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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONEY

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Reappearance, 174:of dollars every year. A fraction of this money, necessitating the minimum of sacrifice, wouldReappearance, 174:- Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ Money - as with all else in human living - hasReappearance, 175:and a sense of security. This, the right use of money and a realization on the part of many ofReappearance, 175:to be found nowhere. The time has now come when money must be reevaluated and its usefulnessReappearance, 175:ideals of communism, and would gather all the money in the world into the coffers of theReappearance, 176:brought up on false values and the wrong use of money. Until these things are in process of beingReappearance, 176:to change the thinking of the world in regard to money, thus deflecting it into channels where itReappearance, 177:approaching in mass formation this question of money, can permanently rechannel it. There areReappearance, 177:if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for the establishing of right humanReappearance, 177:spread of goodwill. A great campaign to raise money is not demanded, but the selfless work ofReappearance, 177:particularly a point of view connected with money. It is here that the majority fail. It isReappearance, 177:fail. It is relatively easy today to raise money for the Red Cross, for hospitals and forReappearance, 177:It is exceedingly difficult to raise money for the spread of goodwill, or to secure the right useReappearance, 177:of goodwill, or to secure the right use of money for forward looking ideas, such as the return ofReappearance, 178:to serve His cause gave at least a tiny sum of money each year, there would be adequate funds forReappearance, 178:The difficulty is not with the organizing of the money and work; it lies with the seeming inabilityReappearance, 178:given much thought to this business of directing money into channels which appeal to them. TheReappearance, 180:it. They must inaugurate the era of the use of money for the spiritual Hierarchy, and carry that
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