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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOMENTARILY

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Atom, 60:of life) the room had appeared to be lit up momentarily by electricity. Again, not long ago,Discipleship1, 581:though seldom to the heart of it, and to touch momentarily this, that and the other attitude ofDiscipleship1, 714:that that takes place the light in the head is momentarily intensified. The karmic agitation of theExternalisation, 97:on, with the tension induced thereby growing momentarily; this will increase with growing speed andFire, 885:From the particular petal in which the force is momentarily centered to one of the permanent atoms,Glamour, 3:and when it is functioning there is, momentarily at least, a complete loss of the sense ofGlamour, 67:of the future and the nature of truth sweeps momentarily through their consciousness, and life isHealing, 649:He uses the right hand first, holding it momentarily over the diseased organ or area and slowlyInitiation, 98:and as a powerful magnet) this energy is momentarily intensified, and applied to the centers of theMagic, 635:leads to rapid growth. An honest disciple may be momentarily glamored, but in the long run nothingMeditation, 6:of alignment. Where the emotional body may be momentarily aligned, then the mental body acts as anMeditation, 288:unknown. It is something that is so real yet so momentarily surprising that no amount of [289]Psychology2, 102:register sensuous perception is transcended, and momentarily the man escapes on to the plane ofPsychology2, 103:forward like a quivering band of light, and momentarily touches the light that is the Self. HencePsychology2, 205:increasing interludes wherein the mind can momentarily make itself felt, and thus at need effectPsychology2, 691:and when the three groups can be aligned, even momentarily, much can be accomplished; the gates of
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