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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONAD

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Astrology, 28:to that center of force which we call the Monad and to its universal will-to-power which isAstrology, 57:three worlds) The spiritual soul, reflecting the Monad. The human soul, reflecting the divine soul.Astrology, 57:monadic life. Goal: Identification with the Monad. Produces responsiveness to the threeAstrology, 80:Spirit Soul Body e. Life Consciousness Form f. Monad Ego Personality g. Three InitiationsAstrology, 91:the Father, and, therefore, of the incarnating monad. It is the expression of will or power as itAstrology, 92:"will to incarnate." The first ray aspect of the Monad, responding to the first aspect of deity,Astrology, 105:from Venus, but they in turn give place to the monad, the One. Mind gives place to intuition andAstrology, 116:of the nature of form from the standpoint of the Monad, though it is a form far subtler than anyAstrology, 116:all the soul renounces the life and light of the Monad, its source (symbolized by the words "theAstrology, 116:soul detaches itself (in consciousness) from the Monad, the One, and functions from its own center,Astrology, 208:turn of the spiral - reorients himself to the Monad and passes through most subtle tests to certainAstrology, 280:Spirit or first aspect of divinity, or with the Monad and with the expression of the divineAstrology, 302:activity of which (under impulse from the Monad) initiates the successive involutionary periodsAstrology, 410:has a correspondence to the life cycle of the Monad. The progress of the Sun as it passes throughAstrology, 411:to the first Ray of Will or Power and affect the Monad. Systemic energies pass through theAstrology, 412:depend upon whether response is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality, whether theyAstrology, 414:the egoic lotus is the expression. The triple monad of which a great diffusion in time and space inAstrology, 414:central bud within the egoic lotus. In the monad, it is the "sound which geometrically forcesAstrology, 415:study, we shall find correspondences to the monad, the soul and the personality in man; we shallAstrology, 415:teaches that there is: Electric fire - will - monad - Initiatory fire. Solar fire - love-wisdom -Astrology, 416:solar Logos and are to this great Being what the monad is to man. This is a deep mystery and oneAstrology, 420:producing manifestation. This corresponds to the Monad aspect. A secondary qualifying energyAstrology, 426:solar system as its life and source, much as the Monad stands behind the appearance of a man uponAstrology, 469:upon that aspect of human life which we call the Monad; they will, therefore, have a steadilyAstrology, 506:activity, the higher divine aspect, that of the Monad, the will aspect. When this is accomplished,Astrology, 506:spiritual soul) which is the lower aspect of the Monad. The sacred planets are, as you know, sevenAstrology, 557:Cardinal Cross governs the manifestation of the Monad in all its glory and beauty, and this cycleAstrology, 557:falls into two stages: the one in which the Monad expresses itself upon the six planes ofAstrology, 561:thus: Here you have the triangle of manifested Monad, plus the three cycles of four energies,Astrology, 563:fusion of the threefold expression of divinity - Monad, ego and personality - so that there is anAstrology, 565:He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiatedAstrology, 582:related by Him to the first divine aspect, the Monad or Father aspect, was the fulfilment ofAstrology, 596:the life of the Father, the will of the Monad and the purpose of Spirit. In all these (the threeAstrology, 600:assets of God, the Father and also of the human Monad. This is the Will to Action. Today, asAstrology, 601:straight back to God [601] the Father, to the Monad, to the One. It is related, consequently, toAstrology, 603:and space, as the soul is the reflector of the Monad where human beings are concerned. The sevenAstrology, 603:of these ray Beings what the three aspects of monad-soul-body are to a man. Again, it is onlyAstrology, 603:of the will is as yet undeniable for only the Monad responds to its impact, and only after theAstrology, 605:to understand, is that which flowers in the Monad when souls have reached perfected expressionAstrology, 606:personality or form life is transcended and the Monad becomes the object of the desired attainment;Astrology, 608:three aspects of that Indescribable, Absolute Monad, the Ineffable Cause of the seven solar systemsAstrology, 614:Purpose in control. The will-to-good. The Monad functions. Astrology, 619:One - all of Whom are but the One, the Monad, the Self. All this is done by the use of the will,Astrology, 620:third stage of divine fulfilment. It connotes Monad, Life. It is the expression of the firstAstrology, 637:Vol. I, 251) The descent and reascent of the monad or soul cannot be disconnected from ZodiacalAstrology, 677:life by the Informing Gods, thus connecting the Monad with this Earth. This is Pollux, while CastorAutobiography, 248:antahkarana of the gap which exists between the Monad and the personality. It also gives theDestiny, 120:constant reorientation of the soul towards the monad, and the attractive power of that highestDestiny, 129:this will be augmented by energy coming from the Monad. I would have you bear in mind that, thoughDestiny, 141:within the life and consciousness of the Monad, the One and the First. The first planetary center -Destiny, 141:spine to the head center, and the soul to the Monad. The first major center - the head. The firstDiscipleship1, 70:carried forward between the personality and the Monad (the triple lower man and the SpiritualDiscipleship1, 181:whilst bliss is the consummation which the monad bestows upon the initiate. Prior to your groupDiscipleship1, 269:to the aspirant) evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, parDiscipleship1, 665:also the mechanism of service through which the monad manifests), provide your field of opportunityDiscipleship1, 702:in the realization that the Master (spirit or Monad) reflects himself in or inspires the discipleDiscipleship1, 718:prepares for a major contact between man and the Monad. When this takes place, the soul, creator ofDiscipleship1, 768:heart center of the Hierarchy. The life of the Monad which begins to make itself felt at the thirdDiscipleship1, 780:antahkarana, of the gap which exists between the Monad and the personality; it also gives theDiscipleship2, 6:merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect. It is, technicallyDiscipleship2, 30:the energy of the one Life, emanating from the Monad, brings in the fourth type of inspiration. ToDiscipleship2, 46:between the brain and the spiritual will, or the Monad, working through the medium of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 121:by the heart center) and from the soul to the Monad (symbolized by the head center). TheseDiscipleship2, 121:initiation at which time the potency of the Monad can begin to make its presence felt, linkingDiscipleship2, 130:and its relation to soul personality and the Monad. In your personal instructions this year, I amDiscipleship2, 173:of the divine will, and addressed himself to the Monad at the moment when he first realized theDiscipleship2, 183:with the Spiritual Triad, the reflection of the Monad. This is done through the alignment of heart,Discipleship2, 193:by the will of the spiritual entity (the Monad on its own plane), so the antahkarana is not aDiscipleship2, 194:existence. The only true existence [194] is the Monad on its own plane, active, expressive Will inDiscipleship2, 194:the life thread necessarily passed, linking Monad, soul and personality into one living whole.Discipleship2, 248:inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwards to the Monad. It does not concern the sumtotal of the pettyDiscipleship2, 254:soul standing at the midway point between the monad and the personality and preparing to make theDiscipleship2, 254:to disappear, leaving the two (personality and monad) perfectly at-one. It is the man, as the soul,Discipleship2, 258:that has to be a preliminary step) but of monad-personality integration, carried forward because ofDiscipleship2, 259:which must come of relation to the Father or the Monad. This great dissolution is culminated for usDiscipleship2, 259:of the third initiation when the Light of the Monad obliterates the light of the soul and theDiscipleship2, 259:(duly fused and blended) into that of the monad. This is finally carried to the point of solarDiscipleship2, 261:Light - the Light universal, or the Light of the Monad. I have no more to say today anentDiscipleship2, 265:In the case of the human spirit, it is the Monad. The Eye of Vision, indicating this time not theDiscipleship2, 266:line of fire between two blazing points" - the monad and the soul. "A line, emerging from the earthDiscipleship2, 268:not a process of soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration. These points ofDiscipleship2, 270:the rainbow bridge; hence the emphasis upon the Monad, the Father aspect which can now be revealedDiscipleship2, 271:to the spiritual condition and purpose of the Monad whose goal is not expansion of consciousness,Discipleship2, 272:man - now become the oriented mechanism of the Monad - is flooded with this higher form of energy -Discipleship2, 287:reference to the all-embracing radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection, the soul,Discipleship2, 291:third eye in man? The answer is as follows: the Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eyeDiscipleship2, 291:into the phenomenal world. In the same way, the Monad is to the personality in the three worlds,Discipleship2, 291:One Life which we call by the unmeaning word "Monad," the spark within the one Flame. In the finalDiscipleship2, 291:Flame. In the final stages of initiation, the Monad becomes the revealer of the purpose of God, ofDiscipleship2, 292:"All-seeing Eye." He unfolds the powers of the Monad. These are related to divine purpose and toDiscipleship2, 292:you elsewhere that the state of being of the Monad has naught to do with what we callDiscipleship2, 310:as a goal and as a vision." (Page 288.) The Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye isDiscipleship2, 322:in action, and then focusing itself through the Monad. [323] Curiously enough, in these three youDiscipleship2, 323:focused intent and the directed impulse of the Monad. The next sequential revelation will be thatDiscipleship2, 347:Will - Expression - Immolation. Sacrifice. Monad - Universality - Extra-planetary Light. Modes ofDiscipleship2, 349:when the [349] third eye, the inner eye, and the Monad are brought into direct alignment with "theDiscipleship2, 369:center, the "advancing point of Light." The Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye isDiscipleship2, 397:expressed for its in the following words: The Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye isDiscipleship2, 398:- the triple expression or instrument of the Monad. The significance of these "destructive episodesDiscipleship2, 399:wherein the will must be employed as the Monad may direct." You can see from the above how abstruse
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