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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONAD

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Fire, 583:in the same way that the Logos controls the Monad on the second plane. It is the law of the buddhicFire, 584:juncture of astro-animal man, and the descending Monad, using the spark of mind as the method ofFire, 589:approximations between the evolving human Monad, and the evolving deva Monad. The two parallelFire, 589:the evolving human Monad, and the evolving deva Monad. The two parallel evolutions touch in thatFire, 591:for fresh endeavor in the life of the evolving Monad - from the personality to the Triad, from theFire, 591:personality to the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad, from the Monad back again to its source. Fire, 591:the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad, from the Monad back again to its source. Fire, 593:Personality, Love in the Ego, and Love in the Monad. Love in the Personality gradually developsFire, 593:and all that it contains; whilst love in the Monad demonstrates a measure of cosmic love, andFire, 594:each plane as the urge that drives the evolving Monad onwards to its goal, and love is the key toFire, 600:on the fifth. 7 Principles - 3 Major - Monad, Ego and Personality, synthesizing at various stagesFire, 608:a threefold manner and under three aspects. The Monad Will aspect. Electric fire. Flame. SpiritualFire, 608:If the student here substitutes for the words, Monad, Ego and personality, the three aspects of theFire, 611:yet) as he comes to comprehend the nature of his Monad, the spiritual or essential life which isFire, 613:him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind The Monad is the unified two highest principles: BuddhiFire, 630:physical incarnation is to be found the logoic Monad, expressing Itself through the logoic Ego, andFire, 653:the Ego, or Higher Self. The last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self. Man contains in himselfFire, 676:into seven groups according to the Ray of the Monad. Those devas who form the "liquid" aspect inFire, 689:the Divine Mind, and considering the individual Monad, who responds to Their life as a part of theFire, 689:H. P. B. states 27, 28 that the individualized Monad has more spiritual consciousness than theFire, 689:Monad has more spiritual consciousness than the monad itself on its own plane, the second. It mustFire, 694:particular planetary Logos in Whose body a human Monad has a definite place. Secondly, it must beFire, 712:in a downflow of force or energy from the Monad (or Spirit) and this, in conjunction with theFire, 712:type of electrical phenomena, the light of the Monad shines forth, but we have to extend the ideaFire, 726:human Monads, but only indirectly and upon the Monad on its own plane. This influence meets withFire, 726:influence meets with little response from the Monad until after the third Initiation when itsFire, 730:endeavor, the Atma, or highest aspect of the Monad, is also latent and instinctive. This mustFire, 733:standpoint, and study pralaya as it affects the Monad in incarnation. 44 There are five types ofFire, 734:Marks attainment of perfection. Concerns the monad. There is also the pralaya in connection withFire, 738:in proportion to the good Karma, after which the monad is again reincarnated." "...Every effectFire, 752:via that which - to Them - corresponds to the Monad. Through Them, during Their period ofFire, 760:to his peculiar karma: The pure light of the Monad, brought through by means of the perfected EgoFire, 760:this being transmitted consciously via the Monad straight through to the physical plane from theFire, 762:aware. On a higher turn of the spiral, the Monad through the egoic petals, and thus with the aid ofFire, 764:of electric, or positive force, from the [764] Monad, and their blazing out in response producesFire, 765:takes place for a brief period between the Monad and its reflection the Ego, but only in the comingFire, 768:other the receptacle for the life of God, or the Monad in the three worlds. Then comes a set timeFire, 769:[769] in nature is a "fait accompli;" the Monad has clothed itself in material sheaths, and theFire, 774:turning of egoic energy in the direction of the Monad, for it has not yet generated enough force,Fire, 810:three. - See S. D., II, 553. By man the divine Monad is meant. - S. D., II, 196. 60 S. D., I,Fire, 819:permanent atoms. [819] In electric fire, the Monad is represented in its threefold nature, andFire, 819:the unfolding of the consciousness of the Monad through the medium of the Ego in the three worldsFire, 820:developed the self-conscious unit, man, and the monad (having utilized both) discards both, andFire, 825:upon the septenary nature of the manifesting monad. First. The 700 incarnations. These concern theFire, 832:as the egoic worked upon the personality. The Monad, which has been identifying Itself with the EgoFire, 837:They furnish the vehicle for the incarnating Monad, forming the egoic body - S. D., I, 237. TheyFire, 865:which receive the sevenfold energy of the monad. These are the chambers prepared by the lowerFire, 885:logoic center, or the planetary Logos, to the Monad on its own plane. From that Monad to one of theFire, 885:Logos, to the Monad on its own plane. From that Monad to one of the three tiers of petals,Fire, 885:the process of force transmission from the Monad to man on the physical plane, and hence it will beFire, 919:plane. 84 The Secret Doctrine says that: God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit,Fire, 923:manner, and view himself as a primary force or Monad, a triple secondary [924] force or Ego, and aFire, 931:two secrets, that of the immetalisation of the Monad, and the secret of the transmutation ofFire, 937:that reflection of the Ego and shadow of the Monad. The three grades of building essence which areFire, 953:bodies. They in their turn are warmed by the Monad, or Atma. - S. D., II, 116, 117, 284. They areFire, 967:upon many things, such as the ray upon which the monad may be found, and the nature of theFire, 992:the same, first, severance of the Ego from the Monad, entailing a wait for many aeons until anotherFire, 1005:minute scale of the sutratmic thread whereby the Monad or the Ego holds in connection its "form ofFire, 1017:of the Father" and be gathered back to the Monad. Two courses are open to the lower discarded selfFire, 1042:Each Heavenly man is an atomic unit. Each human Monad is an atom in the body of one of the HeavenlyFire, 1046:Monadic Return Here it is possible to study the Monad from the cyclic and energetic standpoint, andFire, 1048:as three in number for a solar system, or for a Monad: There is the impulse which drives every atomFire, 1048:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The Monad, acted upon by the Heavenly Man, intelligentlyFire, 1048:their courses, energized by the Life of the Monad, as it pulsates through the medium of the monadicFire, 1048:to the stage where the upward pull of the Monad itself began to be felt. At the same time, theFire, 1048:itself began to be felt. At the same time, the Monad on its [1049] own plane began to respond toFire, 1049:his true nature. Then - as far as concerns the Monad - progressive life forward begins. It is trulyFire, 1049:lower atomic form, and the influence of the Monad, is lethargic, slow and heavy, and the formFire, 1049:heavy, and the form retards the action of the Monad, and its heavy vibration tends to offset theFire, 1049:impulses which have a definite effect upon the Monad, and which must be borne in mind as weFire, 1050:three main centers of energy through which the Monad manifests: The energy of the monadicFire, 1051:of the particular planet upon which the monad may be seeking expression and experience. The effectFire, 1052:likewise a rhythmic effect upon the individual Monad, and though it only reaches the monad via theFire, 1052:individual Monad, and though it only reaches the monad via the greater centers of Existence yet itFire, 1067:same correspondential relation to the mineral monad as the Ego on its own plane stands to the manFire, 1074:the mineral kingdom. At-one-ment of the mineral monad with the vegetable kingdom. At-one-ment ofFire, 1074:vegetable kingdom. At-one-ment of the vegetable monad with the animal kingdom. The progressive lifeFire, 1074:achieved and self-determination is awakened, the Monad or Divine Pilgrim has attained that whichFire, 1076:undergoing violent disintegration the mineral monad emerged as from an initiatory test,Fire, 1076:In it the human triangle is linked, the Monad, the [1077] Ego and the personality, or Venus, theFire, 1077:due course of evolution. These are: The mineral monad of the mineral kingdom, or the centralFire, 1077:positive nucleus in all atoms and elements. The monad in the vegetable kingdom, or the centralFire, 1077:life of every plant and vegetable growth. The monad in the animal kingdom or the positive life ofFire, 1078:The human Monads in their myriads of groups. The Monad of any particular type, or form. TheFire, 1078:of any particular type, or form. The planetary Monad, the sum total of all the lives within aFire, 1078:the lives within a planetary scheme. The solar Monad or the sum total of all lives in the solarFire, 1082:knowledge as to the place in evolution of the Monad concerned, the nature of its incarnations, andFire, 1087:upon the "wheels" which concern the human monad. This is a subject but little dealt with as yet,Fire, 1088:borne in mind that the evolution of the [1088] Monad is a much more intricate thing than appears inFire, 1088:This will take the history, therefore, of a Monad back to the earlier kalpas. Such history it isFire, 1088:be accurately known. We might consider that the Monad of the human being passes through cyclesFire, 1088:to the point of perfection in an individualized Monad. It must be remembered that in this solarFire, 1089:in which they were welded at the center." The Monad has cycles analogous, though on a miniatureFire, 1092:the Wheel of the chain, or the cycling of the Monad around an entire chain, and its passage throughFire, 1093:globe. The student must bear in mind that the Monad, after planetary dissolution, passes the timeFire, 1093:a definite series - wherein the incarnating Monad cycles through a number of lives in a particularFire, 1095:see but small. Interaction for the mineral monad exists, and completely negatives the vibration ofFire, 1095:closely allied to the "true form." The mineral monad has a problem slightly at variance with thatFire, 1096:to be found in the relation between the mineral monad, a human being, and a solar Logos. ViewingFire, 1111:of the streams of forces in those petals. Monad, through the inner circle of petals; its stage of
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