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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONAD

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Rays, 494:very advanced, there is no form attracting the Monad outwards into manifestation. There is no wayRays, 494:matter or of form can evoke a response from the Monad. There remains only the great pull of theRays, 495:mind. Finally, contact between that which the Monad projects and that which the disciple isRays, 497:We will now for a minute consider the Monad. I would remind you that there is an analogy in theRays, 497:and soul, to that between the Triad and the Monad. This is an analogy that is essentially complete,Rays, 497:unified personality and soul with the unified Monad and Spiritual Triad. Only when this has beenRays, 503:egoic ray is the major energy through which the Monad is attempting to express itself, and alsoRays, 505:relation is established [505] between spirit (Monad) and personality (form or matter), with a tinyRays, 507:and acquirements is then absorbed into the Monad. The words "I and my Father are one" become true.Rays, 507:and serves a purpose when so required by the Monad. From the form aspect, you then have the Monad,Rays, 507:Monad. From the form aspect, you then have the Monad, the sphere of the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 508:perform the act of projection. The energy of the Monad can be evoked, but it results in aRays, 513:personality limitations (from the angle of the Monad) and its passing into that of the SpiritualRays, 515:of manifestation - personality or form and Monad or Spirit - is a fact. The will of the Monad isRays, 515:and Monad or Spirit - is a fact. The will of the Monad is the factor to be evoked. The knowing,Rays, 522:and his relation to the Father, the Monad. They enable him to become the soul in manifestation toRays, 528:the disciple invoking his Father in Heaven, the Monad. Now, we have briefly touched upon humanityRays, 531:have occultly "precipitated" the energies of the Monad through the medium of the antahkarana, thenRays, 537:is itself susceptible to impression from the Monad. That plane has to become the one toward whichRays, 558:his own soul ray, and later with the ray of the Monad - one of the three major Rays of Aspect. IRays, 564:energies of the Spiritual Triad. Fusion with the Monad - of which the Spiritual Triad is anRays, 599:consciously aware of what has been called the Monad or Spirit or Life. This is subtly revealed inRays, 609:expression of the personality, the soul and the Monad. Where humanity as a whole is involved, theRays, 643:the higher are those which emanate from the Monad. When an initiate takes the fifth initiationRays, 693:and established an unbroken contact with the Monad, via the antahkarana - he renounces the MutableRays, 695:personality, is now directly with the Monad. He feels bereft and is apt to cry out - as did theRays, 706:and for its long, long cycle of incarnation: the Monad, the Spirit, the One, the Life, the Father.Rays, 709:when it will be superseded by the energy of the Monad. This will reach him, first of all, as theRays, 709:will be superseded by the direct energy of the Monad itself; the initiate will then knowRays, 757:of Deity itself. He linked the concept of the Monad to the fully developed soul-infusedTelepathy, 50:is a reflection, in time and space, of the Monad and of the two higher aspects of the Triad, and isTelepathy, 56:of the Universal Mind which contact with the Monad gives. Sight is the greatest of all theTelepathy, 61:nature - Mind. The three periodical vehicles - Monad - Soul - Personality. Soul and personalityTelepathy, 74:"monadic impression." It is not impression by a Monad (that meaningless term) upon the brain of aTelepathy, 90:from the Spiritual Triad, and therefore from the Monad and Shamballa. There are consequently (toTelepathy, 104:from the Spiritual Triad (and later from the Monad), via the antahkarana. [105] Telepathy, 130:Spiritual Triad, the threefold expression of the Monad. The attractive magnetic solar energy toTelepathy, 130:to the soul what the Spiritual Triad is to the Monad: a clear medium of expression. Most studentsTelepathy, 134:vehicles," referring as he does so to the Monad, the Soul and the Personality; he is dealing,Telepathy, 135:it is well known to students that the Monad expresses itself through the Spiritual Triad, the SoulTelepathy, 137:the three periodical vehicles of the incarnated Monad, and finally into and through the threeTelepathy, 157:Then - corresponding to the directly related Monad and Personality - the head center, theTelepathy, 157:of the divine manifestation, is established: Monad - Personality. With the threefold soul no longerTelepathy, 160:this statement for it has practical value. The Monad, as you know, is to be found on the cosmicTelepathy, 160:physical body of a man. The ray upon which the Monad is to be found - one of the three major raysTelepathy, 164:energies created by the relationship between the Monad, the Soul, and the Personality. It is wellTelepathy, 169:it is the point of life by means of which the Monad anchors itself upon the physical plane, and isTelepathy, 171:types of such "jewels in the lotus" because the Monad expresses only the three major aspects ofTelepathy, 175:until the sixth Initiation of Decision, "the Monad guards two secrets, but loses three [176] whenTelepathy, 176:it is intended to carry the energies of the Monad in the stage of consciously expressed divinity.Telepathy, 192:human being and which make him what he is (the Monad, the Soul, and the Personality) are each
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