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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONTHLY

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Astrology, 299:and is working, we shall find that the major, monthly festival in August, held at the time of theAutobiography, 117:luxuries. He would leave the home to pay the monthly grocer's bill and return with a gramophone. Autobiography, 124:that part of his stipend should be sent monthly to me. I, in the meantime, moved [125] to a tiny,Discipleship1, 29:month. Make sacrifice in order to establish this monthly relation as I will make my adjustments toDiscipleship1, 191:this as desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need not be long but must beDiscipleship1, 193:your thoughts and service as you work with the monthly seed thoughts. Endeavor to make these sixDiscipleship1, 309:then to see in connection with the following monthly themes what the soul sees and knows. 1st monthDiscipleship1, 397:to change your meditation, except to alter its monthly theme. These monthly themes should, duringDiscipleship1, 397:except to alter its monthly theme. These monthly themes should, during the next six months, be asDiscipleship1, 543:consciousness whilst pondering on the monthly seed thoughts. Discipleship2, 73:of any kind, and then record this upon your monthly reports. I am also going to change the wordsDiscipleship2, 145:in your own words the highest truth of the monthly word-theme that you have been able to reach. YouDiscipleship2, 145:day to day but will always remain related to the monthly theme. Then study the idea in connectionDiscipleship2, 454:of rhythmic abstraction: Twelve brief, abstract monthly interludes at the time of the twelve yearlyDiscipleship2, 695:a year's time (if you care to do so) bring these monthly notes all together and write a paper uponDiscipleship2, 760:For years you have all been utilizing this monthly opportunity but with relatively little results;Discipleship2, 763:of your life. I would have you add to this monthly work a daily practice, founded upon the theme ofExternalisation, 11:All who have received the disciples' degree monthly instructions, all who read the books which IRays, 250:of issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly sets for reading and study in the Arcane
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