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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOMENT

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Astrologymodern astrology into something of real moment and significance to the world. It is intuitionalAstrology, 16:the astrologer and the recognition of the exact moment of birth. One wonders if these conditions ofAstrology, 16:One wonders if these conditions of the exact moment and the completely wise astrologer are ever toAstrology, 16:man who has no conscious soul experience. The moment that a man becomes aware of his own soul andAstrology, 20:all an integral part of the Great Illusion. The moment a man begins to emerge out of that illusionAstrology, 20:glamor and to the effect of the world maya, that moment the motion of the great Wheel of Life [21]Astrology, 30:by these forces as the effect of a [30] high moment of contact in your morning meditation producesAstrology, 63:remembered that as it is necessary to know the moment of birth and the place of birth in castingAstrology, 81:a hierarchy or a man, after there has been a "moment of crisis," resulting in a "period ofAstrology, 81:a sweep around the Path of Life, taking only a moment of time and "obliterating past, present andAstrology, 81:which will enable him to arrive at a major moment of crisis in his cyclic life wherein he willAstrology, 101:the point of balance where - usually - the moment for the reversal of the wheel takes place. ThereAstrology, 119:Then comes a great process of polarization and a moment of transference, after which the influenceAstrology, 145:air and light," in order to become from that moment the servant of the soul. In Leo, the individualAstrology, 152:east to west as it progresses onward and, in one moment of time, this it does." This is a symbolicAstrology, 159:all efforts. But - and this is the matter of moment and of interest - when humanity emerges intoAstrology, 163:brought into a close combination at the present moment of crisis and are responsible for worldAstrology, 172:The central decanate is therefore of peculiar moment in our world period as it is concerned withAstrology, 173:become an impelling impulse, until finally the moment arrives when a true sense of realityAstrology, 181:soul and can function as either at any desired moment with equal facility. This takes place uponAstrology, 183:meet and cross. Libra, therefore, controls the "moment of reversal of the wheel" in the life ofAstrology, 183:in the life of every aspirant, for there comes a moment in the cycle of lives wherein a point ofAstrology, 286:do not prove this, it is because the exact hour, moment and day of birth has not been accuratelyAstrology, 286:When self-consciousness is born (as at the moment of individualization) a new cycle begins. ThisAstrology, 305:at these geometrical charts will indicate in a moment the status of the initiate, and also theAstrology, 337:The man is the prisoner of desire and at the moment of consummation knows his prison. [338]Astrology, 375:for the coming Avatar Who will - at the right moment - come forth, embodying in Himself the Will ofAstrology, 392:and this which is below." There comes a dramatic moment when all desire is renounced; the will ofAstrology, 393:revelation breaks forth and knows at [393] that moment what it is He has to do. Such is the test ofAstrology, 398:cycle) a rhythm of experience of tremendous moment. These seven signs are pre-eminentlyAstrology, 410:to which a particular sign refers at any given moment. This I called to your attention in anAstrology, 429:by the organs of reproduction. Let me pause a moment here to point out that in this study of theAstrology, 436:cycle it is Capricorn which is producing the moment of crisis - a crisis of initiation plus aAstrology, 438:that which must be discovered and, at the right moment, it transmits knowledge of the hiddenAstrology, 442:At this point I would like to pause for a moment and interpolate a word in answer to a perfectlyAstrology, 472:great constellations. Let us consider them for a moment. They are: The Crisis of the Soul CrisisAstrology, 493:A point arises here which is one of real moment or perhaps, I should say that a question might hereAstrology, 518:is of general interest but not of individual moment. Arguing as one ever must from the universal toAstrology, 524:here to interpolate some remarks. It is of deep moment to realize that Great Britain and the UnitedAstrology, 585:of love. Such people are individually of small moment and of no importance but their massedAstrology, 598:shatters or breaks up that limitation the moment that a point of real harmony or at-one-ment hasAstrology, 598:reached. Esoterically it might be said that the moment that form (limitation) and life balance eachAstrology, 626:in time and space." Let us look at them for a moment: Astrology, 627:between the Mother and the Child because the moment comes when the Christ Child will emerge fromAstrology, 635:of the fittest" reigned supreme from the moment that Kosmos manifested into being... Hence: TheAstrology, 678:"Kepler states as a positive fact that at the moment of the Incarnation (of Christ) all the planetsAtom, 19:to us. We may have a vision, we may have a high moment of revelation, but when we contact theAtom, 46:animating all atoms, but I should like for a moment to take up what is perhaps the method of theirAtom, 60:this phenomenon. She stated to me that, at the moment of death, in several cases, a flash of lightAtom, 60:if they had noted any peculiar phenomena at the moment of death. Several replied by saying thatAtom, 64:happy release which we call death, that great moment in which the "spirit in prison" escapes fromAtom, 133:with the human family to take place, for the moment group consciousness becomes, on a larger scale,Autobiography, 2:human affairs. Those are the things which are of moment and not the earthly experiences, theAutobiography, 10:can recollect my eldest daughter reaching such a moment when she was in her early twenties. SheAutobiography, 40:there were happenings and events of far greater moment to the progress of the race than thoseAutobiography, 48:if one had climbed a mountain peak and - at the moment of gaining the summit - suddenly thereAutobiography, 64:much good but that she had no one else at that moment to send. I wonder sometimes whether my MasterAutobiography, 82:I have not spelt his name right, but it is of no moment. I believe he really loved me. He was anAutobiography, 85:you have got to say, you know that, but the moment you start telling lies most of us will up andAutobiography, 114:someone drying the dishes behind me and for a moment I did not turn around, thinking that it wasAutobiography, 119:qualities. The complaint is made that the moment you permit a Jew to get a footing in your group orAutobiography, 128:back to the cottage affected me so much that the moment I got into the cottage I fainted dead away.Autobiography, 163:You can write them. Will you do so?" Without a moment's notice I said, "Certainly not. I'm not aAutobiography, 173:a small minority. It was obvious from the first moment of the Convention that the E.S. was inAutobiography, 181:for the afternoon's work and from that moment we have carried on for 26 years. Autobiography, 205:so that he could get into my room and from that moment it was entirely happy, never using any door,Bethlehem, 10:a sealed mystery. The glory of the present moment lies in the fact that many thousands stand thusBethlehem, 22:eventually before the Initiator and in that high moment to find that it is the Christ Himself WhoBethlehem, 37:and which it sees falling to pieces at the very moment when completion was near, is only the terraBethlehem, 47:kingdom of God, make the new step possible. The moment is unique and urgent. The call is to theBethlehem, 54:to be later intelligently considered; there is a moment of prevision, a foretelling of movement andBethlehem, 70:We like to think that it can be so. We dread the moment when our futility appears as we look uponBethlehem, 70:a planet, indwelt likewise by God, is of vital moment in the plans of God Himself. This would giveBethlehem, 83:in Jordan KEY THOUGHT "It is a propitious moment to put the Christian life into serious practice...Bethlehem, 105:the perfected Son of God. An initiation is that moment in which a man feels and knows through everyBethlehem, 105:life is reality and reality is life. For a brief moment his consciousness becomes all-enfolding; heBethlehem, 122:matter essentially to man, which are of greater moment and value than the things which concern theBethlehem, 125:Presence of God in the human heart has at any moment, for an instant, been a reality, then let usBethlehem, 136:are the birth into the kingdom, that august moment when the entire lower nature is transfigured andBethlehem, 151:intelligent person, making their words of moment, and giving value to their advice. We have beenBethlehem, 155:response. When feeling and thought meet in a moment of realization, there is a simultaneousBethlehem, 156:of significant factors, and since that moment the life of humanity has been radically changed. ItBethlehem, 156:has been radically changed. It was as potent a moment in racial history as the Crucifixion, of moreBethlehem, 166:Garden of Gethsemane was probably a far harder moment for Him than the publicity on Mount Golgotha.Bethlehem, 180:of the world Savior will not be of the utmost moment to man. Edward Carpenter points this out,Bethlehem, 202:should likewise be so regarded. But the moment a man becomes aware that he is two persons in oneBethlehem, 212:Men had failed Him, just as men fail us. In the moment when He most needed understanding, and allBethlehem, 219:the most intimate moments of Christ's life - a moment that has a definite relation to the kingdom,Bethlehem, 220:apt to forget this, and one wonders for a brief moment, as one listens to Christ thus veiling HisBethlehem, 220:tempted like as we are," and whether at this moment He did not descend into the deepest recesses ofBethlehem, 224:darkness which shrouded the dying Christ. The moment of His death was prefaced by the words,Bethlehem, 237:the rising of the sun on the third day. At the moment that the rays of the sun touched the face,Bethlehem, 244:touch that lets the soul go free; Death is that moment when the swimmer feels The swift pain of theBethlehem, 246:forth in all its glory. Having achieved that moment of heightened experience, and that which he hasBethlehem, 247:expression of worth, it is essentially the moment of the triumph of value, and the demonstration ofBethlehem, 254:We are privileged to be present at a moment of great crisis for the race. We are seeing the birthBethlehem, 255:Founding of the Kingdom KEY THOUGHT "Any given moment of life must choose between two gods,Bethlehem, 259:and showed us the process of initiation from the moment of the new birth into the kingdom to thatBethlehem, 270:every gift and talent he possesses, and every moment of his being. Today the call is going forthBethlehem, 278:vital whole? Is the welfare of the race of real moment to us? Are we willing to sacrifice
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