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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MONTHS

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Discipleship1, 533:is nearer to the surface than it was six months ago. He who walks with you along life's path hasDiscipleship1, 533:beginning of the new. Again, for the next six months, I want the theme of loving understanding toDiscipleship1, 533:for the meditation work during the next five months will be as follows. You have that which shouldDiscipleship1, 533:which should occupy your thoughts during several months. 1st month - The soul and the self are one.Discipleship1, 536:I shall be interested to know, after six months' meditation, what you have done in your littleDiscipleship1, 539:thoughts for deep reflection during the next few months; will you ponder on them, within the head,Discipleship1, 546:with care in your meditation work and for six months (until I next communicate with you) I wouldDiscipleship1, 546:is all I ask of you during the next six months. Sit erect, but relaxed, and in a position ofDiscipleship1, 548:deal of close attention during the past four months. I realize that your major need at this time isDiscipleship1, 548:brother and my friend, to do during the next few months. One is to establish and hold a closerDiscipleship1, 551:you live that life." K. E. S. died a few months later. Discipleship1, 552:for you much of difficulty during the past three months; many adjustments, inner and outer, haveDiscipleship1, 554:and ponder on them during the coming six months, seeking earnestly their subjective value and theirDiscipleship1, 555:1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The past six months have produced in you a definite orientationDiscipleship1, 558:upon which to meditate during the next six months. During the first three months will you meditateDiscipleship1, 558:the next six months. During the first three months will you meditate upon them within the headDiscipleship1, 558:head consciousness, and during the last three months will you repeat the meditation but this timeDiscipleship1, 560:that which we anticipated. If you should feel in months to come, a lessening of contact with me, beDiscipleship1, 561:peace." For your seed thoughts for the next few months, will you use the following? 1st month - TheDiscipleship1, 563:to wrestle along these lines during the past six months; your major weakness is this sensitivity,Discipleship1, 563:in my last communication, and for the next six months to deal with the theme of illuminationDiscipleship1, 564:January 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: During the next few months of quiet study and preparation, I would askDiscipleship1, 564:can be used. You have before you some weeks and months of selfless service. Give of the serviceDiscipleship1, 567:This you have steadily done during the past months and your group brothers should be aware of it.Discipleship1, 568:concentrate on three things during the next few months and to leave me out of the pictureDiscipleship1, 569:If you will do this faithfully, in six months it will be apparent to you why I have stressed thisDiscipleship1, 574:Meditate upon the following words: 1st and 2nd months - The light of love. 3rd and 4th months - TheDiscipleship1, 574:and 2nd months - The light of love. 3rd and 4th months - The power of loving understanding. InsertDiscipleship1, 575:I have sought three times during the past four months definitely to help you. I wonder if you wereDiscipleship1, 575:sensitivity to my vibration during the next few months, particularly at the time of the Full Moon.Discipleship1, 576:Let, therefore, your effort for the next few months be the attainment of this inner quiet. ThisDiscipleship1, 579:not possible. Now I ask you to take several months of complete quiet, giving the solar plexus timeDiscipleship1, 579:me will suffice for your work for the next few months. [580] Discipleship1, 584:point which you have reached during the past few months, if you can begin to utilize the second rayDiscipleship1, 586:are now pledged to end. Twice in the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts at theDiscipleship1, 593:with you today, after a silence lasting many months. In this time you have adjusted yourself to theDiscipleship1, 597:on which I ask you to work for the next twelve months are as follows: First: Forget your karmicDiscipleship1, 598:for you have done it all within the last twelve months. Before that time your accomplishment seemedDiscipleship1, 601:forward but has been held back the past six months by the situation for which you were largelyDiscipleship1, 604:carry this meditation forward for the next three months, doing no other, you will find that theDiscipleship1, 604:You have done much sound thinking the past six months and the fruit of your meditation is beingDiscipleship1, 605:be able to make to you. But during the past six months some of the glamor with which you wereDiscipleship1, 606:your work. This I have not done for six months. Forget not, that when older and, therefore, moreDiscipleship1, 606:of clear decision. Therefore, for the next six months, will you take the following words into yourDiscipleship1, 607:on with the same meditation for another six months? Upon the work done during the coming six monthsDiscipleship1, 607:months? Upon the work done during the coming six months will depend much. Send out your thoughts toDiscipleship1, 607:that upon the work done during the coming six months much would depend. You have done the workDiscipleship1, 608:theme of your reflection during the coming six months and, at the close, give your interpretationDiscipleship1, 624:the theme of your thought [624] for the next few months and should constitute the keynote of yourDiscipleship1, 628:to you as your theme for study for the next few months and propose to you the following work. StudyDiscipleship1, 629:would be greater than you know. The next few months are intended to be (for all disciples in allDiscipleship1, 635:none of the rules governing my disciples, for months; this means, brother of old, that the groupDiscipleship1, 635:ponder upon these matters and during the coming months free yourself from this tendency toDiscipleship1, 639:to alter your seed thoughts for this next few months. You have by no means exhausted theirDiscipleship1, 640:November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: The past six months have been disciplining months for you. In themDiscipleship1, 640:MINE: The past six months have been disciplining months for you. In them you have made two seriousDiscipleship1, 641:what it is, my brother, and during the next few months, alter and change this condition? Among theDiscipleship1, 642:place, position and success. During the next few months, I will ask you to stabilize yourself atDiscipleship1, 647:you have had two from me during the past twelve months and these two, with this brief word ofDiscipleship1, 648:of your physical health for another eighteen months, is most desirable; the tension, incident uponDiscipleship1, 649:function. As you meditate during the coming months, much knowledge and many readjustments may comeDiscipleship1, 651:find it fruitful and constructive. Every six months, list those ideas so that they can be shared byDiscipleship1, 655:service. Your meditation can, for the next three months, follow the lines indicated below. DuringDiscipleship1, 655:follow the lines indicated below. During these months, you can follow this suggestion and thenDiscipleship1, 655:as last outlined by me for the remaining three months. Can you adjust yourself to this indicatedDiscipleship1, 659:times. I am going to ask you to study for six months the words "a trained indifference" and eachDiscipleship1, 666:the following meditation for a period of three months and then take up the group meditation. I haveDiscipleship1, 734:learn in one short day what might otherwise take months and even years to learn. Tension, whenDiscipleship1, 787:to publication, except in one paper when, some months ago under the pressure of very heavy work, A.Discipleship2, 13:This is true of all disciples. The past eighteen months have been months of precipitation,Discipleship2, 13:disciples. The past eighteen months have been months of precipitation, producing a chemicalisation,Discipleship2, 58:studying with care my interpretation. During the months of January and February, please study whatDiscipleship2, 98:question, therefore, for consideration each two months during the coming year. Give two months toDiscipleship2, 98:each two months during the coming year. Give two months to careful consideration, reflection andDiscipleship2, 115:technique will cover approximately the first six months, and the other the second six months. ThisDiscipleship2, 115:first six months, and the other the second six months. This dual meditation is a group meditationDiscipleship2, 125:out as a [125] visualization process for some months - consistently and consciously - it willDiscipleship2, 130:reflective brooding - one for each month for six months. Then repeat with the thought in view thatDiscipleship2, 130:the thought in view that during the second six months you will do what you can to make the effectsDiscipleship2, 143:followed by all of you during the coming twelve months. The basic intention of the meditation is toDiscipleship2, 143:twelve words which will be the theme for twelve months' work, and which could - as you gain theDiscipleship2, 144:for twelve years' work instead of twelve months. Words are living things, possessing form, soul andDiscipleship2, 180:this meditation formula each day for two months, doing so with intensity. You should also endeavorDiscipleship2, 195:of meditations. I suggest that you give two months to each of the meditations [196] thus covering aDiscipleship2, 196:[196] thus covering a period of fourteen months; then, I suggest that you make Meditation VII yourDiscipleship2, 262:Now that you have, presumably, brooded for some months on my instructions on the Formulas, I willDiscipleship2, 325:phenomenally reduced. Disciples can now in a few months (if sincere and honest in their endeavor)Discipleship2, 445:will primarily in mind, and for the next few months I would have you follow these instructions...Discipleship2, 454:interlude might come at the close of every three months of work, at the time of the third new moon.Discipleship2, 459:To F. C. D. August 1940 MY BROTHER: The past few months have been extremely difficult for you, haveDiscipleship2, 475:you will have to make during the next twelve months please act with a positive belief in yourselfDiscipleship2, 476:I want to build your meditation for the next few months around the concepts hidden by these wordDiscipleship2, 576:meditations and you can then, during the coming months, cooperate with A.A.B. in their changing andDiscipleship2, 584:August 1946 BROTHER OF MINE: The past twelve months have been difficult for you in every aspect ofDiscipleship2, 617:involved in last year's testing and it took some months for you to see with clarity the trend ofDiscipleship2, 629:you move forward you must, for the next twelve months, come to a clear understanding of myDiscipleship2, 651:enough to carry through triumphantly. The coming months will hold for you revelation, and thatDiscipleship2, 656:of many lives, am satisfied. NOTE: Seventeen months later, this disciple entered "into theDiscipleship2, 667:on these four words, but only write after three months' quiet reflection upon each word, and fromDiscipleship2, 670:meditation - either for a year of twelve months or for twelve years. The longer and [671] the more
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