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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MORNING

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Discipleship2, 720:are developed. In the place of your Sunday morning dedication, I want to give you four picturesDiscipleship2, 723:but for F.B. she would not be here at all. Every morning, at noon, and each night before retiringDiscipleship2, 758:as the seed thoughts for your definitely planned morning meditation. I am leaving you to do theExternalisation, 19:objectives. Let them meditate regularly every morning, beginning with a period of fifteen minutesExternalisation, 25:I will ask of you. Will you say, each night and morning, with all your heart's desire [26] and withExternalisation, 81:you. Strive to stand in spiritual being. Each morning, in your meditation, seek to take thatExternalisation, 81:you can get quiet enough for five minutes each morning - completely [82] and interiorly quiet - andExternalisation, 107:Self-consciousness Ruler: Lucifer. Son of the Morning. The Prodigal Son. Active Intelligence.Externalisation, 315:Evolutionary Process Suggested Meditation Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities,Fire, 449:He milked from one Veda. Whoso ponders on these, morning and evening, after having learnt the VedasFire, 1283:- Division C - Seven Esoteric Stanzas FINALE The morning stars sang in their courses. The greatHealing, 376:My brother: I have a few minutes to spare this morning after dictating to A.A.B. and will attemptInitiation, 4:of the words in the Book of job: "The morning stars sang together." Dissonance yet sounds forth,Intellect, 216:possible to rise fifteen minutes earlier every morning, or to forego that early morning gossip withIntellect, 216:earlier every morning, or to forego that early morning gossip with the family, or to take theIntellect, 217:all, we shall endeavor to find time early in the morning for our meditation work. The reason forIntellect, 217:the meditation is performed first thing in the morning. Then it is relatively quiet, and the mindIntellect, 218:we do with fifteen minutes of our time every morning, and there is no need to talk about it to ourMagic, 64:to soul impulse lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, noonday recollection, and anMagic, 127:and with much frequency at the close of the morning meditation, but emphasizing in the early partMagic, 158:remember that every time lie sits down to his morning meditation he is learning to build andMagic, 348:is not revealed, but that "joy cometh in the morning". It results also in a sensitiveness of theMeditation, 5:and Macrocosmic Alignment June 2, 1920 This morning, I would touch on the matter of egoic alignmentMeditation, 9:a transference of polarization. [9] Let me this morning give you some more thoughts on the subjectMeditation, 92:I have therefore outlined for you this morning the material I shall seek to impart during theMeditation, 114:August 2, 1920 Very briefly would I seek this morning to take up the question of the dangersMeditation, 120:August 3, 1920 ... We have for our topic this morning the final section of our letter on theMeditation, 145:as near to the high pitch attained in the morning meditation as possible. It presumes aMeditation, 335:the hours of ten in the evening and five in the morning, and as much as possible out of doors. ByPatanjali, 288:like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce sun dry one tear ofPsychology1, 49:know the true meaning of bliss, and why the morning stars sang together. Joy is the strong basicPsychology1, 395:led, at one time, by "Lucifer, Son of the Morning." This "fall of the angels" was a tremendousPsychology2, 501:his desire and - on returning to his body in the morning - he brings with him the recollection ofPsychology2, 508:the hours of sleep and is brought through in the morning as a man's own personal experience. ManyPsychology2, 735:there may be those who will wish to say each morning in their morning meditation or at the noon dayPsychology2, 735:those who will wish to say each morning in their morning meditation or at the noon day recollectionRaysam the Self, the Self am I" The habit of early morning meditation wherein the Thinker centersRays, 234:weeping cometh joy, and that joy cometh in the morning." Only the dawn is with us as yet - the dawnRays, 415:not too deeply veiled - Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number
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