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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONAD

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Discipleship2, 400:process and its new function in relation to the Monad - throws fresh light upon the work of theDiscipleship2, 400:Monad - throws fresh light upon the work of the Monad. This third eye is now receptive to lightDiscipleship2, 400:will bring illumination of the teaching that the Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eyeDiscipleship2, 400:disciple of the third degree of initiation. The Monad is the source of light, not only to the humanDiscipleship2, 453:of the Hierarchy, and increasingly that of the Monad (which he gradually learns to do), and as heDiscipleship2, 604:they will register energy flowing in from the Monad - again through three types of force. If thisEducation, 18:He submitted Himself to limitation. The human monad followed the same procedure and - in time andEducation, 19:Soul is the sumtotal of the consciousness of the Monad, again in time and space. The lower self orEducation, 27:the path of life, which reaches from the monad to the personality, via the soul. This is the threadEducation, 145:with the three fold thread which connects: The monad, the soul and the personality, linking allEducation, 146:follows: The life thread comes directly from the monad or the ONE. This thread is anchored in theEducation, 148:is evolved by the soul and not by the monad. The World Soul pours its gossamer thread of sentientExternalisation, 153:planetary centers to the spiritual triad of Monad, Soul and Personality (the atma-buddhi-manas ofExternalisation, 158:initiation when the conscious recognition of the Monad becomes possible; then Forces and Energies,Externalisation, 560:the rich endowment of Being, centered now in the Monad; hierarchical experience is merged into theExternalisation, 567:body, the soul body, disappears and only the monad and its expression, the personality (a fusion ofExternalisation, 581:but only from the angle of its incarnating Monad, and not from the angle of its active Ashram.Fire, 4:triple, manifesting as Spirit, Soul and Body, or Monad, Ego and Personality. The atom of theFire, 45:vibration of the little system in which the monad or human spirit is the logos, and it [46] holdsFire, 46:eventual return to the center of his system, the Monad - the origin and goal for the reincarnatingFire, 46:shows as that intelligent will which links the Monad or spirit with its lowest point of contact,Fire, 47:part of the sphere, or system of control, of the Monad. These form an esoteric quaternary whichFire, 47:This embodies the highest vibration of which the Monad is capable, is governed by the Law ofFire, 48:Mother Spirit Soul Body Life Consciousness Form Monad Ego Personality Divine Self Higher Self LowerFire, 48:Personal Self The Point The Triad The Quaternary Monad Solar Angel Lunar Lords Fire, 50:justly to appraise the life of the spirit or Monad. The working of the flame divine under the LawFire, 63:again are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven coloredFire, 71:around which the sheaths of the incarnating Monad are built. These are strung like pearls upon theFire, 71:three major rays and four minor rays. The Monad or microcosm likewise manifests through three raysFire, 71:Atma-buddhi-manas, the expression of the Monad, just as the personality is the expression of theFire, 71:personality is the expression of the Ego. The Monad expresses itself through the Triad, and in itsFire, 72:according to the ray itself upon which the Monad may be found; but the subject is too vast to beFire, 80:be perfect. Man, the Microcosm, the manifesting Monad, or One. The Heavenly Man, the planetaryFire, 97:THE MICROCOSM (subjective expression) The Monad Electric fire Will or Power. The Ego Solar fireFire, 97:Intelligence Motion. PHYSICAL BODY The brain Monad Will or Power Electric fire. The heart EgoFire, 113:embodiment of the love and wisdom aspect of the Monad. Note here the correspondence to that provedFire, 114:the domination of the etheric body by the human monad, with the aim in view of both human andFire, 145:itself is seen as illusion, the vibration of the Monad is felt, and the jiva, working under theFire, 147:again, are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven coloredFire, 151:to the union of a man with his source, the monad, via the ego, but to the union of all life e withFire, 164:the essence in manifestation; the other for the Monad, from whence the Monad abstracts and garnersFire, 164:the other for the Monad, from whence the Monad abstracts and garners the fruits of objectivity. WeFire, 165:spirit. They are definitely connected with the Monad, with the will aspect, with immortality, withFire, 166:down from the Ego, who transmits it from the Monad. In this we have the secret of the gradualFire, 166:or activity, and later (after initiation) the Monad, thus bringing about changes and increasedFire, 166:to man in the three worlds, and later to the Monad. This body of fire is "the body incorruptible"Fire, 167:they embody the three aspects of the threefold Monad - Will, Love and Intelligence: The Head centerFire, 167:Love and Intelligence: The Head center - The Monad - Will or Power. The Heart center - The Ego -Fire, 168:figures have an occult significance. Just as the Monad is the sumtotal of all the three aspects,Fire, 173:cycles varying according to the ray of a man's Monad. [174] The life of the Pilgrim can be, forFire, 177:This ray is simply a direct reflection of the monad, and is dependent upon that aspect of theFire, 178:permanence when viewed from the plane of the Monad. It covers the totality of time remaining in theFire, 178:the egoic ray. The synthesizing triangle of the Monad. We must, nevertheless, recollect that theFire, 178:to full activity according to the ray of the Monad or Spirit. Therefore, no hard or fast rule canFire, 200:He hears the note of nature and that of his monad; he recognizes their identity, utilizes theirFire, 207:through his vehicles: He is electric fire - The monad, a solar entity. He is solar fire - EvolutionFire, 208:the Rod of His Power, the downflow is from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensifyFire, 225:Lucifer, May 1890) First the (Point), the Monad, Bythus (the Deep), the unknown and unknowableFire, 229:the microcosm is the product of the union of the Monad, or Spirit, and matter. Just as the bodyFire, 237:The Logos of Ceremonial Law or Order. Men, The Monad, The Units of Consciousness. They, in theirFire, 237:up the Bodies of the seven Heavenly Men. Each Monad is found upon one of the seven Rays. - S. D.,Fire, 244:Spirit Consciousness Matter. Father Son Mother. Monad Ego Personality. The Self The relationFire, 245:am that" principle. The third manifestation, the Monad, will embody the "I am that I am" principle.Fire, 261:self-consciousness. Above the triad stands the Monad or the Father in Heaven - a point ofFire, 261:views the subject from the physical plane. The Monad stands to him in the position of the Absolute,Fire, 261:logoic manifestation. The parallel is exact. The Monad. The threefold Triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, orFire, 262:Two - Introductory Questions Therefore we have: Monad, the microcosmic absolute. Pure Spirit. TheFire, 263:love-wisdom. [263] (The psychic nature of the Monad is twofold.) The principle of atma. SpiritualFire, 263:two synthesizing principles on the plane of the Monad, make five principles and give the key toFire, 263:We might express it thus: The Absolute - The Monad. 1. Prakriti - Active intelligence. The DivineFire, 264:in the tabulation of the spiritual life of the Monad we considered it as fivefold. This wasFire, 264:life of the Heavenly Man in Whose body the human Monad finds a place. The life of the Logos inFire, 271:as a human being has an originating source, the Monad, and a semi-permanent vehicle, the causalFire, 271:so a Heavenly Man has an originating source, His Monad, a semi-permanent body on the monadic levelsFire, 273:Rishis of the Great Bear are to Them what the Monad is to the evolving human unit. 13 In the SecretFire, 329:work of a Heavenly Man and of Man, of, the human monad. 24 The Pairs of Opposites: - From TheFire, 382:A scheme, in its totality, corresponds to the Monad, or to the monadic auric egg, in connectionFire, 400:star, he passes into the consciousness of the Monad, or pure Spirit, via the fourth plane ofFire, 410:again, are evolved out of a single entity or Monad." - The Theosophist, Vol. VIII, p. 449. Fire, 449:His scheme and all that is therein. The Monad, whose threefold word gives rise to a sevenfoldFire, 487:connection with the transmutation of the animal monad into the human kingdom, with all the vastFire, 507:from the higher planes (the breath of the Monad, if you care so to term it) produces a vacuum, orFire, 514:from monadic levels in his manifestation as Monad, Ego and Personality, and thus the process isFire, 522:plane (Logos) - 1st cosmic ether. Monadic plane (Monad) - 2nd cosmic ether. Spiritual plane - 3rdFire, 523:a similar differentiation is possible; His Monad can be studied in its threefold essence on its ownFire, 527:force, emanating from the second aspect of the Monad, which aggregates to itself, and subsequentlyFire, 537:the Heart and the Throat. The Head center - The Monad - Will - Spirit. The Heart center - The Ego -Fire, 541:full unfoldment, and the heart center of the Monad is seen as a wheel of fire with six of itsFire, 542:triangle (differing according to the ray of the Monad) can be seen three points of fire, or theFire, 543:of the fires depends upon the Ray of the Monad, and the subray upon which the causal body findsFire, 546:facts: First, that according to the Ray of the Monad, so will the petals unfold. For instance, ifFire, 546:petals unfold. For instance, if the Ray of the Monad is the second Ray, the knowledge petal will beFire, 547:due to varying causes, such as the karma of the Monad itself on its high plane and the strength ofFire, 569:plane of the system, and is the home of the Monad. Divine coherency is demonstrated. The Law ofFire, 569:lies hid the control of the personality by the Monad via the egoic body. The Law of FixationFire, 576:in a threefold manner: On the plane of the Monad, as the law of cohesion, the law of birth, if weFire, 576:in their seven groups. Love the source, and the Monad of love, the result. On the plane of buddhi,Fire, 578:to be utilized to the uttermost by the evolving Monad in his struggle to control each atomicFire, 580:of Economy holds the key to this law. When the Monad has circled through all disintegrating forms,Fire, 582:Triad, preparatory to the final merging with the Monad. Another illustration of the same thing can
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