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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MODIFIED

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Destiny, 121:and of civilization have to be destroyed or modified. This is, all of it, the work of the first RayDiscipleship1, 205:first ray Will, for it will then be inevitably modified by your personality focus. You will note,Discipleship2, 68:country. This demand can be and is affected, modified and spiritualized by the attitude and theDiscipleship2, 92:once the case. In fact, several times I have modified my criticism (or analysis, as I prefer toDiscipleship2, 271:and cultures are externalizations - modified, qualified and adapted to racial and national needs -Discipleship2, 342:I cooperated with the Plan in order to have "modified, qualified and adapted it" to meet the need IDiscipleship2, 392:- as Presented to them in the Ashram - are then modified and rearranged so that the Plan becomes aDiscipleship2, 392:nevertheless seek. Then later, the ideal, "duly modified and qualified" is presented to the worldExternalisation, 322:will be the theme of world education in some modified form. The books which have been published canExternalisation, 359:(which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race ofFire, 770:group becomes matured the desire impulse becomes modified until it is eventually superseded byFire, 1040:simultaneous rotation. The movement forward is modified considerably by the internal atomicFire, 1048:rotary life of the atoms, and their interplay, modified by the Life of the planetary group, orGlamour, 166:(which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race ofHealing, 53:for that basic condition is becoming steadily modified by impulses coming from the mental plane.Healing, 502:produces subsequent death, through the stages of modified disease and peaceful, consequent death,Healing, 676:for it can (unless held in leash, stepped down, modified or, if needed, eliminated altogether)Hercules, 135:He knows that masculine assertiveness must be modified by the subtler savor of feminine sweetness;Intellect, 33:consequent standard of values will have to be modified for each person, for each generation,Magic, 252:is sensed. The vital airs in the head can be modified and respond to the force of the buildingMeditation, 170:above, though all of course colored and modified by his personality ray, and by the point attainedPatanjali, 46:their climb up the mount of initiation has to be modified, or "the water will be spilt and the bowlPsychology1, 83:the vegetation and the animal life will be modified and developed, and much that is latent in thePsychology1, 202:orchestral effects and crashing choruses, and if modified by the fourth, sixth or seventh rays, mayPsychology1, 203:as he does. He will make a good business man, if modified by the fourth, fifth and seventh rays.Psychology1, 204:in the higher mathematics but who, unless modified by some practical ray, would hardly be troubledPsychology1, 337:The magnetic pull of that which is desired is modified on our planet by the personality ray of ourPsychology1, 337:Just as every cell and atom in the human body is modified and conditioned by the egoic ray and thePsychology1, 337:body of the planetary Logos is conditioned and modified [338] by His outstanding ray influence, inPsychology2, 597:which they are not ready, which have not been modified to suit the occidental type of body, andRays, 296:which He expressed took form and has greatly modified and colored human thinking and planning, andRays, 690:Ray of Love-Wisdom, though this dominant ray is modified and enriched through blending with theRays, 716:in the three worlds after being stepped down and modified by transit through the great planetaryReappearance, 132:order (which is so largely disorder) can be so modified and changed that a new world order and aSoul, 65:of physics:... "Electric charges, composed of modified ether, are likely to prove to be the cosmicTelepathy, 79:process" carried forward by humanity is modified and often negated by two factors: Human ignorance
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