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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONEY

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Astrology, 205:are mainly three: Sex, physical comfort, and money, as concretized energy. They are, secondly, theAstrology, 206:- life conditions, selfishly appropriated. Money - selfishly cornered (if I may use such a phrase).Astrology, 243:a major conditioning factor where Law, Sex and Money are concerned. Ponder on this. All the threeAstrology, 244:as concretized energy and this we call Money. It is literally gold and this is the externalizedAstrology, 244:a careful study of these three - law, sex and money - as they express themselves today and as theyAstrology, 245:the Holy Spirit, the Creator - law, sex and money - will give the clue to the three lower kingdoms.Astrology, 245:reveal the mystery of the vegetable kingdom; money will unveil the secret of the mineral kingdomAstrology, 245:natural affinity. Capricorn - mineral kingdom - money - concrete expression of the Law of Supply,Astrology, 246:and matter. It is here that the whole mystery of money lies hid and the creation and production ofAstrology, 246:lies hid and the creation and production of money. I would like here to point out to you that it isAstrology, 246:- law, affinity and concretized energy - that money is created. It is here that many mystics andAstrology, 538:is concerned with economics, the distribution of money and metals and which rules Taurus, the "seedAutobiography, 12:1908 I wanted for nothing; I never thought about money; I did and went as I chose. But from thatAutobiography, 27:the wealthy in this land. We were taught that money and position entailed certain obligations andAutobiography, 31:tangible. Whilst she was with us she came into money - not a great deal but enough to release herAutobiography, 43:fluent French and some Italian; I had enough money to take care of myself most comfortably in thoseAutobiography, 46:Missionary Society, as in those days I needed no money. But the time had now come when I felt theAutobiography, 63:said that she would send me, if she had the money because "even if you aren't [64] much good, youAutobiography, 64:I said, "If God means me to go He will send the money." She looked at me but made no comment. TwoAutobiography, 64:across it. We neither of us knew where the money had come from but accepted it as direct from GodAutobiography, 64:I wonder sometimes whether my Master sent the money. It was essential that I go to India to learnAutobiography, 72:fact of theological interpretations - and when money and the products of the earth are regarded asAutobiography, 101:were made for my marriage. What little money I had was legally arranged in a trust that WalterAutobiography, 101:had he wanted to. "Aunt Alice" sent him the money to outfit himself and come to Scotland to fetchAutobiography, 102:in the United States there is an aristocracy of money equally as distinctive, exclusive, and rigidAutobiography, 104:were good except his social setting and lack of money, but as I was going to America to live and asAutobiography, 104:took his various courses with him, whilst the money which I had supported both of us and paid allAutobiography, 105:One of the professors stopped him and handed him money to go and buy his lunch. He was not evenAutobiography, 117:owing to the world war, was now but a trickle of money. When Walter had gone to San Francisco I wasAutobiography, 117:children and lots of bills. He had no sense of money; cash that I might give him, or that was partAutobiography, 118:he had sent up, in case I was short of ready money, and which he had added to the bill as he knew IAutobiography, 122:I started in to keep hens, and to make a little money by selling their eggs. I found out veryAutobiography, 122:(which involves capital) you don't make much money. Hens are such silly things; they have suchAutobiography, 122:place clean was a problem. We had practically no money and part of the grocer's bill was paid withAutobiography, 125:for something that would bring me a little money, only to discover that I was a perfectly uselessAutobiography, 128:I knew that I was quick and I hoped to earn good money and I did. I went down each morning at 7Autobiography, 128:Del Monte sardines; but I could not make enough money at this to warrant my effort. I met with muchAutobiography, 129:would make it financially worth while. I wanted money for the children, so I brought my mind toAutobiography, 132:postgraduate course. I seldom heard from him. No money came from him and in 1916 I consulted aAutobiography, 132:the dark, spiritually, but was too busy earning money and taking care of the three little girls toAutobiography, 141:I have been born in such good circumstances with money, good looks, opportunity, and all the manyAutobiography, 141:equipment, with obviously no background, with no money and with no capacity in this life forAutobiography, 160:Krotona were ten dollars per week. Walter Evans' money had ceased coming in since the divorce.Autobiography, 176:me?" Here we were, therefore, without jobs, no money, no future, three children and utterlyAutobiography, 178:so-called occult bodies in the world. We had no money and we saw no future ahead. Our jointAutobiography, 185:to play that game." Though our boys had too much money and were told by our officers to "take theAutobiography, 188:wash including the sheets for there was little money coming in and it has been only within the lastAutobiography, 207:afraid that people liked her for her money and basically and deeply afraid of life. I think I wasAutobiography, 293:It is this belief which makes the factor of money of so much importance. Money dominates everyAutobiography, 293:makes the factor of money of so much importance. Money dominates every phase of our physical planeAutobiography, 293:has hitherto been done in the world to apply money to truly spiritual uses. Much has been done toAutobiography, 293:spiritual uses. Much has been done to apply money to philanthropic and humanitarian purposes; muchAutobiography, 293:and the knowledge of the divine Plan require money in order to reach the masses and it is for thisAutobiography, 293:"spiritual people" of the world who regard money as something evil [294] and as something withAutobiography, 294:schools of thought who regard the desire for money (even if it is for the implementing of theAutobiography, 294:the true spiritual man must not ask or pray for money. One of the major needs today is the buildingAutobiography, 294:It is essential that the material trend of money be redirected and money be made available for theAutobiography, 294:the material trend of money be redirected and money be made available for the Masters' work. ThisAutobiography, 303:of solving the problem of the right relation of money to Hierarchical work ceased altogether. TheBethlehem, 78:Had they married differently, or had they more money or more leisure, could they meet with moreBethlehem, 121:of values and enrich the heart with compassion. Money and perfect health may be disasters to many.Destiny, 56:life, upon pageantry, upon possession and upon money or its equivalent as a symbol of the form sideDestiny, 60:for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects on his life which it canDiscipleship1, 40:they are concerned with the concretization of money. Their work is also largely philosophical andDiscipleship1, 166:the outer expression of the first, for just as money has been in the past the instrument of men'sDiscipleship1, 271:not a personality one. This whole question of money is one of the greatest difficulty at this timeDiscipleship1, 271:devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been colored by greed, by grasping for theDiscipleship1, 272:initiated by man himself. In the regeneration of money and in the changing of man's attitude to itDiscipleship1, 272:take place, then some dire condition will arise; money (as we know it) will vanish off the earthDiscipleship1, 272:possible to change the thought of humanity where money is concerned so that it will be regarded asDiscipleship1, 272:as a means to real world work. The custodians of money will then shoulder their responsibilityDiscipleship1, 272:each other. The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can be summed up inDiscipleship1, 272:I would ask all of you to pay attention: As money has in the past ministered to personal and familyDiscipleship1, 272:which - consciously or unconsciously - attract money. But they must all manifest at once. The needDiscipleship1, 273:the intelligent world servers, this question of money and of right attitudes towards money andDiscipleship1, 273:question of money and of right attitudes towards money and right meditation upon money must beDiscipleship1, 273:towards money and right meditation upon money must be boldly faced. The emphasis laid by certainDiscipleship1, 273:upon this emerging concept of the group use of money. Being, however, selfishly and personallyDiscipleship1, 273:selfishly and personally interested, the money was thought of in relation to the individual and notDiscipleship1, 273:my brother, and of the group who read my words. Money is the manifestation of energy. All energyDiscipleship1, 340:present life activity. It is not the seeking of money in order to live rightly and correctly; it isDiscipleship1, 402:to work upon the physical plane, to handle money (though not in your own interests) and has tiedDiscipleship1, 492:and with the material aspects of daily living - money, health, surroundings and people'sDiscipleship1, 525:You have so much to give. I refer not here to money though that too must be included in the lifeDiscipleship1, 614:earlier stage. But, my brother, the giving of money is the least important thing you have to offer.Discipleship1, 619:you away from my work for years; glamor about money; glamor about people. Today your glamor isDiscipleship2, 75:for your full measure of enthusiasm, time, money and interest. Many of you in this group are doingDiscipleship2, 202:there are men of financial stature who regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely inDiscipleship2, 221:physical concretization of energy which we call "money" is proving a topic of the most definiteDiscipleship2, 221:tangible plane of divine manifestation. Money is not yet used divinely, but it will be. [222]Discipleship2, 222:which has for its objective the deflecting of money from material ends into the work which theDiscipleship2, 225:useless for you to meditate in order to reorient money, for instance, towards spiritual work (andDiscipleship2, 225:the constant recognition of the relation of all money to the spiritual future of the race and theDiscipleship2, 225:of any faith. It must be realized that money is the energy which can set in motion and makeDiscipleship2, 225:- no matter what their color, caste or church. Money does not yet lie in their hands. Their needDiscipleship2, 228:Meditation REFLECTIVE MEDITATION ON ATTRACTING MONEY FOR HIERARCHICAL PURPOSES Stage I. AfterDiscipleship2, 229:the answers to the following questions: [229] If money is one of the most important things neededDiscipleship2, 229:Hierarchy? What is my personal attitude towards money? Do I regard it as a great and possibleDiscipleship2, 229:What is my personal responsibility in regard to money which passes through my hands? Am I handlingDiscipleship2, 229:redemption of humanity through the right use of money. Visualize the money in the world today as
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