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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOMENT

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Psychology2, 304:of the Bodies I diverged briefly for a moment and took up the subject of the rays of the threePsychology2, 309:the dense physical body is an automaton. The moment, however, that an inner orientation towards thePsychology2, 329:thus emerge into manifestation. This is a vital moment in consciousness; it is a period of vitalPsychology2, 348:in the human field, it might profit us for a moment to define it and seek to understand one or twoPsychology2, 355:in their own field. There comes ever the moment in the life of the aspirant when he begins toPsychology2, 357:which walks with each human being from the moment of birth until death, embodying as much of thePsychology2, 357:of the available light as the man - at any given moment upon the path of evolution - can use andPsychology2, 358:of the threefold lower nature. It is at this moment of "integration as the result of revelation"Psychology2, 365:These constitute, consequently, a very difficult moment or moments in the life of the disciple. Psychology2, 367:today going on in the world, and is producing a moment of extreme crisis in connection with thePsychology2, 367:work of the New Group of World Servers. Their moment of crisis lies immediately ahead. In the humanPsychology2, 367:end of the age and with it we need not for the moment, therefore, concern ourselves. It isPsychology2, 376:will have the effect of producing alignment. The moment that this alignment is achieved, then letPsychology2, 391:Coordination of the Personality Now let us for a moment consider the Technique of Fusion. ThePsychology2, 430:There is only an unrecognized point of crisis, a moment of unrealized fulfilment. The disasterPsychology2, 430:the cleavage instead of being recognized as a moment of opportunity. The establishment of aPsychology2, 431:to be, in itself, a major releasing agent in any moment of crisis or any psychological problemPsychology2, 450:"modern idealism", you have a most interesting moment or event - for these two words arePsychology2, 457:else, there is no [457] real danger, but the moment a man's vision of other and greaterPsychology2, 457:becomes dim or begins to fade out, the moment a body of doctrines or a school of thought or anPsychology2, 457:all other points of view or possibilities, that moment the seeds of psychological trouble can bePsychology2, 457:of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology The moment also that the entire mental powers of whichPsychology2, 457:business success or of financial dominance, that moment the man becomes a psychological problem.Psychology2, 458:body is not present, the situation is of no real moment, and sometimes serves a useful purpose, forPsychology2, 467:world is first contacted, there is always a moment of crisis and a period of danger. Then, asPsychology2, 498:with the previous one is to fill the present moment with constructive creative occupation and soPsychology2, 503:of continuity of consciousness, so that at the moment of return, the brain of the man concerned isPsychology2, 508:to communicate it to his friend or - at the moment of crisis - he thinks powerfully of his friend.Psychology2, 550:come "points of crisis" of greater or lesser moment. This intense interior activity which is goingPsychology2, 570:basic trend of his individual aspiration at the moment so will be his contacts. If he is an earnestPsychology2, 579:of the man who is beginning to use his mind. The moment the "I-consciousness" becomes uppermost,Psychology2, 589:route of the spinal column. This is of moment. 2. If the door to the astral plane is open becausePsychology2, 607:center and the ajna center are awakening. The moment that any difficulty is sensed in relation toPsychology2, 609:consciousness aspect plus the life thread at the moment of death. The registering of this innerPsychology2, 624:fact that he can temporarily and at any given moment prove stronger than the group because thePsychology2, 629:in the response to the need of this crucial moment and to the service which the Great Ones arePsychology2, 639:in technique and good will. Let us look for a moment at the world picture - as we find it at thisPsychology2, 664:They will be able to swing into activity at any moment such a weight of thought and such aPsychology2, 683:in that the Wesak Festival takes place and is of moment and deep import. The period is always onePsychology2, 692:your immediate circle to the importance of the moment. This I take for granted. I speak here of thePsychology2, 698:carry forward a group endeavor which is of such moment that, it the right time, it will produce, inPsychology2, 701:by the soul have been vouchsafed. But, for the moment, all that lies in the past. It seems as ifPsychology2, 707:being, meets man, the spiritual reality. The moment of opportunity which is upon us. This is thePsychology2, 713:The past is gone, beyond recall; that fleeting moment which we call the present time is determinedPsychology2, 716:with the problem of humanity in this present moment of crisis. There are many other lines ofPsychology2, 736:upon whom it is possible to count at this moment of world crisis, for a world crisis is upon us. IfPsychology2, 745:there will be brought about, at a given moment of fusion, the downpouring desire of the spiritualRays, 11:of agony. Just as in the evolving Ego, the moment of greatest development is oft the moment ofRays, 11:the moment of greatest development is oft the moment of greatest pain (if apprehension measure upRays, 25:by law. In time and space, and at any given moment and in any given location, these commands areRays, 39:of the Christ, for instance) to that appalling moment in the Garden of Gethsemane, and which wasRays, 40:yet part of the great whole of nature. From that moment onward he knows that divinity is all thereRays, 42:his final destination. I would like for a moment to refer here to the door symbology as theRays, 46:on loving understanding) at the psychological moment (right timing), or that exact moment which theRays, 46:moment (right timing), or that exact moment which the psyche or soul determines to be correct. HereRays, 50:respect: This contact becomes possible from the moment that the first thin strand of theRays, 57:to find his point of tension at any given moment, and this growing capacity eventually brings himRays, 58:be for a hundred years, which is but a brief moment in the eternal history of humanity. FromRays, 68:expression, as far as in it lies at any given moment in time and space, is in line with the will ofRays, 70:thus demonstrating that the initiation of the moment becomes the past achievement of the massesRays, 73:the initiate has been aware of from the first moment of soul contact, and at rapidly decreasingRays, 75:or to light. There will come to humanity at some moment still a long way ahead a period ofRays, 77:of true and selfless aspirants. There can come a moment in the life of the group when the blendedRays, 93:focused in the Lord of the World. When the exact moment has arrived, the work of the Buddha,Rays, 98:him and incorporate him into His Ashram. The moment that happened, the disciple came not only underRays, 104:by a group, because it is from the earliest moment the one unmistakable expression of soul activityRays, 104:to the general reservoir from the very first moment that it has become apparent that the formRays, 107:as the soul. Then, later, comes the awful "moment in time" when, pendant in space, he discoversRays, 108:these three are appreciated and registered in a moment of time within the orbit of space. Now,Rays, 118:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation The moment the initiate or the disciple sees, even dimly,Rays, 133:of Rule VII, however, I would like to spend a moment studying some of the effects of this steadilyRays, 141:and then contacts the universal will; from that moment the initiate says, "Father, not my will butRays, 142:of the disciples of the world contains little of moment for you, except in so far as it falls intoRays, 150:same ray as the Chohan, and are capable at any moment of being absorbed into the primary Ashram.Rays, 155:to begin work within the larger framework the moment such an attempt becomes possible, clear visionRays, 172:with which they are occupied, and the very moment that theory as to essential unity becomesRays, 172:and the positive aspects in marriage, at the moment that life is transmitted and transferred, isRays, 183:embody in the transitional, ephemeral, present moment the phenomenal point in evolution reached byRays, 194:or need be made. Three great Sons of God at the moment of initiation made a major contribution toRays, 194:veils by perfected divine Men at the very moment of Their triumph. A fourth great rent stillRays, 197:I have referred is something different. From the moment when a human being catches the first, faintRays, 198:need to focus upon the task and service of the moment are the rewards of moving forward into theRays, 236:This has been an epoch of crisis, and the great moment for which the Hierarchy has been preparingRays, 244:and which expresses the best response at the moment of human sensitivity to cosmic impression. ThisRays, 250:Group Initiation Here I should like to pause a moment and interpolate some remarks. There areRays, 269:This involves what has been called a "moment of opening-up," during which the initiate sees thatRays, 279:has any factual significance? Consider for a moment that the initiate who has undergone the firstRays, 279:causal body has disappeared, shattered at the moment when the initiate (at the fourth initiation)Rays, 289:point of this consummated knowledge, and at the moment of His complete surrender to the necessaryRays, 290:- was reached in Gethsemane, and for a brief moment we are given an insight into an aspect orRays, 294:that which the Ashram has planned for the exact moment of humanity's presented need, correct as toRays, 294:the needed progress for the race at any specific moment in time. For instance, humanity believesRays, 295:to the registering capacity of humanity at this moment. Rays, 327:the standpoint of the Hierarchy; it marks the moment in time and space when the initiate sees trulyRays, 337:aspect, because an initiation is a culminating moment of achievement, and success is a gradedRays, 341:soul relationships, and soul purpose. The moment a man realizes this, even in a small measure, itRays, 378:clearly held in mind, the detail is of small moment; the intuition rapidly assimilates and relatesRays, 437:in the consciousness of the inclusiveness of the moment that Is; then the limitations of time willRays, 457:and this is necessarily so. Let us for a moment, therefore, consider just where the aspirant standsRays, 473:Shamballa. This signifies a great and critical moment in human affairs and an opportunity hitherto
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