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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOON

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Fire, 795:and thus much evil will be offset. The etheric moon is included in these remarks. The greatestFire, 795:in these remarks. The greatest effect of moon conditions is to be seen working out predominantly inFire, 803:vibration set up by our planetary Logos on the moon-chain, [804] and which had a faint beginning inFire, 825:this time these incarnations took place upon the moon chain and in some cases upon certain planetsFire, 834:anachronism and is technically inaccurate. The moon or moons in any scheme are systemic effects,Fire, 834:as definite an effect upon the system as the moon has upon the earth. This is something as yetFire, 835:similar to [835] the disintegration of the moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced.Fire, 836:can be seen working out now in the case of the moon, and the same rule holds good for all bodies.Fire, 837:matter which we were considering; - Just as the moon is a deterrent or malefic force where theFire, 842:were the very latest to individualize upon the moon chain. They have two petals unfolded and theFire, 846:greater cycle will reveal. The mystery of the moon (S. D., I, 172, footnote.) or of the "divineFire, 846:of this nature, informing the dense globe of the moon chain. On His high level, pity awoke in theFire, 846:for certain involutionary existences within the moon chain, and (like the Buddha on a lesser scaleFire, 853:he referred to those boat loads of Egos from the moon chain. He has of course materialized the ideaFire, 853:door was shut. Egos who have "come-in" from the moon chain and who are much more evolved than theFire, 874:we speak and Who contacts His people at the full moon of Wesak, is one of the three connected withFire, 878:involves the "rupture between the sun and the moon" as it is called. This results in the breakingFire, 915:a translucent symbol in the form of a crescent moon, and by this they may be distinguished from theFire, 937:of a very ancient writing, which says: "As the moon revolves, she reflects. As she reflects, sheFire, 937:failed to radiate. These three, the Sun, the Moon, and the Mother, produce that which pursues aFire, 964:of the Ego. "The Star absorbs the light of the moon, so that the rays of the Sun may be reflectedFire, 986:S. D., I, 592. Black magic is ruled over by the moon. White magic is ruled over by the sun. BlackFire, 996:lower 'fire by friction.' The Brother of the Moon ignores the sun and solar heat; borrows his fireFire, 996:and lunar fire dies out. Then neither sun nor moon avails him, only the highest heaven awaits theFire, 1056:These influences are, among others, those of the moon, and of the two planets which lie nearest toFire, 1056:side - nearer and farther away from the Sun. The moon's influence is exceedingly strong, and has aFire, 1056:for it should be borne in mind that the moon has no effect upon the Heavenly Man Himself, as HisFire, 1056:scheme when they consider the influence of the moon's karmic pull upon the earth, coupled with theFire, 1068:Father of it is the sun, the mother of it is the moon; the wind carries it in its belly and theFire, 1069:a planetary scheme or a solar system. The moon is an interesting instance of the transmutative orFire, 1069:same can be said of the vegetable kingdom on the moon though there are a few of the lower forms ofFire, 1070:scheme upon another, and the place of the moon in our own planetary life. This will lead to a closeFire, 1092:Monads who achieved self-consciousness in the moon chain only entered into renewed activity in theFire, 1112:connection with what is called "the cosmic moon" or to that dying solar system which has the sameFire, 1112:which has the same relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain. This "cosmic [1113]Fire, 1113:moon has to the earth chain. This "cosmic [1113] moon" transmits its energy to the manasic atomicFire, 1139:is controlled by three factors: The moon, for these are the many lunar fathers. The ray inFire, 1145:deals with the transference of energy from the moon chain. It concerns the transmission of energyFire, 1146:"units of self-directing energy," upon the moon, and those who attained self-consciousness upon theFire, 1146:between these two groups, for the units of the moon chain are distinguished, not only by a moreFire, 1146:for (as might be expected) on the third or moon chain, the third Ray was a dominant factor. In thisFire, 1147:as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days. TheirFire, 1185:to our own planetary scheme. The Lord of the Moon chain and the Lord of our present animal kingdomFire, 1224:Fires. The Aspirants. 6 or 11 A silver Moon surmounted by an equal armed Cross. Third of the 6thGlamour, 16:increased attention at the time of your full moon contact with myself. This group should [17] haveGlamour, 17:of dispelling glamor at the period of the full moon. Contact is made on the different planesGlamour, 17:to intensify your effort each month at the full moon period, and seek to strengthen your tie withGlamour, 19:of the work done at the time of the full moon will be the mass of phenomena noted. This is to beGlamour, 25:arrive at much value. Keep a copy of your full moon record and, at the close of six months, subjectGlamour, 93:and real spiritual cooperation. The Full Moon work will likewise increase in importance. Later willGlamour, 153:the Christ, and also in the Wesak and June Full Moon messages, I have dealt with this mostGlamour, 168:undertaking which was staged for the June Full Moon, 1942. I have also given a clue to the trueGlamour, 169:been more firmly established. At the June Full Moon, 1942, the first test as to the directness ofGlamour, 169:the two weeks beginning on the day of the Full Moon (May 30th 1942) and ending on June 15th 1942.Glamour, 180:the guarantee and promise. As the light of the Moon is the guarantee that the light of the SunGlamour, 271:waning is portrayed for us in the phases of the moon and, for the planet as a whole, in the signHealing, 63:planet; for those who individualized upon the moon chain are not susceptible to these dangerousHealing, 143:from the circulatory angle, is governed by the Moon, as it veils Vulcan. The nervous system isHealing, 191:and those who work under the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, thenHealing, 339:- Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On Full Moon and Psychoses One of the departments ofHealing, 339:recognized, that the period of the full moon has a definite effect upon unbalanced people, upon theHealing, 340:students well know that at the time of the full moon certain high contacts are easier than at otherHealing, 341:the difficulty lies. At the time of the full moon (over a period of five days) the moon and theHealing, 341:the full moon (over a period of five days) the moon and the planet are the recipients of moreHealing, 341:of our planetary Logos comes around at the full moon period each month; just as you have your dailyHealing, 341:in the achievement of the Lord of Shamballa. The moon, as you know, is a shell, an ancient formHealing, 341:consequently more potent at the time of the full moon upon all who are unbalanced. This lack ofHealing, 341:are definitely mental, can profit by these full moon cycles; those who are definitely unbalanced,Healing, 342:the sun god, the Soul, then the cycles of the moon will steadily lose their baleful effect andHealing, 342:for me to give more information concerning the moon and its phases, as it constitutes one of theHealing, 362:Nature itself, the mother of all forms. The moon also, who is the symbol of the generative,Healing, 422:even in each planetary cycle. The mystery of the moon is the mystery of failure. This leads, whenHealing, 534:and those who work under the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, thenHealing, 607:and those who work under the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower personal self, thenHealing, 608:They are occultly under the direction of the moon, the symbol of form, called often the "mother ofHealing, 608:of the form." The emanation coming from the moon has in it the seeds of death and disease, becauseHealing, 608:it the seeds of death and disease, because the moon is a "dead planet." It all comes back again, asHercules, 45:illumination? We are told that in this sign the moon is exalted and Venus is the ruler. The moonHercules, 45:the moon is exalted and Venus is the ruler. The moon has always, from the standpoint of theHercules, 45:been regarded as the form-building aspect. The moon is the symbol, therefore, of matter and is seenHercules, 45:and the light can indeed shine through and the moon aspect can, therefore, be exalted in Taurus.Hercules, 78:[78] came out from that bright circle of the moon which is the home of Artemis. And Artemis, theHercules, 78:watched. Artemis, the fair, bending from out the moon and Diana, beauteous huntress of the woods ofHercules, 83:doe was sacred to Artemis, the goddess of the moon; but Diana, the huntress of the heavens, theHercules, 86:nature. Exoterically Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is always the mother of form, controllingHercules, 92:Hercules sought, was sacred to Artemis, the moon, but was also claimed by Diana, the huntress ofHercules, 93:of the form, and, therefore, Artemis, the moon, who rules over the form, claims the sacred hind. InHercules, 94:who knew it was intellect, and Artemis, the moon, who thought that it was only instinct. BothHercules, From n:round their queen. Within the temple of the moon they daily worshipped and there they sacrificed toHercules, 118:and he did not. Also the Amazons worshipped the moon (the form), and Mars, the god of war; they tooHercules, 118:true function, for Mary is pictured with the moon under her feet, and in her arms the one to beHercules, 122:the Father and Mother. The esoteric ruler is the moon, veiling Vulcan. The moon rules the form andHercules, 122:esoteric ruler is the moon, veiling Vulcan. The moon rules the form and we are again reminded thatHercules, 122:is an expression of first ray energy, while the moon exerts fourth ray energy; Jupiter is theHercules, 122:clearly what should be our attitude at full moon meditations and our use of individual horoscopes.Hercules, 202:circles, was reached during the period the Full Moon of June 1936 and the Full Moon of June 1945.Hercules, 202:period the Full Moon of June 1936 and the Full Moon of June 1945. The point of decision covered,Hercules, 212:birthplace of the Christ). Rulers: Exoteric, the Moon; Esoteric, Neptune. Keywords: From the angleHercules, 212:Rulers: Exoteric, Mercury; Esoteric, the Moon. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let matterHercules, 218:the Zodiac is merely the pathway of the sun, the moon and the planets, possessing no more reality
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