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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONSTER

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Astrology, 333:Conflict with duality Higher unity The Monster The Fighter The Disciple 9. Sagittarius, Keynote:Astrology, 585:to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In the history of the race,Externalisation, 346:to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In the history of the race,Healing, 176:long life of the soul!) and become such a human monster as Hitler and others of his ilk, though inHercules, 36:The second constellation is Cetus, the Sea Monster, the Enemy of Little Fishes ... One of the greatHercules, 36:in the ocean of matter, and Cetus, the sea monster, is the symbol of what we call evil, that seeksHercules, 36:to destroy the soul in incarnation. The sea monster, in the ocean of existence, and the enthronedHercules, 36:enthroned woman, and that which can conquer the monster. We are told that Perseus possessed theHercules, 44:are closely linked in symbolism. Scorpio is 'the monster of darkness', who stings to death, and yetHercules, 114:came Hercules. Close to the rocky shore he saw a monster of the deep, holding between his jaws poorHercules, 114:the cavernous throat of the sea serpent, that monster of ill fame. But losing sight of self, thisHercules, 114:a son of God breasted the waves and reached the monster, who, turning towards the man with swiftHercules, 114:finding her deep within the belly of the monster. With his left arm he seized her, and held herHercules, 141:beast would sally forth. In vain he watched. The monster stayed within its fetid den. Resorting toHercules, 141:bespattering Hercules. Three fathoms high the monster stood, a thing of ugliness that looked as ifHercules, 141:Again and again Hercules attacked the raging monster, but it grew stronger, not weaker, with eachHercules, 141:air and light might have their due effect. The monster, strong in darkness and in sloughy mud, soonHercules, 142:sinking to his knees in humility and raising the monster (all the accumulated evils, mistakes,Hercules, 143:hydra that lived in a stench-drenched bog. This monster has its subjective counterpart. It dwellsHercules, 143:to overcome the hydra. He had to raise the monster into the air; that is, translate his problemHercules, 145:his shortcomings; courage, to attack the monster that lay coiled at the roots of his nature;Hercules, 145:at that point. The individual realizes that a monster lies concealed in the subterranean areas ofHercules, 149:one world. Hercules had to see the hydra as one monster, not a beast with nine different heads. AsHercules, 149:gangster lately, "not for money". When this monster cruelty is held high in the air in the light ofHercules, 171:Prometheus." [171] "The path is guarded by the monster Cerberus, a dog with three great heads, eachHercules, 171:his vice-like grip. Goaded to frenzied fury, the monster thrashed about. At length, its strengthHercules, 195:Great Illusion is enthroned where Geryon, the monster of three heads, three bodies and six hands,Hercules, 196:With one decisive blow did Hercules lay the monster low.Then Eurytion, fearful of the brave warriorHercules, 196:that rapidly grew larger. Surmising that the monster Geryon had come in mad pursuit, he turned toHercules, 196:fire and flame from all three heads at once, the monster came upon him. Geryon hurled a spear atHercules, 196:burn the air as he released it, and struck the monster squarely in the side. With such greatHercules, 196:pierced. With a shrill, despairing groan, the monster swayed, then fell, nevermore to rise. TowardHercules, 197:that there was an island where lived a human monster called Geryon with a body of three men united.Hercules, 198:he has to do. He sees humanity owned by a monster, a three-bodied man, the symbol of a human beingHercules, 198:he saved nine hundred. Now humanity, the human monster, is ready for salvation and the real work of
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