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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MORNING

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Astrology, 30:effect of a [30] high moment of contact in your morning meditation produces an effect upon the atomAutobiography, X:came for her as He had promised long ago. The morning after her death I sent the following letterAutobiography, 30:of jewelry she possessed down the toilet one morning, when I was about fourteen, and then pullingAutobiography, 32:our bicycles up a very steep hill one sunny morning, two men on bicycles coasted down the hill andAutobiography, 33:them out of mischief for two hours each Sunday morning. During those days and until I was 22 andAutobiography, 35:atmosphere was exactly right. It was a Sunday morning. The previous Sunday I had heard a sermonAutobiography, 44:dance. After I had been there two days, one morning, after breakfast, a very well-known man -Autobiography, 44:that you are leaving on the 10:30 train this morning; the dog-cart will be around in time to takeAutobiography, 58:- except the Gospel. My first job each morning, after a quiet hour under a tree in the fields withAutobiography, 59:this minute see her lying asleep in the early morning light with a black stocking tied over herAutobiography, 63:and this effectively cut out all jealousy. One morning Elise Sandes got a letter which I could seeAutobiography, 65:But the result was that at breakfast the next morning I made a speech, taking care to be in theAutobiography, 73:it followed the sun in the heavens. The next morning a soldier came to the door of ourAutobiography, 74:I sent an orderly up to the barracks one morning to ask those of them who were not on duty to comeAutobiography, 79:Grundy. Once I was at Lucknow and woke up one morning with the strong impression that I must leaveAutobiography, 95:night and told me that she would see me the next morning. After breakfast she told me that she sawAutobiography, 96:came another. I got a letter the following morning from an army officer, telling me that he was inAutobiography, 108:washing them, they looked most peculiar. One morning, I heard a knock on my door and on opening itAutobiography, 108:and said, "See here, Mrs. Evans, it's Monday morning and I can't stand it any longer. I'm anAutobiography, 108:and you're coming down with me every Monday morning until I say you needn't and I'll teach you howAutobiography, 110:standing beside me. "You worried me this morning and all day," he said, "and I decided I had betterAutobiography, 111:Numerically it outnumbered my husband's Sunday morning congregation, which may have added to theAutobiography, 113:fresh fruit poured in. Women turned up in the morning to do my washing, to dust, to sweep, to sitAutobiography, 115:and my pride was very sorely wounded. One morning a friend called me up and asked me to bring theAutobiography, 117:the village of everything that had happened. The morning after my husband had been sent away to SanAutobiography, 118:When the groceries arrived at the rectory that morning I found an envelope with ten dollarsAutobiography, 128:know what lies around the corner." The next morning I went down to one of the great sardineAutobiography, 128:to earn good money and I did. I went down each morning at 7 a.m. and returned home around 4 in theAutobiography, 131:"See here, Miss, I swiped this off my wife this morning and I'm going to hang it on a nail here. IAutobiography, 135:then became very long. I would get up in the morning at four o'clock. I would clean the house,Autobiography, 148:in the room. I awoke around two o'clock in the morning to hear a noise in the sitting-room and toAutobiography, 156:decree and the custody of the children. Good morning - next case." So that cycle ended. I was freeAutobiography, 176:the Krotona committee. I shall never forget the morning when, upon his assumption of office, Mr.Autobiography, 179:to prayer and that night I prayed. The next morning when I went out on to the porch I found thereAutobiography, 180:shortly afterwards, going to the City Hall one morning, procuring a license, asking the man at theAutobiography, 183:complete silence in the house whilst you do your morning meditation? Do you make them get their ownAutobiography, 188:and writing books at home. Every Monday morning Foster and I would get up at 5 o'clock and do theAutobiography, 209:was all and I thought no more about it. The next morning, when in my office, the telephone rang andAutobiography, 211:of years later I was sitting up in bed one morning reading about 6.30, when in walked the GrandAutobiography, 214:rhythm and routine - getting up in the morning, working for the Tibetan, seeing that the girls wereAutobiography, 221:Foster and I had. Down she would come in the morning with a daughter on one arm and a Baedeker onAutobiography, 221:would say to me, "what are you going to see this morning? There is a statue with three stars to itAutobiography, 224:lecture hall where the meetings were held morning and afternoon. The grounds were lovely. TheAutobiography, 225:modern St. Francis of Assisi and says that the morning he spent with Robert was a high-water markDestiny, 23:Creativity. Ruler: Lucifer, Son of the Morning, The Prodigal Son. Planetary throat center. TheseDiscipleship1, 50:meditation be held - not for a few minutes each morning or at specific moments throughout the day,Discipleship1, 130:I am going to ask you to add to your morning meditation an evening review upon detachment... As farDiscipleship1, 130:at any rate for the present, only add to it each morning a definite period wherein you take yourDiscipleship1, 159:- with persistence - throughout the day. Your morning meditation should be of a brief and yetDiscipleship1, 162:into giving a dynamic twenty minutes each morning - prior to descending to the day's routine...Discipleship1, 162:Yet this scant twenty minutes, taken each morning with regularity at the hour of 8 A. M. would giveDiscipleship1, 246:meditation. Do a simple breathing exercise each morning and as you work at it, regard it as yourDiscipleship1, 346:such a dynamic contact with your soul each [346] morning (prior to starting the day's work) thatDiscipleship1, 352:work. That the group could do the work each morning at their morning meditation, each in his ownDiscipleship1, 352:group could do the work each morning at their morning meditation, each in his own place, knowingDiscipleship1, 358:a while with understanding, prior to doing your morning meditation. Make your meditation brief andDiscipleship1, 358:a habit of keeping the three "sacred points" - morning, noon and sunset. I am going to suggest thatDiscipleship1, 359:minutes at right alignment then: [359] At your morning meditation visualize a deep rose-coloredDiscipleship1, 374:towards Masonry. Will you give ten minutes each morning to the exercise which I here outline...Discipleship1, 383:I would suggest that three times a day - morning, high noon and evening - you sit quiet for tenDiscipleship1, 386:field of lotuses and for a few minutes each morning, center your consciousness outside yourDiscipleship1, 410:may not be able to do it the first thing each morning before breakfast, but many people cannot. YetDiscipleship1, 426:is like the effect of a dawning sun in the early morning on a hot day which draws upwards the mistsDiscipleship1, 429:and no set form. I would suggest that each morning, when you awaken, that you give five minutes toDiscipleship1, 439:I would ask you for a few minutes each morning (prior to doing the group meditation) to restDiscipleship1, 443:therefore, that you start your meditation each morning by achieving this position as well as mayDiscipleship1, 455:some time convenient to you, though not at the morning meditation. Take seven long deep breaths,Discipleship1, 456:whilst so doing, and for three minutes each morning stand before the window and visualize your headDiscipleship1, 468:therefore, with it. I give you, however, a brief morning exercise to be done prior to the groupDiscipleship1, 482:is to take the place of the prolonged, definite, morning meditation. The four points to be dealtDiscipleship1, 488:with collective world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contact them - asDiscipleship1, 489:and felt alignment. If you achieve this each morning with power and clarity, you can handleDiscipleship1, 506:and a haunting sense of failure. Each morning for five or ten minutes work with the art ofDiscipleship1, 513:would ask you to enter into it early each Sunday morning. See your garden sleeping, in the darknessDiscipleship1, 591:I have, however, a few minutes to spare this morning and I will speak to you briefly. Your repliesDiscipleship1, 597:of the sheaths. In your meditation each morning, eliminate again all forms which turn the attentionDiscipleship1, 637:or not is immaterial - you give ten minutes each morning to achieving the attitude and altitude ofDiscipleship1, 659:the words "a trained indifference" and each morning to do the Review on Indifference, prior toDiscipleship2, 26:three spiritual points in each day: at the early morning meditation, at the noonday recollection,Discipleship2, 73:of fiery red. The mountain top, bathed in the morning sunrise. The uplifted hand. The equalDiscipleship2, 116:is a short dynamic meditation, carried out every morning with the greatest regularity. The secondDiscipleship2, 117:steady and work always in due remembrance of the morning's meditation. This activity should takeDiscipleship2, 118:of men are one," which you have been using each morning in your personal meditation. Throw theDiscipleship2, 130:an objective happening. Do this exercise each morning at the close of the alignment work,Discipleship2, 231:to accomplish. Do this meditation every Sunday morning. Take what you have saved during theDiscipleship2, 335:of the soul - as the dew disappears under the morning sun. The enterprise of the Masters toDiscipleship2, 455:strength that you need. Some time, during each morning meditation, I would request you to call himDiscipleship2, 508:be done by you twice a day - on arising in the morning and the last thing at night, prior to goingDiscipleship2, 509:act of service and should - when done in the morning - prove pronouncedly strenuous. It involvesDiscipleship2, 509:as I contacted you in my thought life this morning, I decided that a word from me and the touch ofDiscipleship2, 541:all your activities. Say to yourself each morning before you go forth to the duties of the day: ADiscipleship2, 551:exercise to be followed by you each Sunday morning, every Friday morning, and for the five daysDiscipleship2, 551:by you each Sunday morning, every Friday morning, and for the five days which come at the time ofDiscipleship2, 569:this apparently very simple procedure in the morning and at night prior to sleeping, you willDiscipleship2, 588:and selfless effort. Make this attempt each morning for just five minutes, but not for a longerDiscipleship2, 647:for you each day: On awakening in the morning, before rising. At noon. At sunset, whatever hourDiscipleship2, 697:the remainder of your life) should govern your morning reflection, following a definite process ofDiscipleship2, 702:This triple exercise, carried forward in the morning, at noon, and when you retire at night, willDiscipleship2, 715:contact with your soul and with me every Sunday morning and at the full moon period. You canDiscipleship2, 716:one for each month of the coming year. Every morning before you rise out of a recumbent position
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