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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONADIC

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Rays, 312:hierarchical impression. The development of monadic sensitivity. It might be of interest at thisRays, 313:The first faint tremor of the [313] impact of monadic "destiny" (I know not how else to expressRays, 313:of development within His consciousness, this monadic centralization (I know not what other word toRays, 314:not my will, but Thine be done," indicated His monadic and realized "destiny." The meaning of theseRays, 314:is an exclamation evoked by the realization of monadic awareness and the focusing of the lifeRays, 315:and contact which is the characteristic of monadic life - of life itself. It was also a tremendousRays, 316:to the Hierarchy that he is en rapport with the monadic source from which he originally came. HeRays, 318:the lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience. The emphasis in the future will beRays, 340:Initiation 6. Decision Throat center 3rd ray Monadic plane Fixation Intelligent cooperationRays, 351:from the monad and giving a new revelation. This monadic process begins at the third initiation. ItRays, 357:(technically physical, even on the atmic, monadic and logoic planes), into that vortex of forceRays, 358:(Adi Life - Logoic plane - 1st aspect - Will The monadic plane - Human monads - Universal - 2ndRays, 360:Way of the Higher Evolution leads through the monadic and logoic planes (the two highest levels ofRays, 360:on the second plane of our planetary life, the monadic plane, and that great center of life,Rays, 361:be registered by Him, owing to His increasing monadic polarization and His contact with Shamballa.Rays, 361:initiations liberate Him into the atmic and monadic states of awareness; these initiations are toRays, 362:reaching him from the cosmic astral plane, via monadic levels of awareness. Note what I say -Rays, 363:great universal Oneness which he associates with monadic consciousness, is only the registration ofRays, 371:take his part in the hierarchical life as a monadic expression susceptible to impression fromRays, 377:constitute part of the cosmic etheric body - the monadic plane and the buddhic plane. It is thatRays, 391:the cosmic physical plane - the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes. On these planes theRays, 408:which bridges and links between the Monad on the monadic plane and the three worlds of denseRays, 439:what we might call the two poles: that of the monadic consciousness, whatever that may be, and thatRays, 459:to the Spiritual Triad, with consequent monadic realization and the opening up to the initiate ofRays, 463:can mean but little to the average disciple. Monadic Plane The inclusive awareness of the MonadRays, 471:effort made upon the Path to bring in the monadic influence with full awareness, and finallyRays, 481:form which he creates for the fulfilment of monadic purpose. He then fully expresses all theRays, 481:place and mode of service, conditioned by his monadic ray. He then expresses the values of theRays, 491:of the causal body, are only effects of this monadic radiation. [492] Therefore, before the bridgeRays, 495:from the Spiritual Triad, in response to monadic impulse, and the lower, emanating from theRays, 495:ascends in full consciousness into the sphere of monadic life; he is resurrected from the dark caveRays, 508:not taken the third initiation to ascertain his monadic ray, but any disciple building theRays, 529:are those which make him an integral part of monadic experience. We are therefore dealingRays, 588:and the energy expressed become increasingly monadic and subject to three stages: The stage whereinRays, 588:underlying the Plan. The stage wherein pure monadic energy pours through him, focusing theRays, 593:of rays II and V and of the second plane, the monadic plane, and the fifth plane, the mental plane;Rays, 593:Knowledge or Science. The second plane, the monadic plane; and the fifth plane, the mental plane.Rays, 663:which culminates at the third initiation, and of monadic control which increasingly possesses theRays, 721:this dominating ray is His soul ray or the monadic or universal ray. Rays, 729:Logos. He can now express himself fully upon the monadic plane, the plane of universal life; theReappearance, 27:The first faint tremor of reaction to monadic "destiny" and to the widespread universal influence aReappearance, 27:four recorded moments wherein this universal or monadic realization showed itself. Let us look atTelepathy, 56:Hierarchy passes to universal vision, leading to monadic contact and extra-planetary impression.Telepathy, 71:it. Only when the initiate has attained, through monadic contact, a touch of the Universal Mind canTelepathy, 72:to contact the Being, Life, or the monadic POINT of contact with Whom he will be increasinglyTelepathy, 74:the Initiate will comprehend what is meant by "monadic impression." It is not impression by a MonadTelepathy, 154:which we give the names: the logoic level, the monadic, the atmic level and the buddhic. This willTelepathy, 156:which we have given the names of universal life, monadic intensity, divine purpose and pure reason.Telepathy, 157:- speaking symbolically - being to the entire monadic expression that which "stands at the midwayTelepathy, 159:of the cosmic etheric levels - buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic levels - and these levels are theTelepathy, 160:on the cosmic second etheric level, called the monadic plane. When the antahkarana has been built,Telepathy, 161:throne of God"; Their emanations come from the monadic level of awareness or from the second cosmicTelepathy, 165:it. The dot at the center is indicative of monadic life, first of all in its lowest expression ofTelepathy, 165:have: The Point at the center, indicative of the monadic life. [166] The related energies of theTelepathy, 167:energies of the atmic plane, the energies of the monadic plane and the energies of the logoicTelepathy, 168:light of the Spiritual Triad and of the Monadic Glory are transferred into the higher energyTelepathy, 170:expression, the seven subrays of the dominating monadic ray are also one by one made manifest, soTelepathy, 175:as H.P.B. expresses it. These are: the monadic ray, the soul ray and the personality ray. To the
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