, 342:are, however, two higher forms and two other modes of perception, i.e., the intuitional andPatanjali, 423:in the full light of day, these methods and modes of disciplined living must be adhered toProblems, 5:systems of the present nations; the various modes of primitive communication by means of drums orProblems, 6:in the space of a few short days; the early slow modes of travel by foot, on horseback or byProblems, 16:The nations are reverting to the deep seated modes of behavior and thought which have characterizedProblems, 33:hitherto held the field against the established modes of teaching; his impracticality and hisProblems, 45:forth and indicated new ways of thinking, new modes of human planning and thus changed for all timeProblems, 180:are free from scurrilous attack or aggressive modes of action, and actuated by goodwill to all menPsychology1, xix:it, details in some measure the methods and modes of work during the coming new age. Ponder uponPsychology1, xx:to give some idea of their technique of work and modes of procedure. Letters on Occult MeditationPsychology1, 38:as a part of a greater whole. These are but modes of expressing the emerging quality and the hiddenPsychology1, 49:specific and unique. Let me point out to you the modes of this group teaching: [50] Ray I - HigherPsychology2, 25:the whole trend of his daily attitudes, or his modes of living, and of his character begins toPsychology2, 188:certain new techniques in work and in modes of communication. It is to be noted that in these lastPsychology2, 346:within the form, which occultly applies these modes of integration. The soul is essentially thePsychology2, 392:evoked in response to this revelation, and modes and methods of cooperation will be sentientlyPsychology2, 436:religious, or scientific fields, and in other modes of divine manifestation. Found between a manPsychology2, 573:close to the time when the fact of there being modes of perception other than those of the physical
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